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I live in Cairns and I bought a pouch of Rothmans Blue tobacco 25g at 1:30pm today, Tuesday 8th October, and by 4pm my partner and I had 8 rollies all made by a rolling machine. I went to divide the pouch into our two leather pouches and I noticed that we had bigger all tobacco in either pouch. Previously I was able to fill my partners smaller pouch with 2/3 of a packet of tobacco but now it looks basically empty. I grabbed our scales and weighed the tobacco in the Rothmans pouch ( I also took a picture) and it weighed in at 10.63g. I also took a photo of a roller made with my machine and it weighed in at 0.24g. So if you calculate 8 Rollins @ 0.24= 1.94g add the 10.63g pouch and you get a total of 12.55g. So that is a discrepancy of 12.45 g. Very annoyed considering the price of tobacco these days.

British American Tobacco
British American Tobacco

Oct 08, 2019

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