Bharti Airtelinternational roaming - charged more for no service

T Sep 04, 2018

I have taken an International Roaming service from Airtel when i moved to UK for 2 months for a business travel. I have taken the 3999 IR pack, this pack gave me 500 free outgoing calls and unlimited incoming calls.

However, after using it for the first three weeks, my international roaming got deactivated saying i reached the limit. I called the customer care multiple times and told them that my usage limits are still within the range of my pack and i have not exceeded. They did not understand and help during that period and have billed me for the whole month, immediately after repeated calling and mailing, they extended my limit and reactivated my IR on my number. But within a week it got disconnected again.

Airtel, has the most stupid roaming software. They keep charging you for the incoming and outgoing at the normal rates and they nullify when the billing is one, so you are subjected to constant disconnections throughout. For eaxmple an incmin call for a minute is charged at 2000 INR, and as you get 10 incoming calls your bill reached 20000 INR and they disconnect. When the billing cycle comes they again remove all these and give you the correct bill.

Now, although i have disconnected my IR roaming on 17th August because the customer care is not responding to my request and are not settling this dispute. The airtel again charged me 3999 because i i was in the bill plan for a day extra.

1. They have charged excess on my bill.
2. They did not care to resolve the issue on time and reactivate my IR.
3. There is no proper response chain from Airtel to resolve this issue.

I would want my bill to be corrected and proper compensation to be paid for the inconvenience that the netwrok has caused to me, my safety and my business during the troubled period

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