Blooms Rewards / Blooms Today / Flashfirstmonthly charges of $9.95+ each month

T Feb 09, 2020

I am sending you this complaint because blooms rewards has done to my mother what they've done to all the other people who have complained, they have continously billed my mother since 2011 til just mid way of last year. I found out about this because my mom need assistance with her bills and i zeroed in on all these payment to them and she states she doesn't have any idea of what the blooms rewards is, what it does, who its for etc. Didn't the customer service, billing reps wonder why this person (my mom) never utilized they're services, at all? NO, they just cont. to bill this elderly woman, for how many years? 9 years folks, yes, i said 9 freaking years.
You guys need to refund my mother every last cent or heads will roll, and roll they will. I'd say that $9.95 x 12 is 119.40, now times that by 9 and we all can see that equals $1074.60, and i'm being nice about it. How could a business take advantage of an elderly person? I don't get it. Well, all i know is that we'll be here waiting for your speedy reply on this, and yes, we do have any and all documents needed to support this matter.
Thanks for nothing

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