Breyersbreyers french vanilla/allergen not properly labeled

C Apr 27, 2019 Review updated:

4/27/19 My husband and I are always conscientious about what we feed our daughter (six) who is highly allergic to eggs. After searching for allergens in bold on the ingredients list on the Breyer's French Vanilla carton tonight, we felt it was safe to give it to our daughter who had to forego treats at a birthday party earlier because of her severe allergy. Immediately after eating two small scoops of your ice cream, she developed a severe rash the front of her neck, began to throw up profusely, and complained that she felt like there was "a rash inside her throat." After taking a closer look at the ingredients, we realized it says there is egg yolk in the ice cream. Egg/egg yolk is a severe allergen that should be in bold and larger print at the bottom of the ingredients list. I hope your company works toward remedying this problem in order to keep your buyers safe.
Claudette Davis


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      Apr 27, 2019

    You daughter needs to be taken away from you. It is YOUR fault for not reading the ingredients before giving her the ice cream. Do not blame them for your bad parenting.

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  •   Apr 27, 2019

    Ingredients are listed by amount used. They can’t highlight egg yolks at the end. Besides, other ingredients are allergens. Should all listed ingredients be highlighted??

    You didn’t read the full label. You’re too lazy and expect the words to be bright. It’s your responsibility to be aware of your daughter’s intake of ingredients.

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