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Plus Complaints & Reviews / customer service order attempt

Jul 15, 2019

Tried to place order for my mother, Glenn Ann Spencer, 408 E Colfax Ave, Logansport, Ind, Age 90 and not able to hear at all on phone. She gave verbal permission over the phone for me to do the order. Person on other in of line insisted I do order in my name. I do not live with mother. Me... / return shipping charges

May 28, 2019

I recently ordered and received an order from Blair...#[protected]. One item which was pants in indigo blue did not match the catalog color... was significantly fact, I already had that color but didn't realized it was the same item. I called and spoke with a customer service... / chenille sweater

May 25, 2019

I purchased a blue chenille sweater from you RN81700 (there are several #'s). I am very easy with my clothes, have them for years - the few times that I have worn this sweater, there are numerous pulls in the yarn. It is to the point that I will not wear it any further - just purchased... / scandia woods suede loafer black & sw suade moccasin slippers buckskin

Mar 26, 2019

ordered shoes in good faith got them and they were the right size on tag but they had to be marked wrong because they were to short not my fault so i sent them back, blair charged me $15.33 for there mistake, so i want my money back. thank you Raymond L.McGarrity'; order#[protected] Idon.t... / mens casual shirt blackberry

Mar 25, 2019

To Whom this concerns, March 24th 2019 My husband has ordered many Irvin linen look xl shirts. We were so impressed with the quality and finishing of the shirt. My husband bought a different shirt, but it was not long enough. We sent back the shirt and noticed that there will be a charge for a... / checking out using paypal

Feb 05, 2019

I am so aggrevated. I am new to Blair. I have purchased some clothing and the quality, so far, is good. There is a huge problem when trying to checkout using Paypal. The Blair site connects with Paypal, I sign in and then Paypal returns me to Blair to complete checkout. That is where the... / light camisole

Oct 22, 2018

I am very disappointed and upset with Blair.I purchased Cami for special event on 10/7 and it took 2 weeks to arrive. The cami only weighs 4 oz and you charged $9.99 shipping. I thought your website said free shipping on any order. The Cami is the right size, but darker then pictured. The... / black sweatpants

Jan 24, 2018

My customer number is [protected] and I bought a pair of black sweat pants a month ago and the inside pilled off all over other clothes when I washed them. I can't get the little balls of lint off my other clothes. I don't still have the catalog so I don't know the number. You can look at... / totes storm jacket

Oct 14, 2017

Item#b09004 Order# [protected] order date: 9/29/17 customer#: [protected] 'The final price on screen when ordering was -0- The confirmation shows a final price of $27.99. I recall having a $30.00 voucher or gift card plus other discounts, which to my surprise, ended with a zero payment... / wrangler denim jacket

Sep 07, 2017

Blair.comWhat a disappointment. The jacket we ordered, SKU .. BLB09185; CWD SKU Bo0185 K470 1 fits, but my husband is totally unable to button the jacket as the button holes have no flexibility. Because the jacket cannot be buttoned by him we are going to need to return it. I also attempted to... / scammers

Aug 29, 2017

I ordered items a week ago. They confirmed it but put a wrong address that was written in the right way, I'm sure of it. I immediately replied asking to correct the mistake but they refused saying the order had been shipped. Though how could it be shipped so fast? Plus the information in... / blair ro

Jun 17, 2017

I have purchase Blair Ro from Snapdeal in April this year. The pre filter of that Ro was no working properly, for that I contacted your concerned Customer Care person whose contact was given on Snapdeal. Despite of making regular follow up and calls, the same has still not been replaced. It...

Blair Clothing / unauthorized charges to my credit card

Jan 31, 2017

I had been buying clothes from Blair and they said I was a VIP and would give me a discount. It was NEVER clear that this was not a one time discount. I never authorized them to charge my credit card $14.97 a month. They did this for 16 months before I caught it. I had been buying clothe...

Blair / customer service

Sep 12, 2016

My negative experience with Blair started with an email confirmation from them for an order I had never placed. It turns out my elderly mother had placed an order over the phone on a Saturday afternoon, and she did not give them an email address as she does not do email. Somehow, on their...

Blair / did not get my order!

Jun 22, 2016

I have made a big order and when I ordered everything was in stock. On the estimated delivery date nothing arrived so I contacted Blair and asked about my order. Only then I found out that my order was not even shipped. They said that many items that I have ordered were not in stock. Then...

Blair / shipping and poor customer service

Nov 09, 2015

Blair offers free shipping promotion and states orders are processed usually in one business day. This is misleading. Blair may process the order quickly in order to receive their payment then claims the order is shipped shortly thereafter. Blair's standard procedure is the order i...

Blair / summary of charges with no merit

Sep 30, 2015

I am writing to complain about fraudulent charges Blair continues to mail since 2011. Many attempts to complain, continue to receive calls, receiving mail and now correspondence from a collection agency for charges and or merchandise never purchased and or orders. We have requested... / return charges

Aug 28, 2015

Bought one thing from these peope, a blouse for $24.00 cost me $34 with shipping and tax. Returned on August 7th . expected to owe $9.99 because I used thier label. They did not post it to my account until the day after my payment was due on thier card. charged me $20 late fee, $credit of...

Blair / customer service

Aug 05, 2014

This company's ethics are ABOMINABLE. I returned two items from a multi-item order. I called them on 7/28 and determined they received the goods on 7/8. Then, weeks later, I got an email saying the returned items were received TODAY, and lo and behold, a 9.99 service fee for the...

Blairs Catalog / unauthorized $14.95 mthly charge

Apr 13, 2013

Blair's has been charging me $14.95 for 6 months for some kind of service I did not authorize. I am disputing it. Will I have any luck or is this my lost cause?

Blair / refund never received


I ordered clothing from blair on october 13th, 2012 r returned to blair on october 18th, 2012, they received per my receipt on october 20th, 2012. I still have not received my refund of 154.00, have notified my bank that to not pay any money out to blair for any reason and showed them the...

Blair / magazine scam


When you place an order for a product from Blair they PUSH magazines with a promise of $25.00 off your order and that the magazine companies will not continue to send magazines after 3 months unless you renew. I told someone at Blair a year ago that I was still getting magazines that I did...

Blair Clothing Company / barred from ordering


If you ever question any thing Blairs does, they will black ball you from ordering. I ordered a pair of velour pants and they decided they did not want me to have them so they cancelled my order and did not let me know so I ask them what was going on because they had applied this to my...

Blair / unwanted subscription to junk jewelry


My 85-year-old mother, a regular Blair customer, received a mailing from Blair telling her that, because she is such a good customer, they wanted to send her a free gift. All she had to do was tell them her ring size, which she did. What she didn't realize was that she was enrolled in...

Blair Clothing / deceptive advertising


I received a mailing from Blair with a $30.00 gift voucher. It stated that it applied to any item from this mailing. It expired in Jan., 2011. I phoned in an order to redeem the voucher and they did not acknowledge it--they said it meant they would send me a gift that they claim was worth...

Blair / ripping consumers off


I'm a new customer to Blair, never ordered anything from them before until just recently. I ordered 2 women's shirts, and was charged shipping which is understandable. My total for the two shirts was right around $32.00. Plus the shipping. Which came to about $41 total. I...

Blair / credit card charges


I've seen many complaints about Blair charges on credit cards for Blair RWD. I too, just now found it after 18 months!! My husband pays the credit cad bills and never noticed it. I called Blair and they were going to refund 2 months. I said that wasn't enough and they are going...

Blair / unauthorizedmonthly charges


Thursday, May 27, 2010 I just finished speaking with my credit card represenatives about fraudulent charges on our credit card from Blair amounting to $14.95 a month for five months. My husband takes care of the bills so I was unaware of the charges until today when I reviewed our credit...

Blair / finance charges/late fees connected to holsted jewelery


Jewelery charged to my mother-in-laws Blair account and we have been fighting it for 4 months to get all charges cleared. Everytime I call for her (with her being present) they tell me the next statement will be zero. She DID NOT order any jewelery and sent BOTH peices back. They are now... / scam - $14.95 charges to cc


I ordered something from Blair in August 2009, and they automatically enrolled me in a "marketing rewards" program, and I was charged $14.95 per month for 5 months. I called Blair and challenged this scam, and referenced the many complaints I read on the internet about this particular...

Blair / inferior products


I bought 6 pairs of Full Elastic Waist Band Jeans. Complete trash. The first pair I wore developed a small rip where the rear pockets were attached to the jeans. I wrote that off as a fluke. Unfortunately the next pair had the same problem after being worn once but ripped out completely...

Blair / bill


my name is terry tattersley, i have a major complaint about a bill i keep recieveing. for something i have not recieved or ordered. i've been a good customer for years. if you check your records you will see that i paid my bill in full at all times for everything i've ordered...

Blair / stealing money from my credit card


Blair is stealing money from good, loyal and faithful customers by enrolling them in this scam called "Rewards" and then starting to take money from their accounts every month. I consider what they are doing fraud and, luckily, I have attorneys in my family to go after them. If my $1.95 i...

Blair / unauthorized charges


I continue to receive a $14.95 unauthorized charge on my account each month. I've contacted Blair numerous times. Each time I contact them they tell me I have to call xyz company & cancel the charge. I advised Blair I didn't authoirize this charge & it should not be my...

Blair / $14.95 membership fee


I found another $14.95 charge on my credit card from Blair and knew I hadn't ordered anything this month. They scammed me with some click here agreement to get awards. It's an award to them to agree to this. I was very happy with my order, and was prepared to purchase future item...

Blair/continuity Jewelry / non receipt and billing issues


Harrassing phone calls from World Financial Capital Bank for jewelry not received and one empty box which the local postmaster wrote on the invoice, stamped it and sent it back to them. I have made over 10 phone calls to get this corrected but no one seems to communicate within the other...

Blair / get refund for blair rewards


If you unwittingly got suckered into Blair Rewards like I did, call Encore Marketing at [protected]. Their info says they can be reached at this number Mon-Fri from 9:00am-9:00pm ET (that's from 6:00am-6:00pm if you live on the West Coast). I called them today at about 11:30am from California...

Blair / blair rewards scam


The same thing happened to me. I don't know how, but I was enrolled in something called "Blair Rewards." Today I called Encore Marketing at [protected], the company that runs this scam and spoke to someone named Diane. She was very friendly and helpful and honored my request to be disenrolled... / $14.95 unsolicited charge


I signed up for Blair Rewards under the impression it was a promotion offering discounts to regular, loyal customers. Instead I find a charge to me for "Blair Rewards" along with a membership card on the back of a magazine. And now, apparently from "out of the blue" I find a charge of... / false tracking numbers, billed for items not received


Placed order December 2008. Three days after the order was placed, I received an email with tracking numbers. After the tracking numbers failed, I tried to call several times but the system says "due to high call volume, we are unable to take your call at this time, please try your call...