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I origionally ordered Stem Cell Face Cream back in January 2011. The company was supposed to charge me $49.95 plus s&h. I was to get 1 jar of stem cell therapy cream plus a free jar. The sent me this but also sent with it a third jar (which I never ordered) and charged me a total of $104.00 plus change. Now, as of 3/14/2011 in checking my bank statement, they have charged me again for $34.00 plus change for product I did not order much less want. i have called the company multiple times to no avail. The message states that all service representatives are busy or that the office has closed. I can't get through on there e-mail either. My bank says they can't block the charge and can only intervene once the charge is processed. I finally did get through to a person on the ordering line (Amy) who could not help me but did take down the above information with my phone number and I was told that I would receive a call in 1-2 days. I have not received any phone call. I can't get my money back because I can't get through to anyone who will help me at this company.
has anyone had luck with getting there money back or getting the company to stop charging your account for product not ordered?

Port St Lucie, US
Dec 19, 2011 7:18 pm EST

For the people who cannot stop the company from debiting money from the account, simple solution is tho CLOSE THE ACCOUNT and reopen another account or change banks if this is a problem. If your credit card is being charged every month, close the account and ask for another account number. Problem soved.

Chesterfield, US
Nov 15, 2011 7:22 pm EST

Wow, thanks for the info guys! this is extremely helpful as I was considering purchasing this. You should all keep in touch with each other and create a lawsuit together. I'm sure if you get enough people together you would have quite a case. Don't wait for the lawyers to come to you! You guys should get together and go to them!

, US
Nov 11, 2011 8:24 pm EST

This sounds like a case of consumer fraud. Write Consumer Response Center, 600 Pennsylvania Ave, NW, Washington DC 20580. Website:
Or look up Federal Trade Commission. Also National Fraud Information Center accepts consumer complaints. Write: National Consumers League, Fraud Information Center, PO Box 65868, Washington DC 20035 Tel: [protected] Or check out website:
If more people complained to the right places, it would not be so easy for consumer companies to get away with deceptive advertising and outright consumer theft.

I have never, ever NOT had fast and effective results & issues resolved by doing this when I have had a major complaint against consumer companies and even the gas and telephone companies in two different states over the years: write a letter to the Federal Consumer Trade Commission/Consumer Response Center & copy the letter to the National Consumers League AND to the CEO of the consumer company and to as many top executives as you can find. Don't waste your time on underpaid customer service staff people who don't have the authority to do anything anyway; supervisors are trained to evade and eschew for so long as they can, not resolve issues.

You can find names & addresses of business administrators of companies on the Internet -- or in the public library.
Make sure to put at the top of the letter (not the bottom) a list of all people copied to & highlight each name in yellow to whom the copy is sent. That way the CEO & execs will see first thing before even reading the letter all who got a copy of the letter as well as the federal consumer fraud departments. Believe me, you will get responses very quickly.

Forget Better Business Bureau. Consumer companies laugh at consumer threats to file complaint with BBB. BBB does nothing. Just makes a list of companies with complaints against them after putting you through hoops of paperwork. Big deal. Totally ineffective.

For the banks that won't block automatic charges or withdrawals from accounts . . . send copy of the letter to the president of the bank too and make sure you mention the bank's name in the letter.

Do not send letters via e-mail. E-mail is only good for sending political bashing letters and to what avail? None, right? Good old-fashioned paper letter sent snail mail that cannot be so easily vanished into cyberspace with press of a key.

Make sure you keep a copy for yourself in a folder to collect the responses. This is like broadcasting the company's bad business practices in the places they certainly do not want to be exposed. The bank president (the teller can care less) certainly won't want to be aiding and abetting consumer fraud.

Actually...the product's ineffectiveness is not the issue. The legal issue is the business' unscrupulous billing process. As for the product being just one more good idea among millions of good ideas being sold, which are just that, good ideas that don't work in practical application . . . well, that's why we do our research on the Internet and elsewhere before buying . . . how I happened by here.

People need to learn how to use federal government consumer help available to them.
You don't need a lawyer.

Good luck.


michele white
buchanan, US
Sep 28, 2011 7:00 am EDT

Fook them. It does not work, I have had $768.00 taken out of my check account so far. This is a SCAM. The BBB says they are investigating but I had to close my checking acct. and open another one to stop them. Please someone start a class action suit. I am in. I am going to a lawyer next week to try to file a suit myself.

Cleveland, US
Jul 31, 2011 8:21 pm EDT


, US
Jul 25, 2011 5:57 pm EDT

Yep same here they will not answer phone calls they keep charging my bank account and the cream DOES NOT WORK

Cortland, US
May 03, 2011 1:47 am EDT

Same for me. I only ordered 1 jar, but it automatically came with a second jar. Now it has been 1 month & I received another jar without giving authorization for the purchase OR to use put it on my credit card. All my phone calls were to no avail. Any lawyers out there interested in handling a class-action suit? It looks like we have quite a few here who would be interested in this case.

jean cruse
Hoyt, US
Apr 26, 2011 6:10 am EDT

the man (doctor) based his reputation on the product. i'll bet he's hiding somewhere right not. same tv one, get one free but i thought the original price to be pretty steep. cause when you sign up for regular monthly deliveries, the price goes down. so i too have a negative report regarding this product. it does not work. it does not work. it does not work. i will complain to better business bureau and also call the 800 number on the 1 oz jar [protected] stem cell therapy by biologic net wt 1 oz (28g)

New York, US
Apr 16, 2011 8:40 pm EDT

As an executive of a REAL Stem Cell Research concern, it is no surprise that this cream is not effective AT ALL. Any therapy should have the approval of the FDA, EMEA or a reputable organization. The International Society of Stem Cell Research (ISSCR) and the Alliance for Regenerative Medicine are also good sources to communicate to regarding false claims regarding stem cell technologies.

Unfortunately. cosmeceuticals can bypass the regulatory process. As for the goverment shutting them down, it is an arduous process and claims can be misleading. The best way to stop these companies is doing the homework and NOT BUYING THE PRODUCT.

justicefor all
Dallas, US
Apr 05, 2011 4:01 pm EDT

Obviousely, the cream does not work. Also, they sent me another jar and charged me $34.90 without my approval. I tried to call the company for two hours but all lines were busy, so basically it is a scam. I do not understand why the government does not shut down these companies and charge them for a fruad.

Hesperia, US
Apr 04, 2011 8:26 pm EDT
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I'm having the same difficulties. I only ordered for the 30-day trial that came with the free thing I knew $34.90 came out of my account automatically. No where in the online site did it state it would be an ongoing debit and shiptment of product. I am sending them a letter to cancel my account. If they continue to bill my account I will be going to the Better Business Bureau, as they have helped me in the past. But you first have to exhaust trying to work it out with the company. I'm afraid they will send and bill for another shipment and if I just return it they will not refund my money. This is clearly a bad company to deal with. Not to mention their product - after using it for almost 3 months - does not deliver any noticiable results. :(

Jackson, US
Mar 20, 2011 10:07 pm EDT

you should get in touch in the better bussiness bureau as soon as possible. they can do an investigation and maybe get your money back

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