Bethea Jennercan't get an access to order with my credit card


I tried more than four times to order The Buddah home protector with my Master Card ( Debit Card [protected] ) for some reason it wouldn't let do it. HELP please ASAP. Thanks!


  • Ed
    Eddie Sep 23, 2008

    Don't bother if you're ordering from BetheaJenner company as even the product arrives, you'll probably be charged for it a hundred times over. They take money out of people's accounts illegally.

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  • Ge
    Geraldine Anderson May 08, 2009

    If you want to order anything from Bethea, here is the phone number, and address. I have talked to customer service at this number. You can even order her products by sending a money order, if you feel uncomfortable using your card. (Why would you publicize your credit card like this)? I was skeptical at first, but Bethea provided me with a number, and it is a legitimate business, and money back guarantee. To order by credit or debit card, will take your order 5-10 business working days to get to you; by money order... well I sent for an order Monday of this week (5/3/09) and still is waiting for it to get here. Here is the information for anyone who needs customer service:
    1-203-672-0089. Here is the address to order by M.O.; also indicate what you want, and your e-mail along with it.
    Address to: Bethea Jenner, 167 Cherry St.; PMB292, Milford CT., 06460. Hope this helps.

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  • Pa
    Paul Boretski Jul 26, 2009

    Take it as a sign not to buy Bethea Jenner's products. These people pray on the sad and vulnerable. Change does not come from without, only from within. These so called prophets of your future are the parasites of society and have existed from the beginning of civilization. You are in control of your own destiny. A person with real psychic ability has much more respect for the gift and has a deep understanding regarding responsibility involved. Psychic ability is not a carnival to be paraded in front of the public for profit. True psychics will attest to that. The so called "Psychics" give the real deal a bad name.
    Be well and be your own driver in life

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  • Mz
    MzMeadows Jan 25, 2011

    How do you feel when you buy something new at the store to wear? or get ur hair done? Bethea is as valid a store as any other. I walk into places that sell what she sells. Is that wrong too? I go to San Francisco Wharf and buy trinkets that people sell along the street. Is that bad? nope.

    Just My Opinion.

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