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May 31, 2017. 7:11 pm Eastern Time. I called BossRevolution customer support. I mentioned to the agent to provide the phone number to which to dial for Spanish speaker since I received a SMS from unknown number on which the message explicitly expressed a content from bossrevolution. I told the agent if it was true that the system was about to be changed because I received the following message: "Boss Revolution: Your current Boss access number [protected] will be discontinued. Please use [protected] from now on. For more info" My concern is that the agent has refused to provide such information. I told him to escalate the call to his supervisor so I could feel safe about my personal information. Those who have used Boss Revolution know that BossRevolution ask to save your personal information as it is your credit card number on the website. The agent refused to escalate my call to his supervisor. The agent persistently tried to collect my personal information as info related to my credit card numbers. I accessed the needed info by following the URL path from the message only to find out that the information asked to the agent is public. See on Making A Call anchor/link. It is very suspicious that the agent denied the information and asked for my credit car number. Hope this is not some sort of scam to swindle people.

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