Booking.comcancellation policy

1 is committing fraud in billing customers for cancellation of rooms that they never use; they are trying to hide this fraud by stating that their site clearly explains their policies-which it does not.

Do not book through

Here is my experience:

I booked a room online thinking it was in the town (Jasper, AB) that I was visiting, when in fact the hotel was much farther away but still came up on the web page (Hinton, AB). Quickly realizing my mistake I called within five minutes and cancelled the room directly through the hotel and through I was told by the front desk agent that my credit card would not be charged. A month later my card was charged. I contacted the hotel and the agent stated that I was identified as a "no show" and charged for the hotel room. I explained my mistake and the Manager stated I would need to contact again to reverse the charge. He did not have a 1-800 number and there was no 1-800 number on the site. I contacted the hotel again and was given a 1-866 number to call It took a while for the agent to pull up my cancellation, call the hotel, and then get back to me regarding how the charge would be reversed in 8-10 days.

On the cancellation receipt through it stated $95.00 for cancellation. So they are billing people fraudulently to cancel their reservations. When there is no service provided there should never be a charge. This is a scam site and nobody should ever book with

The site does not state anything about paying for cancellations/no shows. This is the worst kind of scam possible as the Hotels are then stating "oh we can't do anything you booked through".

This is not ok and a lawyer should file a Mass Tourte lawsuit against this company.

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