Bloomex.cabloomex nothing but a rip off scam buying flowers or working for them

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Being both an EX employee and a bloomex purchaser I can tell you quite a bit about this company, tactics, scams, GLITCHES... The buying customers are ripped off from the get go .. sales operators are told by management Angela Malik and Dimitri that they are to avoid telling customers there is a glitch in the system and charges them more after you give your credit card, each and every customer has been caught on this .. if you paid with a credit card, redo your order till you get to the credit card info .. then check your invoice from bloomex NOTICE THE DIFFERENCE.. Its rip off customers and makes him a few more bucks and get away with it...
everytime a sales operator gets a wrong email address bloomex charges the sales operator $5. whether the customer gave the wrong address or not doesnt matter, I even purchased a email verifier and still up to 85.$ a pay deducted for wrong email address... They actually tried to deduct me $100.00 for missing a shift that I wasnt booked for to begin with ... A customer ordered 8 different orders, they sent them out before they were suppose to be delivered they orders all said Thank You for such a wonderul time on such a date ... only problem was flowers arrived thanking them before the event took place .. this is the fault of the operator, ,
In slave days operators didnt get a break, , but being in CANADA AND NOT A FOREIGN COUNTRY we do allow people to pee... and take breaks ... Not dimitri your suppose to hold or lose time for a natural function. He also doesnt tell his customers that all ALL NOT SOME BUT ALL SALES OPERATORS WORK FROM THIER HOMES, Angela or Dimitri have no idea who they are hiring and what they are capable of nor do they care, as long as they screw you when you buy the flowers and rotten fruit with rat feces, if your credit card info is sold to someone, they dont know that and niether do you.. Only the operator knows if they are honest or not... When you go to manotick for training you meet Dimitri and he says, If you need to talk come see me anytime... but then Angela and Marilyn, , , the supposed managers of the office, they make sure you can't speak to Dimitri, then theres big ol Megan, who is as ignorant as they come, who rides the employees, especially anyone who is not as fat as she is ... If your under her weight of 300lbs ... she automatically doent like you ... Megan has the priviledge of timing you ... and deducting your hours for breaks that you did take, BREAKS THAT YOU DONT TAKE ... (you still don't get Paid) Dimitri has found a way to rip off everyone and get away with it ... Unfortunately ... I quit at bloomex last Friday after they deducted yet another 3 hrs off my pay for breaks I DIDNT TAKE, enough is enough, having to lie everyday to people and nice people ... having to listen to the office tell you how to steal all the time, instead of fixing the problem ... The internet is a wonderful place not only for scammers but for letting others know there is another scamm going ... If we all email our friends and let them know about BLOOMEX AND DIMITRI AND HIS WAY OF RIPPING YOU OFF, , , I CONSIDERING THAT THEY HAVE MY CREDIT CARD NUMBERS AM WORRIED ABOUT EXACTLY WHAT THEY WILL DO WITH THEM .. THERE IS NOT ALOT THESE SCAM ARTIST WON'T DO ... JUST HOW FAR WILL THEY GO . I WOULDNT PUT ANYTHING PAST THEM ...
I PERSONALLY AM GOING TO START A SITE FOR EVERYONE WHO HAS BEEN RIPPED OFF BY BLOOMEX.. IN THE MEAN TIME IF YOU NEED INFORMATION TO GET TO THE OFFICE DIRECT PLEASE EMAIL ME AT [protected] I will help any way I can .. I am also compiling a list of unsatisfied customers to send to the newspapers all over canada and the United States, and to the consumer relations board of each and every province in Canada, it might take me 1 month to do, maybe less maybe more ... But Like my Father who ran a successful business in Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver, for 40 years ... winners never quit QUITTERS NEVER WIN !!! He ran his business and Customers were always his firts priority ... right or wrong they were the bread and butter of his million dollar company .. thats how he succeeded, he didnt have to steal from people ...
Dimitri Lokhonia tried to bribe me to shut me up from letting people know .. here is his email :
to my best knowledge we paid you everything we owe you under contract. I am willing to stop this madness to pay whatever you think is fare: $1000, $5, 000?. Just name the amount, and we will do direct deposit to you account tomorrow morning,

again!!!here is another email from someone I wont say who ... Hi Yvonne I am so happy I read your comments with bloomex, I did a working interview with Bloomex Calgary and did not accept the position, now I await payment from Dimitri, he says he mailed the check last week, nothing has arrived yet I see on line the many, many complaints of this company and I can see how they need to clean up their act. How can I help you? THIS PERSON ALSO COULD KNOW DOUBT TELL YOU A FEW THINGS ... THE ONLY WAY THIS ### IS GONA CHANGE HIS TACTICS IS IF WE ALL KEEP LETTING EVERYONE KNOW ... WORD OF MOUTH .. THE BEST ADVERTISMENT OR IS IT THE WORST ...


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    Michelle Robitaille Nov 26, 2008
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    Verified customer

    Yvonne, it is very unfortunate that your disdain for your recent employer has resulted in you posting malicious, defamatory statements, to which you will be held accountable. We found it necessary to clarify some of your nonfactual remarks, so that your posts included with ours will reflect the correct information regarding Bloomex.

    1- PAY STRUCTURE AND BREAKS- Yes, you are not paid for breaks, or your lunch. HOWEVER, you signed a contract BEFORE commencing your employment, which stipulated ALL these conditions of employment. YOU agreed, no one forced your to sign the contract, you had the opportunity to decline the position once your read the terms, but you DID NOT.
    A) Breaks you did not take -the system records when you log on, make available, make busy and log off. You tried to claim break times on your pay, and you were caught. Consequently, you were not paid for it.
    B) Your incorrect email deduction- you are given a print out of the incorrect email you have been deducted for at each pay. You can verify for yourself that the emails are incorrect. You make it seem as though Bloomex just randomly picks a figure to deduct off your pay, which is incorrect- you get the list of incorrect emails for your own verification.
    C) As for SLAVERY -$10 per hour plus bonuses is a respectable pay considering you are working from home and not subjected to typical expenses such as gas, wear and tear on your vehicle, proper office attire, etc not to mention the convenience of not sitting in rush hour traffic, time traveling to and from work, office politics, etc.

    Perhaps the most ridiculous part of your posts is you claiming breaks are unpaid, you don't get paid to take a pee, you get deducted for incorrect emails (which is done to ensure quality and accurate work ethics), etc, which you knew about before and during your employment.

    2- THE INFAMOUS COMPUTER GLITCH- Angela sent the email to all operators, she stated there was a glitch, as it was easier to say glitch to operators, then to attempt to explain a system that they do not know, understand or even have access to. The "glitch" in which Angela referred to is not a "glitch", it's an adjustment of taxes from province to province. Depending on the province which places the order, it default's the tax increment to Alberta, and the tax amount is adjusted after the credit card information is entered, as it processes the correct province of origin's tax amount. So your defamatory statement of Bloomex "ripping off all orders" is false, you made this statement without even knowing the system. Of course, we felt it unnecessary to explain this to operators, as they do not have access to the administration system.

    3- PRIVACY POLICY AT BLOOMEX- We want to make this perfectly clear: WE AT BLOOMEX HAVE NEVER SOLD, LEASED, LOANED, GIVEN AWAY IN ANY FORM OR FASHION CREDIT CARD INFORMATION. Our system doesn't store credit card information, and Ms. Yvonne Belanger would NOT know this as she has never had access to the Administrative system. If, Ms. Belanger retained any personal customer information for her own gain or profit, she is violation of the contractual agreement she signed, and the Privacy Act.

    4- PERSONALLY ATTACKING OTHER EMPLOYEES- Your malicious, rude comments personally attacking other employees is completely uncalled for. Your immense hatred towards Megan and Angela is unwarranted and unfounded. Your comments are disrespectful, considering no one at Bloomex has ever personally attacked you or your character, you should consider exercising the same discipline.

    5- YOUR BEHAVIOR- Yvonne Belanger, you have malevolently and continuously harassed employees at Bloomex. You have repeatedly called our 1-800 number to tell operators they are ripping people off, and that they in turn will be ripped off. You, Yvonne have illegally placed orders with "fake" credit card information. You have retained Bloomex client emails, and sent them deceptive spiteful emails. You post fictitious "emails" from alleged employees and Dimitri, to which you cannot substantiate. You have obsessively posted your dishonest remarks repeatedly. You created this drama over purportedly being underpaid for 3 hours, to which was graciously pointed out to you as breaks, has spiraled into chaotic fabricated allegations and deceitful accusations. The most disturbing behavior is you have uttered death threats to both Angela and Dimitri, you have continuously called at harassed the office, all of your actions have resulted in the police being contacted.
    The police have advised you that we have had no other choice but to get a restraining order against you because of your unlawful and reckless behavior.

    6- CLAIMS REGARDING YOUR PAY- In regards to your claim for your pay, you are not owed any compensation, as you did not fulfill your contractual obligations which you agreed to abide by.

    We do wish you the best in future endeavors, however you will find it difficult to find employment if you continue to illicitly breach company privacy policies and contractual obligations.

    Michelle Robitaille
    Public Relations Manager
    Bloomex Inc.

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  • Jo
    Jo-Ann Apr 09, 2009

    With regards to my order, I have received notice from the recipient - Uxbridge receiver of the floral arrangement who tells me she was absolutely overwhelmed with the beautiful arrangement you prepared. I thank you so much. This was my first order with Bloomex and definitely not my last, your staff were extremely helpful, and courteous and the confirmation of delivery is very reassuring. Thank you again, Jo-Ann

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    JeffF Sep 21, 2009

    Bloomex is the WORST company EVER!!! Wow, I ordered flowers from them which were not delivered on the day stated and then they switched calla lilies with crappy lilies (but still charged me for calla lilies) and told me if i wanted to cancel my order it would be a $25 dollar cancellation fee?? They didn't even give me what I ordered!! I told them i didn't want them for the above reasons and that the person getting them would not even be around the following day. They still sent them?!!??!! So she came in on Monday, got a box, which consisted of dead flowers lying there, red ones, which she likes white calla lilies which is what I ordered!! I talked to some very rude, girl named, Megan (refused to provide last name) and after an argument she would give me back my money but that is it. Never once did I ever get an apology. Wow, WARN EVERY ONE you know about this rip off company!!

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