Bestcanvasdark, out of focus acrylic photo

Ml Jul 13, 2019

our order USA99901192025
Jun 24, 2019 16:53:29 PDT
Transaction ID: 37641001NP564133S
You sent a payment of $46.97 USD to Bestcanvas Inc.

Our picture arrived today. perhaps it would be better suited to a smaller size, The original picture is not nearly as dark either. I wouls like an exchange or refund. . I have attached an alternative picture (mike mary)if you feel the problem was with the original photo (focus, lighting) please advise

order number USA99901192025

Dear Mike L,

Thank you for your message.

We regret that you are not satisfied with the delivered product.

I would like an 8 by 8, on canvas, of the following picture. as your gesture of goodwill. I would be happy to mail you back the original, on acrylic if you would be kind enough to send me a shipping label, Thank you

After careful consideration of your complaint by our graphics department and consultation with the production manager, we have concluded that the item you received corresponds to the data you uploaded to our website.

Quality: Our system will automatically show you all possible print formats relevant to your uploaded image data (according to pixels, but not the quality). We print the products with the resolution of 72-300dpi. In order to ensure the satisfying quality, we suggest uploading a picture with 75-150dpi and in order to ensure the highest quality possible, we suggest uploading a picture with 150-300dpi.

Sharpness: Please note that the application of paint on the canvas for prints on glossy photo paper is higher. This means that due to the structure of the canvas more colour has to be applied to guarantee reasonable ink coverage. Inevitably some details, especially in dark areas, will be lost. Also the application of paint is additionally higher to ensure a much better brilliance of colours.

Please note that the system can not recognize blurred image data and heavy pixel resolution due to artificially high resolution and this can result in poor print quality (no reason for complaint in such cases).

Due to the automated production process, we can not check your print data beforehand, since it is being automatically transferred during the order process to our server and launched into production. Your item will be produced exactly the same way you uploaded it to our website.

Therefore, there is no ground for complaint. We thank you for your understanding in this particular case.

As a gesture of goodwill, we would like to offer you an alternative solution: either a new print (free of charge, for example, with the different border effect or different image) or a 75% voucher* for your future purchase. Kindly inform us which option you prefer, so that we could provide you with further information.

*The voucher is not time-limited and refers to the whole shopping cart (excluding shipment), not only to certain products or formats. The voucher is not valid for photo books and photo calendars and cannot be combined with other vouchers or discount offers.

Kind regards

Marlen Terry

I would like an 8 by 8, on canvas, of the following picture. as your gesture of goodwill. I would be happy to mail you back the original, on acrylic if you would be kind enough to send me a shipping label, Thank you

Dear Mike L,

Thank you for your message

Unfortunately we are not able to process the reprint for a different item and size. We can process a refund for you and you can place a new order.

There is no need to send the package back to us.
Instead, we kindly ask you to take a sharp object and to make a cut through the canvas, blanket or other photo gift product. If you cannot make a cut through your item (such as with a mug, acrylic, metal prints or phone case), please destroy it in any other form like using a permanent marker to scribble on the item (enough to deem it unusable) or scratch the surface with a sharp object.

So that we can validate the refund, please take a picture of the destroyed canvas and send it to us, as an email attachment.
Kind regards

Marlen Terry

If the product you sent to me were "usable" I would have never asked for my money back, or a replacement. This is not what i do for a living/ I have good job. I have enough money to pay 47 dollars for a print of a picture that holds meaning for me. I am not trying to cheat you. Quite the reverse i think. Attached is a photo, on your left you will see a photo from a "professional " company, that they claim is "fine" for 47 dollars. on your right you will see a picture same size not changed in any way from the original printed through my 30$ printer for 47 cents. Return My money, and I "may"not call the BBB and post this all over pinterst, facebook, and twitter. You have had two opportunities to do the right thing. You will not get a third. Good Day.

As a post script. I read many BBB complaints that stated that, after their picture /canvas /acrylic was destroyed, and there was no response from your company. I have a BBB complaint pending. I see you are at almost 100 this year. You may want to adopt a new customer service policy, and refine how you do quality checks. Perhaps let your customer know if the print will not work on a certain format, and allow them to choose another format before printing, BBB F ratins can not be good for business.


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