Bharat Petroleum Corporation [BPCL]less petrol and high rate

During this may 2019 month, I have filled two times petrol at jamwanthali bpcl petrol pump-361130, both time rate was 72 rs +.

I have checked this rate in city of jamnagar and rajkot, also private petrol pump, but all have rate below 70 rs per litre.

Second when you filled the 100 rs petrol, it looks like only 80 rs quantity has been filled and displayed 100 rs., because bike cuts the average 10-11 km both times...

So I request higher authority to take strick step against wrong doer. This would be happen to all customers but in village nobody cares.

Take this very very sincerely and take steps immediately.

So please check higher authority and take

May 23, 2019

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