Resolved Boost Mobile New Unlimited Plan $50 Monthtext messaging, ringtones

I already had the umlimited by boost plan that first came out...didnt have many complaints except the price kept going up but the service worked issues..I decided to get the new unlimited plan because it was cheaper at only $50 versus the $70-75 I was already paying for just unlimited talk and text. And because they no longer had the same boost unlimited phones so in order to get a new phone i had to get the new plan...well now i know why it is so much cheaper.. the service is awful...getting and recieving calls is not the problem the problem is the text messaging that is suppose to be unlimited never works it takes forever to send and recieve messages everytime i try to send or retrieve a message from my inbox it says downloading for about 3-4 minutes and then it says "unable to send transport error!" so what is the use of having unlimited messaging if it's almost impossible to send or recieve a message! And you cannot access any of the free ringtone sights because apparantly the device is not equipped to recieve ringtone downloads from these sights so your forced to pay $2.99 Per ringtone and the sight does not let you listen to the ringtone before purchasing so you just have to hope it is a good portion of the song you like and of course it's not one ringtone was maybe 25 to 30 seconds and another was all of 12 seconds...this is rediculous...if boost mobile is going to charge $2.99 per ringtone they could at least make sure that we as customers are getting our moneys worth or at the very least allow us to listen to the tone before purchasing so we know what were getting! Come on Boost Mobile get it together...I cant be the only one with these complaints!


  • An
    ANGIE Mar 06, 2009

    I have the i776 phone for Boost Unlimited, it blows so bad.. the texts i get are like 3 hours late. && its a pain when i try 2 call someone. I wont hear anything and ill have 2 re-dial. Its works when it wants to... lol PPL BEWARE IF U GET BOOST UNLIMITED!!! PRICES ARE GREAT BUT SERVICE IS HORRIBLE!!!

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  • Lo
    Love2sin Mar 07, 2009

    In order to send mms messages and use the Web you need to have a Boost Mobile phone. If you are using a Nextel phone with Boost Mobile service the phone needs to be programmed for Boost Mobile Messaging. Check out this site for more informative info on Messaging.

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  • Me
    Melissa Romero Mar 28, 2009

    The only thing good about Boost Mobile is the price of their monthly plan. Everything else sucks.

    Like the original poster said, text messages download slow. Like dial-up slow. Sometimes they go through, other times you get the "unable to send" message.

    I had problems with ringtones, too. I couldn't download off any site but the Boost Mobile site, and a lot of the ringtones wouldn't even work on my phone. I bought a $30 card just to buy some ringtones, and ended up wasting almost $15 on ringtones that wouldn't work.

    The i425 phone is terrible. Don't leave it anywhere near your computer. Your screen will start going nuts and your speakers will start buzzing. Keep it away from your TV, too. Anytime I was near my TV with the phone, the TV would start acting weird.

    For some reason, anytime I would call someone on the phone, I would always hear this annoying background noise. It almost sounded like whoever I was talking to was standing right next to a fan.

    A minor problem I had... I couldn't find a case to fit the i425 phone. I checked so many stores and cell phone places and no one had one.

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  • Lo
    lookatthis Mar 29, 2009

    yeah i have the same problem. i have the i776 phone motorola its a decent phone but the texting is horrible. im in along distance realtionship and i bought this hone to text her but i never get her text i get them late or dont get them at all? he internet works good but most sights sucks and are slow toload the page. bluetooth sucks the phone doesnt even have enough memory to get a song thru bluetooth. the texting only works for me late at night like after 11 and early in the morning till like ten the rest of the day sucks horribly cause my messages come late

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  • Fr
    fr4nci5 Mar 31, 2009

    OMG seriously??

    You guys are complaining about Boost Unlimited?

    Okay, first of all, every claim of yours is true, that much I can agree with. But let me clarify things here. The reason texting is so slow is unknown, but what is known is that certain phones text better then others. Older, more basic Boost phones have horrible texting capabilities. However phones like the i885 and newer have fixed that problem.

    I have the new Motorola i9 and it is amazing. Texting is super fast, no more getting texts HOURS after they were sent. The call quality is amazing and what not.

    The newer the phone is the better in this case because older Boost phones (essentially just re-packaged Nextel phones) we're not ment to be good at texting as Nextel has always had a high empasis on the walkie-talkie. But they have fixed that in newer models as the demand for multi-media in a walkie-talkie phone has grown.

    As for the i425 - great phone, great basic walkie-talkie phone, used to have one myself. And as for the Motorola i776, I cannot say from experience cuz I've never owned one, but I hear that it's a really good phone and the texting is fast.

    Lastly, as for the speaker thing, YES for some odd reason iDEN (walkie-talkie) phones have a weird reaction when close to speakers and related things. All I can say to that is to just keep your phone far from the speakers.

    So please, do not diss and hate on Boost Mobile. They are the ONLY company in wireless daring enough to offer so much at such a little price compared to the bigger guys. In a time where saving money matters most, they are in the lead. Please just know the facts and don't hate based on stupid things you hear. I've had Boost for almost two years now and they are amazing I love them and this Boost Unlimited plan is the greatest thing to happen in wireless.

    Hope this helps,

    email me at : [email protected]
    AIM: lastgoodguy89
    Yahoo: fr4nci5
    MSN: [email protected]

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  • Cm
    cmoney727 Mar 31, 2009

    i have had no problem with my i776 or the $50 unlimited plan. i am very happy with the service. and for the texts taking to long to download. go into the messaging folder, hit the menu button, go to set up and set the download for automatic instead of manual

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  • Jx
    jxxdxxn Apr 07, 2009

    I signed up for the 50 dollar a month Boost unlimited plan and bought the i776 two weeks ago. After several hours on the phone with tech support over getting my web browser to work, I love the service that I get for the money. Sure you find yourself in dead spots sometimes but all carriers have them. I have not had one problem with text being late or not getting them any time. I have only one issue with the phone that I was able to work around, it needs an dedicated alarm. other than that I still give it a 10 for the money. It is about time some one cut the prices to a point that they are giving us a fair shake with out sticking it to us. Thanks Boost


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  • Va
    ~Valerie~ Apr 07, 2009

    Is it true every month, you have to buy the new cards(or the minutes for your phone); At the same store you bought the phone from ? .. Thanks, ~Valerie~

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  • Wi
    Will Apr 10, 2009

    I too am expierencing almost all of the symptons that the first couple of posters had posted. The long delays in text messages to where you might not even get them. That is pretty hard for me cause noe one even calls me anymore I am amongst the text generation so I have been looking for new providers. I have also sent boost mobile a email with a link to this thread in mind so they can see that people from all over with all different types of phones are expiencing this. I personally have the i776 which at the time I bought it was the highest end phone they had to offer. Right now I am stuck in trying to decide wither to give the moto i9 a shot and see if that magically solves all my problems or if this is trully service related ( at least in my area ) and just switch providers to a more reliable network. In my case I did pay for what a got 50 bucks a month for unlimited EVERYTHING is just to good to be true at this present time.


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  • Jo
    John Apr 14, 2009

    I just got the i776 6 days ago and it was a mystery bewteen my friends and i as to why they weren't getting my text messages or they would get them at 2:30 am not the time that i sent them which would have been 3 hours earlier . You wouldn't believe this but I even got a text 2 days later from a friend? I understand that this is a service that is cheap but would you buy a cheap car that started when it wanted to? Boost is probably aware of this issue, but they should of not included unlimited text messaging if the system is faulty it will create a backlash of customer opinion "Ok Service at a Cheap price" shouldnt be their motto. They should listen to customer opinion especially in forums and blogs since its free Input from the customer base.

    50.00 plan unlimited
    1 Free local and long Distance calling works ok
    2 Unlimited Texting unreliable service needs to be addressed by boost right away I am paying for unlimited texting make it work correctly!
    3 Unlimited internet way to slow almost not being worth it.
    4 Boost Loosen the control freak attitude with the phones we bought them we should have the right to download or install anything we want, ringtones or app and such. the phones are not for rent we buy them we own them to do what we want. If boost comes out with a ringtone or a cool app that i can only get from them, then ill get from them but they should have a monopoly over where I can get them from.


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  • Kt
    ktauras Apr 15, 2009

    WOW! I'm so glad I read this before a I made the mistake of joining this service. Thanks You for taking the time to inform others. Ktauras

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  • Bi
    biancaishere Apr 23, 2009

    At first, I got my texts just when people sent them then, they started coming in really late (about 4-5 hours late) but I thought, "hey, just a minor glitch..." But now, I can't send any texts or recieve them. Umm yeah this sucks. Big time. :(

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  • Jo
    josh Apr 24, 2009

    hmmm... I got the i9 phone and it SUCKED! I mean wow, the display, buttons, and such were beautiful but what good is that if you have to wait 4-5 hours to send or receive a text message?! I called boost and they gave me some honest info. The gentleman informed me flat out when they introduced the new 50.00 unlimited plan they were not prepared for all of the new customers and as a result this overloaded their servers. He said just hang in there 3 to 4 months until we have it all worked out. So $300 dollars later for the phone and $50 later for the service, i'm screwed! Thanks BOOST!!! I'm going back to Cricket.

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  • Se
    seattlechick Apr 27, 2009

    wishing I would have seen this before i switched to the boost service. I have been cutting back on bills in this economy to put more into savings and thought hey here is a good way. I hate the phone and the service is crap. I am mostly upset at paying $100 for a phone that I cant download anything to except from them.

    horrible reception now during the day at work my cell phone doesn't get any reception!!! and all my people are left saying "WHERE YOU AT"

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  • Wh
    whatever May 01, 2009

    I had boost when it came out before, and I freaking loved it!!
    I mean, yeah I was kinda upset the walkie talkie feature wasn't included because everybody uses it where I live but the service was great.
    I got it this second time around for the walkie talkie and it sucks!!!
    I can barely make any phone calls, when I try I dont even hear a ring, then it tells me I dialed the wrong number I need to use area code but I always do or it'll tell me the servers busy.
    Text messaging takes FOREVER!!!
    I sent my brother one who was sitting RIGHT next to me ( only to test it ) and it took over an hour for him to get it.
    And dont get me started on how cheap these ### are!!!
    NO FREE RINGTONES!! Any way possible and trust me I've tried everything!!!
    Nothing works, They want every penny they can get out of people!!!
    Its ridiculous.
    I HATE IT!!!
    and the whole "$50" it still comes out to $53 something, so your spending $55 a month because you cant pay the exact amount.
    I MISS MY METRO PCS NOW!!! Can't wait til they make it up this way, I'll be done with this ### very soon!!!
    -An angry customer

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  • Ja
    james May 02, 2009

    you guys are ###ed its a phone for fifty dollars a month...that means no paying for min no paying for text yes they are slow but still paying to use the web...and yes i think boost should charge for ringtones i mean they are basicly giving you a house phone to strap on and carry around...i know that money is tight now a days but you switched to save money why are you spending it all on ringtones anyway? just enjoy what you have and listen to nextel they said give it a couple of months they are updating the servers and once they do that your phones will probably get texts faster and phone calls wont be droped as much look give it some time boost took a huge risk here give them credit you wanted unlimited cheap here it is!!!

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  • An
    Angelica337 May 05, 2009

    I see people talk about getting texts 3 or 4 hours late, eh, 25223 that's nothing. Sometimes my fiance' texts my email address and it doesn't come through until the next day!

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  • Ha
    HappywithBoost May 06, 2009

    I just bought the i425 phone, my husband and I both have one now. The service is what it is. You can make and recieve calls as much as you want for $50 a month. Seriously? Find another go phone or contract phone that lets you do just that for ONLY $50 a month. But to make it even better they let you text, walkie talkie, and use the web as much as you want and include it in $50 a month?! NO ONE is that cheap. Stop complaining. You can't get any cell service for that from ANYONE other than them. I just had it out with Net 10. We were supposed to have unlimited for $79.99 a month... after taxes and fees and ### it was $86.38 a month. Far worse than the extra $3 you pay for taxes with Boost. Net 10 wouldn't let me transfer the unlimited service to a new phone either ended up taking $86 and some change out within two days of the begining of the new month. And we didn't get the walkie talkie and web! So STFU already and be grateful for what you have... a phone that does exactly what Andrew Graham Bell made it to do... MAKE AND RECIEVE CALLS! lol Freakin' ungrateful people! You don't like it, get rid of it and deal with a company that will charge far more and when you have to call to argue with them about something you get someone in India!

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  • Bo
    BOOST IS WACK May 22, 2009


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  • Bo
    boostsucks Jun 10, 2009

    I've had boost for a few months now and it's pretty nice being so cheap but the service is slow and annoying.
    I have the i425. DO NOT get this ###ing phone it is a peice of garbage. Texts don't come in for days sometimes and there's a lot of places where you don't get service. It's extremely frustrating. Boost needs to hurry up and get their ### together.

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  • Ba
    babygirl198821 Jun 10, 2009

    i totally agree. i love the idea that it is cheap but the text as a delay every time i send a text. my bf gets his text that i send him like 3 or 4 hours later and he has the same plan. and i have yahoo sms and it delays on it too. and the service sucks bic i live in maynardville tn and most phones come in here but mine dont. i have the i290. and when i try to get on a webside it does not let me go on most websites. and the free ringtones it will not let me dowload them. and it also wont let any of my friends send me ringtones it just removes it. i like the idea that everything is unlimited. and i love the idea that text is free but it takes like forever for someone to get my message, and sometimes it wont even let me see the messages sent. i am a texter and i love to text but i hate it but i love the plan. only bic most of plans through contract is outragous prices and you have to pay extra for the unlimited text and picture messages and it sucks... but i do love the 50 dollars a month. i am hoping it will get better. but i just deal with the delay, besides the fact that if i send a really important message they wont get it until like 3 or 4 hours later.

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  • Ki
    ~KIM~ Jun 19, 2009

    I also just signed up with Boost and I was a switch from Metro Pcs... I got the i335 which was only a $60 phone. I have no problems with it or the service. For one Boost doesn't suck... I have no problems. Majority of the time it's the phone not the service... Why don't you try Metro PCS out for size... They run the same deals and they suck all the way around, also they aren't nationwide either like Boost is. Boost also transfered my Metro # to my new phone service with Boost. That was awesome. With the way the economy is now days Boost is doing us a favor with everything for $50, Nationwide and no contract unlike every where else there is a 1 to 2 year contract and there monthly charges are like $70 a month just for talk not including everything else. I don't have dropped calls and everything works GREAT... I'm very pleased.


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  • Du
    dummass69 Aug 02, 2009

    i have had boost mobile for 2 years now. started out with the normal plan, then texting started getting big in my area so i moved up to the dollar a day chat plan. the only thing i hate is the downloading for text messages. but they have new phones out now that you can turn that off. boost and nextel are the only phones that get good service where i live and i love how cheap it is!! you all need to shut the hell up and quit dissin on boost mobile. they are giving you a hell of a deal on phone service, they should have the right to charge 3 buck for ringtones considering you dont need em. boost is awesome not stfu you guys.

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  • Se
    sensability Aug 04, 2009

    look people... its a piece of hardware. the hardware works fine. the problem is the software in the magical place that handles your call, or your text, or your data buffering called a server.

    the phones are not garbage. the servers are. the infrastructure is. its like taking a bridge designed to handle light traffic in two lanes and suddenly funneling a six lane highway into it. what do you get?

    you get a ###ing traffic jam! no one gets anywhere on time, because everyone is trying to get everywhere as fast as they possibly can when the only way there is over a two lane bridge. idiots!

    so tighten your belts cheapskates, cuz you are officially stuck in traffic. your cars are fine, but until they fix the bridge you're not going to get where you want to go any faster by honking your remorseful, "woe-is-me, " car horns.

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  • Ha
    hatesbootsmobile Aug 12, 2009

    I Agree with you on the calling its great. Texting is the problem, but i called Boostmobile and got forwarded to like 10 different departments i was like this isnt needed? all i told the girl was im having super bad texting problems and she said your not the only one iv'e had about 500 calls soo far with texting problems lol she said theres cellsites out(Towers are out) and there Fixing them. Texting is getting fixied as well they increased the Network. Boost did for the First Phase on Service inhance meants... I get my texts now but the downloading is a pain the ### with the downloading then it says Error. I'm like WTF is this problem I have the i776 brown...its a awsome awsome phone i love it. calling is great, Webis walkie-talkie is. Texting isnt! I told them i'm very mad anbd if they dont fix this problem im going to Virginmobileusa! they said we'll get it fixied just wait a bit. i waited and no luck i told them i need the account number shitim not paying 30.00 a month and no texts. I'm with Virignmobile and i'm calling&texting great! I say go with Virginmobileusa! Http://! Great Coverage!

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  • Fm
    fm2501 Aug 12, 2009

    I have the i335 Phone, and I experience a lot of the same problems that everyone else does; the dropped calls, the super late text messages. and the never received text messages, and the "wrong number" when I try calling someone, the mega slow in sending a text message, the mega slow download of texts, not knowing if the people I send texts to are receiving my texts at all (which makes it hard to know if my girlfriend is playing games, or not), also when people call me it will sometimes say that I'm out of the area. But as horrible as all that is, I was paying over $150 a month with Verizon(Because of the Texas 20% tax on cell phone service), then $108 on Sprint (I switched to a Nevada address b/c they only charge 6% tax on phone service), and I'm dealing with the constant nagging headache of poor Boost service over the butt-pounding ordeal of paying the other guys what I spend each month on food. I may switch back to one of those other carriers again when I'm making money again, but in the mean time, I need those $100 more than I need to keep in touch with friends.

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  • Al
    alishamya1 Aug 13, 2009

    I agree.sometimes the texts take FOREVER and after i talk for a certain time it hangs up by itself.However it doesnt completely suck.MOST of my texts arrive on time.But if 2 people send a text at the same time it wont let me veiw either of them and downloads forever.The worst part of all is NO FREE RINGTONES :( I can get free tones with every phone BUT boost.Even cheap ### metro pcs and allowed me to get some tones.I only got rid of that service was because the coverage SUCKED.At least boost wasnt lying when they say they have good coverage.Metro only works in certain towns.I can deal with everything but the fact that you have to pay for EVERYTHING with boost sucks so bad.I have the i776.The camera quality isnt that great

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  • To
    todddrouin Aug 21, 2009

    Ive got the i335 and so far it works terrific. The unlimited calling is really good bu sometimes the texting gives me an error message. (I do the automatic downloads) Usually I just send the message again and it goes through. My only complaint is the lmitations within the browser. I was expecting to watch YouYube and do Twitter but all I have access to is text versions of news and entertainment sites. Perhaps I was naieve to believe Id have actual internet on my phone. Still $50 to have crystal clear calling and direct connect is worth it and I'll take the rest as a bonus. Range is a little spotty, however, can't get service at home. I have to walk up the street to get two bars-

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  • Ce
    Cellplus Sep 06, 2009

    Some of the issues that customers are complaining about can remedied right from the menu of the phone, for instance slow receipt and transmission of texts. Simply go the menu, from there to settings, select notifications, now check what it's set on, if it's still on the factory default of "delay all" instead of "receive all" that will explain a great portion of the texting issue.

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  • Re
    resident33 Sep 09, 2009

    boost sucks i had the old unlimited plan when it first came out and it was great ! but i decided to get the $ 50 plan i bought the Motorola I9 that i paid $ 300 and the service has suckes since then !! drop calls all the time my text messaging takes for ever to download my girlfriend hates that i get her text 3 hours later ...i'm really looking to switch phone service the $ 50 is cheap but is not worth all the mess ups that boost nextel have ..

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  • Za
    zandralovesu Sep 22, 2009

    Hello everyone.. I am a new boost mobile customer for about 2 weeks and 3 days. At first everything was going great (btw i have the i465 cluth-the phone is awesome!!! Lol) but about a week ago i started getting error messages stating "transport error", or "busy sending/recieving messages" or "storage failed". I called the customer care about i got $20 in my account for all the problems and all i calls i made to them. My problems with texting are still the same i'm hoping that the network issues get fixed because i already want revol because of the slide qwerty keyboard but i like boost mobile because they got walkie talkie and its a good company except for these issues they been havin lately

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  • Ni
    nicholefrom fl Oct 23, 2009

    yes the service deffintly is horrible me and my husband bought the two new phones that just came and and mine is the i465 and it sucks u cant get free downloads u cant even access certain websites on the internet unless u pay an extra 12.99 for the java script every month what the hell is unlimited internet if u cant use it. for a 130.00 phone i cant even save my pics to where the pop up when a friend calls and anything that is sent to you or that u record cant even be used as a ringtone what was i thinking my sis has a at&t go phone that she paid 50.00 dollars for and it does every thing mine dont. boost sucks and i totally agree with everyone about the text sometimes i even have to turn my phone on and off to get the text to be sent. too bad i spent so much on this phone already or i would diffently go with metro pc they are growing all over fl and i have only heard great things about their service. dont get boost unlimited if havent done it already!!!

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  • Ba
    BabaGanesh Oct 27, 2009

    I would like to personally throttle the three or so ###s on here who are like "oh too bad, you get what you pay for" and mocking people for complaining about the UNACCEPTABLE text download times - shut the hell up. You pay for a service, the service should WORK AS ADVERTISED. That's the way it's supposed to go in capitalism. END OF DISCUSSION.

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  • Bo
    booger2429 Nov 11, 2009

    i agree!! the messging system sucks!! i left metro pcs for boost mobile but now im thinking bout going back!!

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  • Re
    realshwty Nov 12, 2009

    i have had boost for about 6mnths and i love the unlimited plan although i am spending my money for..unlimited text, talk, and web and if those service aren't wrking well..they're just not wrking well.NO SUGAR COATING..I believe that time and effort could be spent to try to fix most of the issues but i do get horrible service most of the time..i dont get half of my calls and the texts do take forever in sending and recieving..but because of the recession this is the best thing going.. i think that they have a lot of improvement to do to keep customers...after all it is about the consumer and a lot of them are not satisfied...

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  • Bu
    BuffaloCouple Nov 15, 2009

    I have the same problems with the sending and reciving text messages my boyfriend and i can be sitting next to each other and it will take over 10 mins to get and send the text messages! And with the ringtones 2.99 FOR A SINGLE TONE? all these other companies can get and send ringtones to friends or off free sites, why cant Boost? isnt boost a part of the Sprint 3G network? well i think my phone isnt even on 1/2G network! and i am paying 50.00 a month and of course if you pay with a credit card they charge you extra and then now they have the charges at the paystations too????????? COME ON BOOST WE PAY FOR THIS SERVICE GIVE US A BREAK!!!

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  • Or
    orangie84 Nov 28, 2009

    I don't know what everyone is talking about..
    I have had boost for over 2 years now and I never had any of these problems!!
    I text a lot and sometimes once in a blue moon what will happen is when I go to send a text it will say no service.
    But I found if I power down the phone take out the battery and then the sim card then put it all back together again and power back up the phone "POOF" all problems solved.
    You HAVE to take the sim card out and wait like 30 seconds..
    why this works I am not sure but the first time it happened I took it to the dealer and that was what the dealer had to do and he said I could and should do the same if the phone messes up..
    It's like a total reboot for the phone.
    (PS try doing that if your phone has web or text issues it might help you.)
    But I really don't have issues at all with boost...
    Maybe location effects the phone (as in what ever state of the US your in)..

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  • Ki
    kimsgurl08 Dec 01, 2009

    I got the Boost Unlimited because where I live has BAD signal, and Boost seemed to be the only thing that worked at my house.
    After getting it, the signal is indeed a good signal, but the service lacks alot to be desired. On the weekends I cannot make or recieve calls, the phone says "systems are busy try call again later". If I NEED the phone, I don't have it, when i DON'T need it, I have perfect signal.
    I also agree with everyone that says the texting is a pain. You are right, when you get text, takes forever to download, and when you send one, it takes forever to send.
    I suppose $50 a month is a deal for the service you get, but there are others that are cheaper, and offer better service. I think I may try those if Boost doesn't get it together.

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  • Br
    Brandon garrett Dec 21, 2009

    I dont have boost yet but my mom and dad is making me get one., ..i am getting the Motorola Boost Mobile Unlimited i425 Cell Phone how does that work!?

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  • Bo
    BoostSucksVaJayJay Jan 13, 2010

    Boost does suck . My friend had the clutch she gave me with a months worth of service on it as well. Thank god I didnt buy service from those idots it sucks! the first couple of days it was cool. You can go on myspace and facebook and there crapy boost site but thats about it. if you try to go to any other sites it gives you a 404 error or the device dosnt have enough memory. the text sucks really bad. It took days for me to get messages. i do agree with the service area thing though. I had service everywhere and never dropped a call. I know have Page Plus Cellular. They will flash any verizon phone and they cell nice phones as well. They also go off of verizons cell towers so I always have service. I pay 39.99 a month WITH TAX :) which is unlim everything text talk and up too 100 MB of data. It works for know, i dont use the net that much anyway. They also offer BREW where u can download ### for free like ringtones or games ### like that. Check it out .. I like it

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