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Buds Gun Shop Complaints & Reviews

Buds Gun Shop / warranty

Appraiser1 on Apr 15, 2017
Sent in my firearm over 2 months ago for warranty work. I purchased the extra” Life time Warranty offered by Buds” I have not heard a word back. They didn’t even advise me they received my gun until I contacted a supervisor to see if the gun arrived. Called them every week to obtain a...

Buds Gun Shop / Sent used gun that was bought as new

S&W_Jim on Jan 23, 2017
12/28/2016 ordered gun from budsgunshop.com Order #1861593 S&w 10098 m&p®9 performance center® ported Serial # hda7082 Cost: $676.00 Order total: $703.28 1/4/2017 ffl recieved gun 1/5/2017 picked up gun from ffl, looked ok in the case. 1/6/2017 inspected gun closely, found incredibly dirty with...

Buds Gun Shop / A (sarr b6p) pistol

Joe steuer on Dec 6, 2016
I paid $280 for a new firearm. I could only inspect after cutting heavy plastic tie in barrel off at home. Item was full of rust damaged. After a dispute they took it back but i had to pay $90.00 shipping for a item that was defective when i got it. Also $15.00 shipping for magazines to go...

Buds Gun Shop / Failure to honor sale, bait and switch to refurb?

Jdv1321sk on Jun 30, 2016
My complaint narative to the FTC On 6-24-16 i orderd a pistol online from Buds Gun Shop. This pistol was priced at $1422, which is a very good price, about $300 less than i can get it locally, however Buds is often several hundred dollars cheaper than my local shops. On 6-24-16 i received...

Buds Gun Shop / order 1617328 715t mossberg camo

allan digby on Apr 11, 2016
i ordered a mossberg 715t camo duck commander from buds gun shop.three days later i recieved an email saying my order was canceled..no reason.i tried getting on their web site but they blocked me.after finding a complaint site and leaving a complaint they responded..if you have to keep a...

Buds Guns Shop / Out of stock when said it was in stock

Leigh Rich on Mar 28, 2016
I ordered a gun on line like I had done many times before from Buds in 3/23/16 #1602555. If they do not have the gun in stock it won't be on their sight and I can't order. I get an email to call them the gun is out of stock. I call and talk to rep #7708. She said I should call first which...

Buds Gun Shop / PTR 91 GI Shipment

BrianinTN on Mar 2, 2016
Ordered PTR 91 GI in mid-February, Paid by check. Arrived at dealer 24th. Gun is 2015 basic GI model, and functions fine. Have fired 100 rounds through weapon with zero problems. I will probably go ahead and purchase rear sight adjustment tool from HK parts to raise elevation. So, as far...

Buds Gun Shop / Services

preston60 on Mar 1, 2016
my wife placed an order with buds gun shop she wanted a colt 1911 45 pistol she placed the order with them but they had a picture of a colt 1911 45 auto but is was really a colt 1911 9mm pistol so she called and was put on hold for a long long time well she called me and ask me if I would...

Buds Gun Shop / Internet Sale

Reviewer38239 on Feb 10, 2016
BAIT AND SWITCH TACTICS... AVOID BUDS GUN SHOP AT ALL COSTS! I purchased a weapon on-line Saturday 2/6/2016 and they accepted credit card payment. Sunday I get e-mail stating they can't ship to Chicago due to local laws (they have incorrect info as sales ARE now allowed to Chicago) and they...

Buds Gun Shop / Auction price is not what you will pay!!! Buyer beware.

Reviewer95630 on Dec 8, 2015
Auction price accepted on budsgunshop.com. Shopping cart price $30 more. Entered auction in coupon box, wrote lengthy noted on order form of problem and requested a call to fix this error on their web site. No calls 2 days from buds. I called them, left in que for 26 minutes and got seth...

Buds Gun Shop / refused to honor price

isocrates on Feb 14, 2015
I went to the store to purchase a gun. The cash price on their website was 369. They wanted to charge $379 in the store. When I pointed out the web price, they said that they could not honor it unless I ordered through the web. Pickup at the store is an order option. They additionally said...

Budsgunshop.com / Charged extra money because of a mistake THEY made

Ryan D on Jan 26, 2015
These clowns increased the price on me when I showed up in-store to pick up the firearm. I ordered an all black colt mustang from them. The model number in the listing was suspect, but the picture and written description was an all black gun. I even called their support line to verify. The...

Bud's Gun Shop / Deceptive Pricing

Shane Morris on Nov 29, 2014
Glock 26 Gen4 with extras (Crimson Trace, extra magazines) advertised in the used handgun section of the store's website for $649. After agreeing to purchase the pistol at $649, the website showed the same pistol for $530. When I called to ask about the price drop, I was told no...

Buds Gun Shop / False advertising

AggieAlex on Sep 4, 2014
I had the same exact issue with Buds Guns that many many others have already expressed. I purchased a Stoeger M3500 shotgun from them, a firearm that I had been looking for for over a year, because I finally found the price I wanted and for a "Factory New" one to top it off. I was so...

Buds Gun Shop / Layaway scam

Lucky7lv on Aug 6, 2014
Layaway ScaM and very cold hearted when it came to customer service. I went on buds and found two guns to purchase for my husband. I placed them both on layaway. I paid the $75 down. A week later paid $50. Then two days later paid $30. I planned on just paying something every week or...

Buds Gun Shop / 1100 Barrel / Refused to oreturn bad product

backfire_tx on Jun 13, 2014
Bought a new Shotgun Barrel. It was defective. It takes a while to determine what the problem was. The Gas chamber was bent slightly. I get response back for Ol'Bud. ... "Returns must be immediate" tough luck. Flush my 230 down the drain. I had the gun just a short period of time...

Buds Gun Shop / 1100 Barrel / Barrel defective they refused to return

backfire_tx on Jun 12, 2014
Bought a new 1100 Shotgun Barrel. It was defective. It takes a while to determine what the problem was. The Gas chamber was bent slightly. I get response back for Ol'Bud. ... "Returns must be immediate" tough luck. Flush my 230 down the drain. I had the gun just a short period of...

Buds Guns Shop / Lying Customer Service Agent

exocomps on Jan 8, 2014
I ordered firearm from buds guns shop online. After selecting the one I was going to buy, buds guns shop website added an offer to my order. They offered two different AK 47 Drum Magazines, one for $79.and change and one for $59. and change. I clicked on the $59.-- one, at least I thought...

Buds Gun Shop / Bought a new gun and received a used gun

ChefJN on Aug 16, 2013
I ordered an EAA Witness 45/22 Combo (999119) online through budsgunshop.com. I placed the order later in the evening of Thursday, August 1st, Pacific Time, Buds system processed the order as received August 1st (East Coast time). Bud's policy is to ship purchases within 3 to 7...

Buds Gun Shop / Bad Customer Service

bry671 on May 20, 2013
I placed an order for a gun on their website, and a few days later wanted to change the other. I was charged a 10% restocking fee to make the changes to which I had no choice but agree or forfeit my money. After the purchase, I submitted a negative customer review and cited the incident...

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