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Bronstein, Schultz, & Peterson complaints 2

8:12 pm EDT
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Bronstein, Schultz, & Peterson False pretenses for personal information

I received a telephone call from a Mr. Bill johnson of bronstein schultz and peterson two days ago. They called saying that some bank that I havnt heard of was filing a criminal charge or bank fraud against me from a payday loan from three years ago. They had some of my information so i believed that they were what they claimed to be, an attorneys office representing a client. They needed my bank information to set up a payment plan immediately, or there was going to be a warrant issued for my arrest. I regretfully gave them my information and since then have had some charges to my account that I didnt agree to and dont know where they came from and they are set to take 50.00 out on friday towards a 300.00 payday loan that now has a total balance of 800.00 due to interest. I don't believe they are truthful and i do not believe they are an attorneys office. When they were asking for more contact information at the end of the phone call, they had my telephone number from 3 years ago even though they had called me on my new number. I am not sure what to do now and how to pursue this so that it is resolved and no more money goes missing from my account.

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Beverly Hills, US
Jun 02, 2011 8:29 am EDT
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You need to close that account down immediately!

Sounds like extortion form your description.

Never pay a debt collector anything.

4:09 pm EST
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Bronstein, Schultz, & Peterson No return call and cannot send receipts of payment received and Threatening voicemails and messages

I also received a call from Bronstein Shultz & Peterson about 3-4 weeks ago from a Gentlement Named Mr. B. Johnson. The original info that he had for me was not correct (phone number/ etc) It was for a payday loan from about 1 1/2 - 2 years ago. He could not contact me but he got in contact with my brother that he says was listed and asked if he could get in contact with me and that a warrant was going to be put out for my arrest on the next day if I could not be contacted.

I got the message and immediately called back. I spoke to Mr. Johnson and he told me that the loan had high finance charges and that it came up to 2000 and some odd dollars. I told him that I could not afford to pay that and he asked me what I could afford on a monthly basis. I told him and he said let him check with his "boss". he put me on hold for about 1 minute and came back with a number a tad bit higher than that. I agreed (unfortunately). He got my information (debit card) and the first payment came out of my account on my next payday. I never received anything in writing (receipt) or any paperwork showing the agreement. I stopped payment on the next transaction scheduled for 11/30 and contacted Mr. Johnson and left a message. I received a return cal via my voicemail stating that he would fax the paperwork over to me and that he would have to give me some type of "money code" to see my receipt. I do not have access to a fax machine for personal faxes. I left another message stating just that and that I need it to be mailed to my address that I have on file with them before I release the money for the next transaction.

I received another message stating that he had tried to contact me on several times to send over the paperwork but he received no response (I left him two voicemails - one that he responded to) so he would have to sign the "deposition in warrant" unless I called him back by 5PM EDT (He is located in IN) or he would not be in the office and this was yesterday on 12/2/10

It is very strange to me that even though he was leaving the office there was no one else I could talk to and also why I never received an agreement via the mail. Does this seem kind of strange and should I be worried about the warrant and should I contact the authorities about this?

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Irate citizen
El Dorado Hills, US
Jun 13, 2012 10:25 am EDT

I received a call from this "firm"
. They are probably looking for an individual with the same name, and I keep telling them that I am not that person, since I don't owe anyone any money. She has a different social security number, a different middle initial, and is about 40 years younger than I. Yes, they gave me her information over the I told them to google the person they want and leave me alone. Now this "firm" is calling me and leaving me messages. Are we talking bottom feeders here ?

Pittsburgh, US
Aug 17, 2011 5:21 pm EDT

Hey A-hole "Company": I never ran out on any loan. They have been calling me, my mother in law, my husband and my mother for some debt my brother owes. My brother is an adult with a job and is solely responsible for his own acts. Just because we are related to him does not give them the right to contact me AT ALL. I have NOTHING to do with my brother's credit issues. These ### have called my house no less than twenty days in a row. We have caller ID and dont answer calls from 877 numbers, solicitors or otherwise every charity in the book calls asking for money. But when they started calling me AT WORK and leaving messages, I called back to advise if the harassment of me, an ordinary citizen with no connection to their collections WHATSOEVER, continued, then I would sue them. I am also an attorney so their threats of subpoenas are laughable. You dont subpoena random people in foreign jurisdictions (out of state). Those subpoeans are worthless and unenforceable. And what civil action would these subpoenas be associated with? Right, there is none. Try getting a job working for people who operate with simple decency and dont harass innocent people.

The Company
Indianapolis, US
Jul 22, 2011 8:30 pm EDT

You know it is funny that you comne to this site to put in a complaint to something that you do owe, to a loan that you all ran out on, so do these people not have the american right to want there money that you honestly took from them, do they niot have families to take care of, what really give you all a pass on your bills, and extra loans that you honestly took out when no one else would give you a lone. You all should think of that before accusing people of being scams, I happen to work for this company and that are a registered agancy, they are also bonded they just do not have to show these things to you to prove who they are, becuase they are not they one that took off with a loan.

Elk Grove, US
May 12, 2011 8:00 pm EDT

I received a phone call from this same company two days ago and from the same man saying that i had committed bank fraud and a warrant was going to be issued if i did not agree to start payments immediately. The intrest had bumped up the total to 800.00 and i just dont have the money. I tried to call back and left a voicemail and have not heard back. They do now have my bank info and im very worried about this because when they read back my information they had half of it correct and half of it was incorrect. Since they got my bank information therer had been some charges to my account for 15.00 here and some 20.00 here that i do not know where they are coming from.

Anyville, US
Apr 07, 2011 7:21 pm EDT

My name was listed on another persons pay day loan as a reference without my knowledge. That loan was over 5 years old now. I got a call a few weeks back concerning finding this person who took out the loan. I explained I have lost contact and had no knowledge of her location or any phone numbers for her anymore. I was told by the person calling from Bronstein, Scholtz, and Peterson by the name of James Evans that my information would then be removed from the contact list because I couldn't help them. The guy made it sound offical and he was from a law firm. After doing some research on this matter via the internet, I have now found out that they are a bottom dwelling collection agency who calls and harrasses people. I have continued to recieve calls and have basically gotten verbally abuse back at these guys to stop calling me. Yesterday, on 4/6/2011 I received yet another call and a voicemail message was left. The scary part was the number was an 866 number and not the 877 number as before. When I returned the call to get their address and give it to an attorney to pursue harrassment charges, the 866 number happen to be Dish Network! I spoke in length with the folks at Dish Network and they assured me that the only way they could have had their number used to call me was to have been from their actuall office. They have secured my account with a password now and have flagged my account that I have received a scam harrassing phone call from that number by a fake person that is not affiliated with Dish Network. I am sure after my call their was an investigation inside the office! I do not owe any payday loans nor have I ever taken one out. I am simply a person that was put as a reference and being harrassed by this office. I did speak with a Bill Johnson in a very heated discussion of harrassement and for them to leave me alone. I think this is going to get hairy and I have the number of a local attorney.

Jenny the Office Mgr
Austin, US
Dec 16, 2010 7:43 pm EST

AT&T no longer has reps for small individual businesses so that is why you are probably getting no calls back.
Thanks for the Cancellation address. Luckily for us, the owner downsized our ads back in 2009 so we were not hit as bad but this will be our last year using them for advertising

Oklahoma City, US
Dec 16, 2010 7:42 pm EST

I got a called this morning from bronstein schultz and peterson. The man said his name was Bill Johnson, and he stated I owed over 1000 for some bank I was unaware of, then he name a loan company that I paid out over a year ago through another collection agency. And this man became belligerent, because I was unable to recall who the collection agency name, that I paid over year ago. I had end up disconnecting from this man, after about 3 minutes. Then he callback fishing for information from my receptionist, stating he was needing to have an employee served a warrant. I called the number that showed on my caller ID, but all I get is a busy signal. This scare me because this person has some of my personal information, and doesn't sound as if he is legit.

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