Bluewaterburger king


Me and my partner went to burger king on 20.10.17 around 8pm. When we arrived we were 2nd in the queue with only one man serving. He then had to call for help as more people joined the queue. A young girl came out served the guy in front and called us over. She took our order not saying a word other than the cost all the while with a very moody face. We had to wait a while for our food and when she eventually came over with the chips she loudly stated 'i cant do this anymore' before throwing our chips on the tray. She called next but had not offered me any sauce so i asked for some. Which she also threw on the tray again not saying a word. When we sat down we noticed she had forgotten a part of our order which my partner then got back up to get. Also most of our food was cold. This girl was very rude and clearly did not want to be there. In my opinion she should not be in a customer service job role as she has NO customer service skills whatsoever! This is not the first time i have been dissatisfied with the service here. On a few occasions our food has been cold or parts of our order missed and also i once had a burger that had so much mayo in it it slid out of the bun while i was holding it! I would suggest a major staff attitude improvement if they wish to keep their customers. Safe to say i will NOT be returning here to eat again!

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