Breyers Ice Creamhair in new carton


I just purchased a tub of Breyers Vanilla Ice Cream, took about 5 bites and then had the unpleasant experience of a long hair in my mouth off of the spoonful I had just taken out of the carton. What will the company do for my Disgusting experience? Carton # FG25023 from Walgreens Pharmacy 11/15/09


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    monica sanchez Dec 14, 2009

    the ###ing ice cream truck near my school p.h.m.s cheated me of i gave 5.00 the chip's costed 1.50 they gave me 3.75 they have to give me 75 more change
    he said did u get get 3.75 i was like yes he said i had the right change i walked away felling stuiped and was blushing but i was right ... he cheated me off i got pissed know i wanna report him so he can get fired he didn't do it too me once but twice...he probally did it to other kid's soooo i now it's evil but were kid's an older guy is stilling money from use... and probally u should watch out for your kid's or your self's... so can u tell me what web site i can report and ice cream guy he is stilling !!! i am telling every one in my school so they wont go if i can not find a web site people are evil just like the goverment but hey u know stupied people protest for a law and it is a stuiped one they aceppt it so they can get money doooo you agree on all thissss i mean who wouldn't

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    LenaLin Aug 08, 2013

    The ice cream had a strange taste and we found knots of long hair in our chocolate ice cream too. In Trenton, Ga We pray that no one gets sick!!! Because something is wrong!

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