Bob Evans Restaurantsthe turkey dinner

Myself and my husband took our grandsons to dinner Friday evening about 6:00 pm to Bob Evans Springboro Ohio location. First of all we waited on dinner for over a half hour and the kids were getting very distressed. Then the dinners came and the carrots were so hard the kids couldn't eat them and the broccoli was also crunchy. And the dressing for the turkey was very dry and tasteless So we sent the carrots back and they brought corn instead which looked like it was fried and very dry. So we were totally dissatisfied with this experience at bob Evans. Bob Evans used to be my favorite place to get a good home cooked dinner but not anymore. My husband spent $37.00 plus tip and we are not at all happy. I think you should look into some of the cooks at your restaurants. I have also experienced some bad orders from the Woodman dr bob Evans which I frequent almost weekly. So I'm afraid to even chance it again. I hope you can do something to resolve this issue. Thank you. Delores Smith

Oct 06, 2019

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