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We purchased almost all of our furniture from Bob's as we were moving into a brand new town-home and wanted new furniture. We should have stayed out of there when there was a customer standing in front of the store telling people not to buy furniture from Bob's because they are a rip-off. Needless to say we purchase living room, dining room and both the boys and girls furniture from there along with the goof proof protection. When we had an accidental puncture in the furniture it took 2 weeks to even get anyone to listen to our claim and then come look at the furniture. It took another week for them to let us know that the chair to our set was no longer available and we would have to pick out another set. Which took another week to be delivered because they did not have all the pieces in stock. The ladder to our boys bunk bed is broke off where the screw meets the wood and they are telling us that the Goof Proof protection will not cover it because the break could have been prevented. So we basically purchase Goof Proof protection for nothing because they don't cover preventable things. But they cover burn marks, scratches and breaks that are accidental. So if you purchased something and need them to fix it you must say that it was an accident, otherwise you will be stuck. Their customer service sucks, their salesman and workers are not knowledgeable about their products and service plans. I WILL NEVER BUY FURNITURE FROM BOBS DISCOUNT FURNITURE EVER AGAIN!!! BE VERY VERY VERY VERY LEARY IN PURCHASING ANYTHING FROM THIS FRAUDULENT COMPANY! The saying you get what you pay for is correct. The furniture is cheap and so are their practices.


  • Bo
    Bob Cares Mar 01, 2013

    I'd be glad to look into your account and see what we can do to help out here. Please email us at [email protected] and we'll be in touch. Thanks, Eric.

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  • Re
    Rebecca Ewing Oct 15, 2015

    I had purchased furniture for my whole house : years ago recently filed a claim for my headboard that cracked from being moved. Went through their process email the photos never received a response. When I called to check on the claim they had closed my claim because they said they never received the email now it's past the deadline. I will never be purchasing furniture from bobs again. Unless you have money to waste on furniture that only last 3 years and time to fight with a protection company that wouldn't replace your damaged furniture even if you made their deadline

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  • Ak
    akia Dec 18, 2018

    @Rebecca Ewing Well, BOB is getting a bad reputation because of their insurance company. They need to take care of business now before it becomes too late for them. The price is reasonable for a piece of furniture but customer service is really bad. GOOF PROOF!!! Never get that protection. It is worthless.

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  • Jm
    jms1948 Nov 25, 2019

    Hi, this is not a bashing post but maybe this will save someone else from purchasing furniture insurance...(long post )...we bought a power recliner from Bob's furniture about 2 years ago. they told us anything that went wrong with the recliner (except wear and tear ) would be covered and repaired ..well my husband went in for a knee replacement operation on last Monday...Tuesday morning he sat in his recliner and as he was powering back the part that moves the recliner snapped..he fell all the way back and it was almost impossible to push the foot rest down to try and get him up and out. i called Guardian Insurance and explained what happened. i had to submit pictures of the broken part and they would get back to me. well they said no as because he was sitting in the chair when it broke it isn't considered an accident. i can not believe i paid for insurance that no matter what i said they would not cover if you are thinking of getting the insurance check them out on the internet first. unfortunately when i just now looked them up i see they do not pay for anything..they always have an excuse because they tell you to tell them how it happened and then they come up with their own reason..

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