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Complaints & Reviews

bad service

well, what can I say? Very bad. I am very disappointed that I used your service.
I worked with a very unprofessional guy named Mike who didn't know how to do his job right. I got no customers, no results. I found it out when I started checking what exactly he was doing. I paid my money for absolutely nothing.
I understand that this company is relatively new, but it doesn't mean your service has to be terrible.

haste makes waste, guys

A lot of things should be improved. They are not ready to deal with customers, they don't deserve any cent of yours.
The most important thing is their customer service department.
I dealt with five people from customer service and all I can say is that they are a little bit clueless. Not trained enough. Sometimes they have no idea what I was asking about even though they have to know those things much better than me.
I think they were in a rush trying to start their business as soon as possible.
Well, as people say, haste makes waste...

beware of boostability

When they spoke to me about doing seo work I made it clear I wanted them to focus on on-site seo before off-site. After the first month they only did off-site. I spoke to my manager and told her that I didn't want to continue for another month until we reviewed it together. They went ahead and charged me for the following month and then wouldn't prorate it when I wanted to cancel. Also, the 'content' they wrote for me was so poor I had to disavow the links. I do not recommend them.
2017 Update: We received no refund from Boostability and the content was very poorly written. Notwithstanding the backlinks they provided did harm to our website Google ranking. Whoever, Mr. Shelton is at Boostability better look in the mirror, because Boostability is operating the same online scam today, that they did when we hired them. Don't believe us? Just look at all of the negative reviews this business has online. The only positive reviews this business appears to have online is those written by Boostability employees.

  • Mi
    Mikhail S Jun 29, 2019

    I hired Booststability in September 2018. They promised me that they will work with Google Bing and Yahoo to place my company on the first pages, in six months and even some keyword in 3 months.
    After the third month, I called Booststability and ask them what can I do to help. Booststability asked me to pay $400 (i did) after 6 month
    nobody was able to find my company and I called them to find out what's going on and what should I do to help They told me that I should wait for another month. They were sending reports but I was still invisible on the web. I called again, the answer was that I should wait two more months. After the 9th-month they blame everything on google. They told me that Google won't recognize my company. I paid them $5.800 and 9 months of business and they did not do anything just fake report and now I have to hire somebody who knows what to do. Boostability constantly lies to people. I do not advise people to deal with these crooks. Do yourself a favor and STAY AWAY from Boostability. They are crooks running a dishonest business and trying lie to people by any means possible. I do not understand, after all the negative reviews on Yelp and BBB this company is still in business

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Mistreatment of employees and clients

I loved my job, the work I was doing, and the people I was working with; the company as a whole, however, was a BIG joke. (This is all written from a management perspective) Here...

Boostability.comAvoid this one at all costs

I think I dodged a bullet. They called often and I finally picked up to listen to what they had to say. They told me everything I wanted to hear, and what I've heard from countless other SEO companies. They told me how wonderful they are and what they could do for my site ( and then handed me off to "his manager" who took up the selling to another level. While he talked I was on review sites and as soon as I mentioned the high number of single star reviews they had, I was hung up on. I thought maybe we had been cut off somehow so I called the number back that they called me from. I got a message that this number had been disconnected. They never called back.

I'm learning SEO on my own. Pay yourself the money you would pay them and learn this skill. I need to learn it anyway and so do you.

  • Mi
    [email protected] Jan 19, 2013

    Greg, what kind of salesman would hang up on you because you found a bad review?
    We were disconnected and tried to call you back to no avail. We would love to speak to you again and help you make your site a success. If you or anyone reading this has questions about a company's service please give us a call. We are more than happy to speak with you about our company and what we do to help businesses grow. 800-261-1537

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Boostability.comStay away from these crooks

Well I had a long hi pressure sales person Jesse .call twice today pushing their product. He looked at my web site and said it was looking great. Asked me what I expecting of my web site. Asked where I wanted to be placed etc...then gave me a few words or phrase to google search, bingo there I was on the 1st page. However, no one would ever think to word the search phrase in that fashion. I am glad I ran across this site to read abut other dis satisfaction... I will keep my credit card in my pocket. I got taken once by a web hosting company in Phoenix AZ. Named ipower - STAY FAR AWAY FROM CROOKS since then I research everything in depth and prefer to spend my money where I can actually get my hands around somebody's throat in person.

  • Om
    Omerta Jan 25, 2012

    After telling the salesperson on the phone that I knew very little about computers, I was promised by the man salesperson that a representative from Boostability would 'walk me' through the process. Within a day I got emails with instructions. My email response asking for someone to 'walk me' through it was ignored by Jewel Przybyia, my account manager. I immediately cancelled the service. And immediately got a response from Jewel through a voice mail she left of my phone recorder. I returned Jewel's phone call and explained to her why I was canceling. I canceled the service within 48 hours. She sent me an email verification. I have her on my recorder and I have her email acknowledging my cancellation. A few weeks later, I get a call from another rep who said he was working on my account. He said he saw nothing in my account that showed it being cancelled. He checked with Jewel and called me back. Jewel lied and said I never canceled the account. Now the new rep says I waited too long to cancel. I'm am fighting with them trying to recover my $400. Total rip-off! I am going to file a compliant with the Missouri Attorney Generals Office. Toral rip-off!

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  • Aug 03, 2012

    We're happy that you're glad you ran across our site and that our sales person was able to give you some valuable feedback on your site. It sounds like he was able to educate you a bit more about SEO. I'm sorry that you felt it was high pressure sales call; we try to consult with clients and potential clients alike to give them information to make their site and rankings better for valuable keywords.

    I'm sorry that you had a bad experience with web hosting company ipower. We're not affiliated with them at all. Please take some time to look at the reviews on our Google+ Local (formally Google Places) listing. Let us know if we can help recommend someone local to you so you can throttle them if necessarily, but we certainly hope that's not needed! :) Best of luck!


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Boostability.comStay away from this company

Here is my boostability experience. I own a political website that features impartial summaries of political views and scandals.

Before hiring them, I spoke with a rep at length. I was clear as to what I expected. I wanted someone to look at my site, look at my competitors, and then tell me what I was doing wrong and assist me in developing organic traffic. That service simply was not performed. Furthermore, the service that they did provide was of extremely poor quality.

After hiring boostability, I sent an email with the same information I gave to the rep I spoke with before hiring the company - a list of my competitors and a list of possible keywords. A few days later, I received an email with "on-site recommendations". These recommendations consisted of changing an image tag and adding an h1 to my home page that contained the phrase "political representatives updates online." Although this phrase made no sense to me, as it seemed to have never been googled before, I made the changes and called the rep to ask questions. I was never able to get ahold of him.

No long after that, boostability created 6 articles that highlight this phrase and link it to my home page. The meaningless of this phrase can be seen by doing a simple google search for "political representative updates online" and seeing that the very articles they wrote appear on the first page results for that phrase.

I contacted their management and asked how these keywords could possibly help my website achieve traffic. They agreed that this was poor work and told me that future work would not only be better, but that the past work would be made up for in some manner since it would obviously present no benefit to my website and was not something I agreed to ahead of time.

I expected that there would be some research done on my site with some suggestion for on-site optimization, some suggestions for keywords to target, and some plan for the future of my site. I sent emails, as I had done in the past, with lists of my competitors and other things.

After receiving more emails simply asking me what keywords I wanted to target, I gave up on convincing them that this was the very reason I hired their company and suggested going after the phrases "political positions" and "election calendar." I sent them an email denoting which pages to attach those phrases. Boostability then posted three articles linking the phrase "election calendar" to my site and one linking the phrase "political positions".

One of these articles proclaimed the benefits of purchasing an election calendar. I know that google has no idea what the article is actually about and doesn't care that I don't sell election calendars, or even that such items do not exist. However, the article demonstrates a level of competence far below adequate. This is further exemplified by the fact that the article is not linked to the page I asked it to be linked to in my email. A second article, also highlighting the phrase "election calendar, " also links to my home page and not my election calendar page.

This means that after paying several hundred dollars, I received 10 articles links. All of the sites containing those articles have almost no domain authority or page rank. The sites seem to exist only to provide boostability customers with links. Six of those articles link the main page page of my site to the phrase "political representative updates online, " something that can only be detrimental to my site in the long run. Two articles link my home page to the phrase "election calendar, " one links the election calendar page to the phrase "election calendar, " and a final one links the phrase "political positions" to my home page.

That makes two articles which have any possibility of providing a benefit for my site for the keywords that I chose.

The only SEO that Boostability seems to be capable of doing is taking whatever phrase that you give to them, and then churning out meaningless articles linking that phrase to your site. They couldn't even perform this task correctly.

In addition, this practice of using low quality sites solely to anchor keywords to domains is frowned upon by google and was smashed by Panda and other updates. If these articles have any affect on your rankings, which is doubtful, it will be negative.

What Boostability attempted to do to me was not new. They target an unused phrase and then get your site on that first page of results for a phrase that is never searched. In this manner, they can make the claim that "they got you to the first page." However, this is meaningless if the phrase you rank highly for has never once been googled.

Stay away from this company.

Boostability.comBoostability is not a business worthy of your attention except to run

Boostability is not a business worthy of your attention except to run! We cancelled not even waiting the 90 days and they have been charging our card every month since. My accountant did not know I had cancelled the service and did not question the charge until I told her we cancelled that service 11 months ago! then she gave me a printout of all the months I had been charged. They say they will not give me my money back since I did not cancel. There is no way I'm going to let that slide 85 dollars a month for 11 months! I don't think so! I'll update later.

  • Bo
    boostability Dec 08, 2011

    Can you tell us who you are so we can help.

    Boostability customer Support team

    0 Votes — Do yourself and your wallet a favor and don't sign up with Boostability

We had signed up for a 3 month contract with Boostability paying $300 per month. At the end of the contract period, they made no contact with us and happily continued charging our...

Boostability.comThis company does not do quality SEO and has terrible customer service

Very dissappointed with this service. They did not contact me after the first week of the sale. And then blamed me for not following directions of an email that they never sent to me. Tried to cancel the service at the beginning of the month, but this service would not refund me the $350 for the month. The links they built for me were not relevent. Most were never picked up by any of the search engines. This company does not do quality SEO and has terrible customer service. Do not use them.

Boostability.comAvoid dealing with this ppl

I was paying a minimal amount to try and get some traffic to my website, I don't know if I would have had better results if I paid more, but I had no increased traffic--- I wrote an email and asked for cancellation, they claimed they never got it and so they could not back date my cancellation, because I could have "doctored" the old email that I sent to them--- why would I bother? and I hate being called a liar. As a business owner I wish I had a business model where I charge people small amounts and just keep on charging--- month after month--- no matter how lousy the service or that there are exceptions to the rule. Its just the business climate--- steal from customers as long as you can--- quantity --- not quality.

  • Bo
    boostability Aug 11, 2011

    Can you please tell me who you are so I can look into this.

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  • 2m
    2MuchSpam Jan 24, 2012

    Google to find out how many people they have scammed.

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