Bonney PlumbingScammed


I had signed up Bonney plumbing to come and get the leakage in my bathrooms and kitchen fixed. They said there was a problem with some pipe in the bathroom. They began their work. At first they could not understand which pipe was causing the leakage. When they finally got to know which of the pipes was leaking they damaged it even more. They did not know how to fix it. I was so annoyed then. They are plumbers it is their job to know how to fix damaged pipes. They told me that they would have to go back because they were not sure what the damage was and they said they would be back the next day. They left my bathroom as it was in a mess and they did not show up the next day. I tried calling but never got through. When I got through they would tell me that the plumbers are not free. I wish I had never hired them. Do not sign up Bonney Plumbing you will be scammed for sure!

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