Brach'smaple nut goodies


These should be called Maple Nut Could Heave's

Not only did Brach's change the way they make the Maple Nut Could Heave Goodies, Brach's did not let the consumer know that they were purchasing something different. I spoke with the Customer Relations department about this. They stated that they did change the packaging. But, not the ingredients! Did you notice the ever so slight change in the packaging? No, me either. If there was a change. I don't know what the previous packaging said other than Maple Nut Goodies. Because that was all I needed to know. But, the ever so slight change for the new Maple Nut Could Heaves Goodies added the word Crunchy in front of toffee. That was your SIGN! Did you see it? All the same packaging, same coloring, no NEW Crunchy Maple Nut Goodies! Nope, Brach's just slid it right in the existing packaging with no regard to the the consumer. The consumer that passes this candy on to future generations. This is the only way this candy has survived is by its past generations. My, grandmother, mother, my father's aunt, my grandfather shared these with me, I shared these with my kids, they loved them. It's a special treat, to first of all find them, then share them with your children, your friends or your co-workers and then share your Maple Nut Goodie storey with them. This candy is an emotional connection to your grandparent, mother, aunt who has passed. This is just not a good marketing, Brach's just didn't have any regard for us as consumers their clients who use their own money, that they worked hard for to purchase something they thought they were getting and paying for. Brach's if you want to change it great, just let me know. Don't just slide it in under the radar and fool your loyal consumers of many generations. Brach's I am sad that you a company were so disloyal to your consumers. My grand parents who would be well over 100 years old now shared this candy with me when was a small child it was something I looked forward to with my visits with them. My Momma used to hide them under my pillow if I was having a hard day or in my glove box because you know they are so good if they are ever so slightly warm. I'm sad that these traditions will not live on for my children.

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