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Complaints & Reviews


I was going to buy a pool for my daughter and she talked to Ed. She brung me a picture and a price that wa...

Chandler Contractors

pool rehab

Had a great experience during the sales process, but one our payment was received we had several no call, no...

don't support companies

Blue Haven Pools uses illegal workers to build pools. They cheat the law in order to make more profit. They deny local worker's jobs so they can get cheaper labor from illegals. If you get a single worker that speaks English, you are lucky.

Don't support companies that break the law and will not support local community!

stay away

We contracted with Blue Haven Pools in 2006 to install our pool, spa, waterfall and retaining wall. The project was consistently delayed and the workmanship very poor. We paid extra to have spray deck applied to our concrete. Within a few months, the spray deck started to flake off the concrete and we now have large areas that are bare concrete and look awful. At first Blue Haven would return our calls, but then they stopped answering or returning our calls. Now we are told that the Blue Haven franchise and the Concrete Technology Inc. franchise (CTI was the spray deck sub contractor) have gone out of business.

suck [censor]

I have been trying to get in contact with some Blue Haven pools for four months now to come out service my blue haven pool and get a quote for installing a heater. I have called their service tech named "Gary" atleast 20 times. He has even gone so far to make three appointments to come by. I have cancelled appointments to sit here waiting all day and he has never shown. DO NOT GIVE THESE PEOPLE YOUR MONEY. THEY ARE CROOKS AND WILL NOT SERVICE YOUR POOL ONCE THEY GET YOUR FAT CHECK!!! they will not give you the service after the sale. They are a big name with little service.

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bad customer service

If you’re considering installing a swimming pool then I wouldn’t recommend Blue Haven Pools but...

Poor Workmanship

We contracted with Blue Haven Pools of Pensacola / Panhandle (Gulf Breeze, FL) in 2006 to install our pool...

Blue Haven Pools Pensacola / Panhandle

filter unit

my husband and I decided to install an in the ground pool about ten years ago. we had Blue Haven do the job. It costs 25 grand. We were told the filtration system was so good that cleaning and maintaining it would be minimal. after several yaears and much hard work and more money, it turned out the filter was found to be extremely inadaquate for our 20 thousand gallon pool! Our new pool professional said it was meant for a spa! we had it replaced for 800.00, but the damage is done!!!

$6000 rip off

Blue Haven pools came here and gave me a price for a pool. Well after giving them a 6k deposit they never came here to install the pool. They are crooks don't do anything with Blue haven pools. And the salesman Glenn from Long island. Don't trust anything he says. One more thing my kids that were hoping to have the pool in this summer do not have one and now they will stay home all summer with no pool thanks to . They are crooks. They will steal your hard earned money. Do not trust Blue haven pools.

took money, no calls

I was ripped off for 85 dollars and regret ever use blue haven pools products or services again. It is better for America that this company be sued where law sees acceptable and that it is bankrupt and removed so as not to be used by Americans ever again- all people's names (all levels of management and employees) will never be used for work in this field again and able to abuse the population for their greedy gains.

Only good business is the way in America. let that be known.

thank you very much for helping me tell you and for spreading the word.

Honesty is the best policy and so is best customer service.

rip off

In 2003 I had a pool built by Blue Haven Pools. For the last two years I've been calling to get them to honor the "life time warranty" against leaks. I started again this year on 4/19. I've talked to many people over the course of my effort and have two calls into the General Manager, Mark Dana (who hasn't returned my calls). I need my pool fixed and the money I've spent to get them to fix the pool.

no respect for you or your home, your time, privacy or property

Firstly, they have no class at all and no respect for you or your home, your time, privacy or property. They treated my house and property like it was a keg party in a $25 motel (after 6 months we are still finding McDonalds bags, KFC buckets, coke cans and other trash they left and refused to remove when they left our home in a mess) and it goes further than that - one group of their workers took the liberty of throwing our trip-trap teak patio furniture from our patio into the mud and cement so they could then use it to step on as they applied their plaster. It was ruined and now, expensively worthless. The builder thought nothing of this and shrugged his shoulders as if I should know better than to expect better.

All in all, I wish I didnt bother. Not only does the pool quality look like it was built by me and my buddies over a case of beer, but my 'infinity edge' doesnt work and when it does work - it sounds like a pumping station for a sewer so we dont switch it on. The spajets only work when you put the blowers on, which again, sounds like a pumping station, so again - we dont switch it on. The plaster and color/quality is a joke, stonework is hap-hazard and nothing like the finish they show in their brochures. They tell you that the owner will be present for the whole project. A lie. Just try finding out who owns and supports Blue Haven pools - the Corporation. If you ever find out - please let me know. As for your local 'operator'...try reporting a problem. They tell you that 'you mismanaged the ph levels' even when you paid them to maintain and serviced the pool weekly from day 1! And finally, they are rude and totally dishonest. In one, albeit one of many incidents - their barely literate 'Project Manager' at the office decided that when she wasnt yelling at us or ignoring our calls - she would pretend to be my wife, call to fraudulently announce that we have guests with the security guards in our gated community, only to send in their migrant workers to sneak off like thieves in the night, taking not only any remaining tools, but also stealing landscaping and construction materials we had purchased for our home (you will need to do landscaping when your pool is finished) that didnt belong to them but they wanted use for another job for another victim.

All in all, avoid Blue Haven Pools. There are plenty of options with companies operated by owners, not a Bernie Madoff shell like BH. Look at BH's website. Try to find their address. A name. Try getting hold of someone that isnt your local franchisee. They dont exist because they are a shell company with no mailing address, no CEO, no management and no customer service. They have no quality control, no operational control and no ethics control. Being a Blue Haven pool provider is seemingly as easy as paying their franchise fee. Their address is a postal box in San Diego. They have no board, no auditors, no representatives but for a call centre that routes you right back to the same people who cheated you in the first place. As for their 'operator' in Pineville - take your chances at your peril.Their resolution consists of telling you 'how far are you going to get' when advise them that you are unfortunately being forced to make a legal complaint against them because they won't fix it. And again, see if you can get the 22 yr old from 'an undisclosed call center location' to reach someone at BlueHaven. Mine didnt even know anyone who actually worked for Blue Haven, other than the franchise I dealt with of course. YOU HAVE NO RECOURSE AND NO ONE TO CALL. Again, they are a shell outfit similar to a ponzi scheme where you run in circles trying to find someone to help you, only to realise the people you are calling are the same people who nailed you for 80k. This 'operator' was so arrogant to this fact that they said 'do what you like, I ain't coming back or recommending anyone' and then proceeded to call every pool service firm they know and subcontract to in an effort to make sure I could not get anyone licensed and qualified to offer their professional opinion when I knew they were lying to us and trying to scapegoat the issue to our 'mismanagement'.

Also - when you buy a pool - do yourself a favor - get the same firm that 'opens' the pool for the builder - to be the one to service your pool. They will even perform the delivery or 'startup checklist' for the builder in some cases. Make sure you use that same person for the 1st yr or two if you can. That way when you end up in court with Blue Haven pools they cannot use the frequent excuse that 'you mismanaged the PH levels and did this yourself' or 'your pool technician was inexperienced or unqualified' to do the work. They will.

They will try to use every angle to get out of delivering your agreed pool at your agreed price, and then blame you and disappear when they cut corners and ruin your investment in the process. They have terrible craftsmen, rude Project Managers and a familiarity with you and your home one could only describe as disgusting. I could not regret more my decision to do business with Blue Haven. And at 80k, a decision I will never make again.

  • Ma
    Mark Brownlee Jan 09, 2017

    I am with Blue Haven pools on the west coast. I can assure you there is a national customer care number. It is 800-543-3883. I do not know where you are or who you dealt with. I can tell you this, when you do contact the corporate office you find out they do not operate in this manner. You have obviously dealt with a rotten franchise. I am a bit confused as to how you could not have found the national customer care number. While this sounds horrible and if so it is, I can't but have suspicions that you are a competitor due to the total pool being a complete disaster, this is not the case 99% of the time. When competitors use yelp and the like they always try to make a blanket trashing, leaving no stone un-turned so to speak. This is so bad I hope this is the case. Let me tell you for sure. In California the company you describe would be out of business, trashed by the state in short order. If you are a true customer and you identify this office they won't be for long. All the best.

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  • Pa
    PAC2019 Sep 01, 2019

    @Mark Brownlee See below 👇🏻Reply to Kenneth Kamman

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  • Ke
    kenneth kamman Aug 08, 2019

    I have been to the website and checked because I wanted to contact someone as well. That 800 is nowhere on the site. It seems to me if someone cared so much for the name "Blue Haven" I would have made it the easiest thing to access. The Houston Blue Haven group has treated us very poorly because I asked David what he meant by option for paying cash. We signed 5/3/2019. Our pool still not done. The waterfalls leaks and not done to plan, spillway uneven and water come out to one side, the skimmer has not work sent startup 7 days ago.

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  • Pa
    PAC2019 Sep 01, 2019

    @kenneth kamman We also have a nightmare going on with Blue Haven. I could write you a book on all the issues and now they’re holding the cleaning system hostage till we pay the final $1, 000 of a FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLAR POOL! We held it back because the plaster is a mess. They tell us to pay and the warranty will cover it. I read the warranty and it specifically states that the plaster is definitely NOT covered! So just more lies and game playing. We signed this contract on March 15, 2019! It’s now September 1st and still the pool is incomplete! It’s really pretty pathetic when the regional manager gets on the phone and when you explain to him why you’re holding back the last $1, 000 and he says, “You’re playing games” and rudely hangs up the phone! There is no recourse when you can’t find someone to reach out to for help! I am a REAL customer Mark Brownlee just like I have no doubt the original complainer is! I thought it was just the Blue Haven here in NC but I guess I was wrong.

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biggest fraud ever

I have problems with Blue Haven from the beginning. They started building my pool on June 07 and finish at the end of November 07. They have to redo the stamped concrete around the pool because the first time was not made right. Then, we noticed that we were loosing water and finally we found a crack on the shell, emptied the pool and fixed it but we always had problems with the pump making terrible noises that even the neighbors complaint about it. It looses pressure all the time. The changed the Hayward motor and replaced (I found today that they replaced it with something else so Hayward do not cover their warranty). They also installed the ozonator on the wrong place making the filter filling with air. We still have a lot of problems... so many that it is hard to write all of them. Now the office is close in TN and Blue Haven does not want to be responsible for the problem. I call the 1-800 customer service and Ms. Ellen which number is [protected] provided me with the worst customer service I have to deal in my life, treated me like crap. Yes..I spent $70, 000 on my pool to be treated poorly and they washed their hands. Well, I built with Blue Haven base on their number 1 ranking, for their name and their reputation (that's what I thought them). I also thought that I will be back up with a national company in a case like this. What a mistake!!. PLEASE DO NOT BUILD A POOL WITH THIS PEOPLE. Take my word for it!! BLUE HAVEN IS THE BIGGEST FRAUD EVER.

  • Bl
    bluehavensucks Jul 22, 2010

    Am an EXCELLENT Loyal longtime customer of Blue Haven. Am very frustrated and disappointed in the lack of service and response to my current problem.

    Bought a $50, 000 Blue Haven 11, 000 gallons inground gunite pool in March 2007 from Blue Haven office in Metairie, LA.

    First week of June 2010 spoke to Duke & Judy (228) 432-7742 who sold me the Blue Haven pool. Was referred to field rep Jose' (504) 220-4139 who I have now spoken with 3 times with NO RESPONSE/RESULTS. Jose' said "I have only been working here for 1 week but fax me the information." Faxed information about my problem (504) 305-6257 June 7th 2010.

    I faxed info & called to verfiy fax receipt and spoke with Jose' for the second time 2nd week June 2010. Jose' said, "I have to order some parts for the generator from California."

    June 14, 2010 when I called Jose' to see when he was coming out to install the parts, then Jose' told me, "I received the wrong parts. I will have to reorder. I will call you by Friday, June 18th to schedule repair."

    Jose' not only did not call me today (June 18th 2010) nor keep me abreast of the status of parts, but I am concerned that him initially not coming out to my residence and only going by my faxed information regarding the problem will result in a wrong solution.

    I had Eugene from Blue Haven for the last 3 years who would ALWAYS come out to my house if I had any concerns regarding my expensive Blue Haven pool system. Eugene always returned my calls and showed up when he said he would.

    My problem with my Blue Haven pool is the SMARTPURE OZONE GENERATOR is Not Functioning. My remote control says "Check System & Inspect Cell". The Operation Manual is not clear on how to check and service the SMARTCONTROL CELL.

    I don't want to attempt to repair it myself and void any warranty or further damage the system. Jose' has never returned my call or come out to check the system. I believe whatever problem I have with my Blue Haven pool and equipment should be serviced and repaired by the Blue Haven company.

    I would like Jose' or a Blue Haven field service rep to inspect my Blue Haven system and identify the problem. Please let me know that you received this email and when you can schedule a visit for your Blue Haven field service rep to service my Blue Haven pool system. Thank you.

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  • Uc
    uc8756897 Nov 23, 2010

    We contracted with Blue Haven Pools of Pensacola / Panhandle (Gulf Breeze, FL) in 2006 to install our pool, spa, waterfall and retaining wall. The project was consistently delayed and the workmanship very poor. We paid extra to have spray deck applied to our concrete. Within a few months, the spray deck started to flake off the concrete and we now have large areas that are bare concrete and look awful.

    At first Blue Haven would return our calls, but then they stopped answering or returning our calls. Now we are told that the Blue Haven franchise and the Concrete Technology Inc. franchise (CTI was the spray deck sub contractor) have gone out of business.

    We have contacted both Blue Haven Pools Corporate and CTI Corporate but neither company was willing to offer ANY ASSISTANCE. Blue Haven Pools Corporate would not even respond to our e-mail and there is no telephone number listed on their website.

    The fact is that the Blue Haven Pool franchise is still operating in our area at the same telephone number with many of the same employees. When I spoke with the Mark, the General Manager, I was told that they were a different company and he was unwilling to offer any help.

    We are now in the process of spending $15, 000 to correct the many problems that Blue Haven Pools left us.

    This is the most unprofessional organization that I have ever had the misfortune to work with. Their workmanship is poor, their staff unprofessional and no one is willing to stand behind their work or products. Avoid Blue Haven Pools of the Panhandle at all cost!

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  • Il
    ilhan eser Mar 17, 2011

    Don't buy anything from Blue Haven Pools, because you will spend a fortune and get very little. They give you a good number in the beginning and once they start, they keep on jacking up the numbers. At the need if you need customer service ! good luck. All you get a girl telling you to call the manufacturers . They shut down bunch of offices, I think and I hope they will go out of business before they rip off more people

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  • Po
    [email protected] Nov 19, 2015

    I just came accross these posts and I have had all the same problems with Blue Haven pools in Dallas
    They started my pool in July of 2014 and finished in November of 2014.
    Every time I call for support they say the problems are normal or they never return my calls. Since we put water in the pool we have had to have another company out and fix the leaking pump twice befor they noticed that it was damaged during the install. I have also had to repair the heater due to wiring issues, the ozonator has been replace and I had to have a repair company come out today and replace the main control panel. The best one is 2 of my cartridge filters have broken end caps and Blue Haven installed a C6060BHBM filter housing and they don't even have cartridges for it. I have been told this filter is discontinued and was designed to be a secondary commercial filter, and just for everyone's information the pm at blue haven told me that the bands around the cartridge filter are only for shipping purposes and its ok if they are broken
    I will quit here and not go on about the leaks, the cheap sand stone and the cracks in the decking and tiles and not installing the umbrella pipe we requested during the design process. Good luck to everyone, maybe someday we can enjoy our pools

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dishonest company

I met the sales people in my office on 3/13, 2008 and agreed to buy from them I provided a $5000 deposit. The...

unreliable service

We have been trying to get our pool finished for 3 months now. When we call the offices that sold us our pool to complain we are given the run around and treated like we do not matter.

We were told when we signed our contract that from start to finish, it would take 3 weeks. We are going on our 4th month now and still do not have water in the pool. We have called and called and we believe that since we have been complaining they are stalling completion.

My husband has called everyone with the Shreveport, LA office. They do not care about their customers; they pressure you to sign a contract then we are left to their mercy for completion.

They, we believe, are in breach of contract. We are taking our complaints to a higher level.

These people are very unprofessional.

fraud and scam!

In 2004, I got estimates from several pool companies for an in-ground pool. Decided to use Blue Haven. Signed a contract and they arrived in May to start the job. Signed an additional excavation contract and gave them a check for several thousand dollars. The starting digging and 8 hours later, and after a 20x16x4-6' hole in my yard, they said they needed more money to remove the dirt from the yard. I pointed out the excavation contract I signed and that it didn't say anything about the dirt. They made a phone call, my sales rep then called me and said to read the contract. I told him I had and maybe he should to and that I would not be giving them more money. They packed up and left. The next morning they arrived, loaded up their equipment, dumped the dirt back in the yard and left for good. When I called Blue Haven and demanded a refund of my money, plus my deposit paid, minus the fee stated in the contract for excavation, they said they'd get back to me. Haven't heard from them in 4 years. Today, the case is now in litigation. My original salesman has since moved to another pool company and had the audacity to write me a letter asking me to refer him to other people. Yeah right! Don't use Blue Haven pools for anything.

  • Gl
    Glovenia Dees Jun 09, 2008

    I feel so stupid for using Blue Haven Pools of the Gulf Coast. I have been overcharged for everything. After they broke my driveway and wanted to just patch it, they also stuck one of their trucks on my neighbors property. Guess who cleaned that up. After the pool was installed we decided to get the Hayward Phantom pool cleaner. The cleaner is great but, every other pool company that I've talked to has the cleaner and installation for about half of what I paid Blue Haven. They also charged me for the colored light and installed the generic clear one. They had to come back and install the colored one after the pool was filled. The light is falling out of the side of the pool. My pool is only 4 months old... I can't wait to see what happens next.

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  • Da
    David Brokamp Jan 24, 2010

    the northern va office of blue haven is known to industry insiders as a company with an agenda. This agenda is to build sub par pools with no supervision. IM so sorry this happened to you I wish everyone would think twice before signing with this company

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  • Jo
    JoAnn Caruso Jun 15, 2011

    This complaint was obviously written by Blue Haven's competition. There is not nor ever was a customer by the name of Cheryl Lumsden in the Virginia office. There is no pending litatation or ever has been from this person. How can honest inteligent people even believe this hogwash. When you are the biggest company out there, every pool company is targeting you.

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  • Na
    Nancy J Turner Jun 04, 2017

    Funny how the responses from people that don't exist are "this is a competitor" crap. Family member or fake profile to write that one. Openly disclosing customer names is a violation of their privacy. I hope Cheryl sues you for that also.
    I wouldn't allow Blue Haven to flush my toilets out if they were overflowing into my kitchen.
    My favorite review statement was, "they will promise you the moon then hand you a flashlight and a bill because the batteries are extra".
    Bait and switch scam and good luck if they show up when promised. I'm sure I'll get a rebuttal statement, since they spend their time addressing bad reviews online, but you won't see them on the jobsite. RUNNNNN David I wish I would have seen your review.

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