B.Makowsky. Complaints & Reviews

B.Makowsky. / leather purse

Jun 11, 2019

B.Makowsky.Hello I purchased a purse from a major department store. I really liked the purse and was willing to pay the price. I have purchased Coach purses and Dooney & Burke in the past. Soon after, the edged of along the purse began to fray. This made the purse unsightly and cheap looking. I stopped...

B.Makowsky. / handbag

Aug 02, 2018

Was given this bag as a birthday present. Since I was a huge fan and never had an issue with quality before. In a few short months the handbag started to lose shape and the straps started to peel and come apart. It got worse and started to peel around the seams of the handbag. Since it wa...

B.Makowsky. / cross body bag

Dec 01, 2017

B.Makowsky.I took your cross body bag on my trip to is a great travel purse with the built in wallet just under the flap. The hardware on one side came unscrewed and the strap slipped off. I was able to find the hardware, but lost the teeny tiny screw. See photos below. The purse is one of...

B.Makowsky. / handbag

Aug 07, 2017

B.Makowsky.I was given this handbag and love it. The leather is buttery smooth. After using it for just a week I notice a crack in the strap. Shortly after the other strap had the same problem. I will not be able to use the bag if the straps are compromised. What should I do? this was a perfectly...

B Makowsky Bag (off white) / Treated like a Criminal


June 10, 2011 Customer Service Dear Sir or Madam: I have recently purchase a B Makowsky bag at the TJMAXX store in Kennesaw, GA on May 2011. Unfortunately, when I opened my bag and decided to wear the bag about two weeks later, I notice a little spot was on the bag and it looked dirty. I...