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betway is fraud.the 30000 which i have won in betway hasn't been paid and they have blocked my account as well.

( i had won a 30000 blackjack bonus for getting a 777 which never got paid.instead they have blocked my account so that i can't have a prof.but i taken a screenahot which is attached so that i have a order to supress the data they have block my account.

2) they customer service agent had made a fragility statement that 1000 is send to my account whereas i can see no such transaction has taken place.

3) they had denied me a cash out option where i had won cracking cashier bet of more than 7000.its attached in the email.

Its completely a fraud site.request to blacklist it.

Betway Group
Betway Group
Betway Group
Betway Group

Oct 08, 2019

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