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Please DO NOT ever try to buy anything from boost
Nor waste your time calling their customer service numbers. When you call, their agents are NOT from US, so its hard to communicate, theyre just gonna place you on hold every single time and your gonna be on the phone for 45mins, probably they think you have the luxury of time. They never put notes so you have to tell your story all over again. I was promised that I will be given a return label since they sent the item by mistake when the order was already cancelled way ahead of time. They told me to just wait for a few days for the return shipping label, not knowing it was actually just a trick! So you will past that 7 days return mark! So extra charge for you to ship the item!! Customer service sucks really bad and you can tell they're not sincere on helping you and just playing around probably getting coffee or doing chitchat while you are on hold. I was even told to go to the store to return the item I purchased online but store told me that they dont handle anything ordered online so it took me a long time, and imagine all the hassle and all the calls I made just to get this figured out. So please save yourself and do yourself a favor and DO NOT purchase anything from BOOST!good luck!

Oct 11, 2019

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