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Best Buy Geek Squadgeek squad needs help — badly!

Best Buy offers to "optimize" laptops/netbooks to make them run faster. Supposedly the optimization takes 30 minues. I bought a netbook a couple of weeks ago at Best Buy and have tried twice to get the optimization. I still don't have an optimized computer.

The first time I went in for optimizaton, I was told my battery didn't have enough power and they couldn't do the optimization since they didn't have a power cord. Okay... So why doesn't a computer repair service have the power cords for at least the computers their own store sells??? Since nobody told me to bring my own power cord for the optimization, I didn't bother to take it with me. After all, one of the main reasons you get a netbook is its lightness compared to a laptop. Why would you want to weigh yourself down with accessories you're not likely to need for the task at hand?

The second time I tried to get the netbook optimized, I was told to leave it for an hour after paying the $40 fee. While I was gone, I got a call on my cell phone from the geek squad saying they needed another hour because their one external drive was being used by another technician. And, of course, the person I talked to before this last unsuccessful attempt to get the optimization didn't tell me I needed to bring my own external drive for the optimization. Okay... So, why doesn't a computer repair store have more than one external DVD/CD-ROM drive anyway???

Unwilling to hang around for another hour because I had an appointment on the other side of town and didn't want to drive home, back to the store, and then back home later, I retrieved my computer and got a refund for the optimization that never occurred. Before leaving, I complained to the geek squad supervisor. He told me they used to have more than one external drive but that the other one "had gone out." Okay... So what kind of computer repair store depends on a single one of the most common pieces of equipment in modern computing??? And what kind of computer repair store can't repair or replace its own equipment???

Hey, Best Buy, take a page out of the Apple Store play book. They know how to run an efficient onsite repair service, which is something you seem to need a whole lot of help doing. Be assured that I'll never waste my time trying to get service from your geek squad again.


  • Ge
    geekscam Dec 19, 2014

    did you bring a computer to Best Buy (or its “Geek Squad”) to have the data on that computer transferred to another computer/drive, and ultimately were told that the old computer drive was corrupt (or some such), so that if you wanted the data transferred the old drive would have to be sent to another location for more in-depth/complex work and it would cost more than you were originally told.

    If you would like to recover your losses please contact law firm at 800.511.7037 or email at [email protected]

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  • Sk
    Skolky Dec 01, 2011
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    Verified customer

    on [protected] i went to best buy/ G SQUAD to service my computer because a virus erase all the data in my computer and within erase two book that took me a year to write the recommend me to do a data recovery level one with a cost of $249.99 at the store to recovery my documents but they did not have success and then they refer me to a third party i left my computer and they shipped to the third party they contact me by phone and offer me a data recovery level two they did a data recovery an sent me an email with the approximate cost of $499 to $658 + tax.

    I accept but my expectancy fails and the recovery where a whole bunch of codes blank pages and many different formats that no one could ever see the data they sent the computer back to the third party to check the computer and the external hard drive but they came up with a level tree solution and $1000.00 down payment with it i accept because i really like to recovery my documents they did a data recovery level tree and sent my computer back but this time the computer did not work anymore the external hard driver never show up any recovery data until still not showing any and they had $1700.00 on their pocket i contact the local office of G Squad At Best Buy for resolution.

    They contact the third party the third party send me and email apologizing for the job performance because they discovery that they make a mistake this is what they wrote on the email NOTE) We made a mistake with charging you for your recovery. Your recovery came back as a level 2 and not a level 3. This means we owe you a refund. You will be refunded the entire $350 remaining payment you made as well as $750 from the $1000 lab fee. In order to do this we simply have to have you confirm the refunds with our billing department.

    They return my money back to my account at Chase but when i receive the external hard drive the problem continue no pages show up when we open the pages was in blank and the external hard drive show a lot of system files most of the files were corrupted or damages a BIG SCAM a return my hard drive to the store Best Buy 504 to get my complete refund but did not refund my money CONCLUSION i have been charge hundreds of dollars to get my data recovery, they trash my computer damaging the hard drive, nothing show up on my hard drive a this point after 5 month later and on top of it the have not return my money.

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  • Za
    Zamiel_C Jan 30, 2011

    Why would you want this scam service in the first place? Best Buy's "optimization" isn't worth it, and has been known to SCREW UP computers more than helping them. I just bought a netbook and because they didn't have any in stock that weren't already optimized, I was stuck taking an optimized netbook from them (although I didn't have to pay for the optimization, at least). When I got it home, I found that they had deleted the good Trend Micro Antivirus (the brand I've used for years, which comes with most ASUS computers) and instead had installed Webroot, which bogged down the Netbook. They had logged me in (thus robbing me of the "new computer first time" experience, where Windows welcomes you and asks you to log in) and they changed all sorts of basic settings that I tend to tweak myself (and they did it WRONG in half of those cases).

    Worst of all, they deleted ESSENTIAL ASUS DRIVERS AND FILES. They removed the ASUS keyboard driver for some reason, thus causing all the system's special switches and keystrokes (Fn+F1, WiFi switch, etc.) to cease functioning. They deleted the ASUS power management "Super Hybrid Engine" which allows ASUS netbooks to dynamically control power settings so the battery lasts longer. They even disabled my ability to enter into ExpressGate, the ASUS fast-boot LINUX-based operating system that's built into all their systems. The did make sure to include their own Best Buy application, though, so I could use their portal to buy more Best Buy stuff! How nice of them, huh?

    The end result was that the computer was slow, didn't have all the advertised ASUS functions, had malfunctioning switches and keys, wasn't properly personalized for MY needs, and had Best Buy bloatware/adware installed on it. WHAT A BARGAIN!

    This is "optimization"? They screwed up my PC before I ever got my hands on it. I don't even know what might have been missing from the opened box!

    As it stood, I had to spend three hours restoring the system to factory settings and loading Windows updates again just to get everything working the way it was supposed to. If it weren't for the Eee PC's restore partition, I'd have been stuck with a crippled, damaged PC, thanks to Best Buy's inept screwing around with it.

    Geek Squad is the McDonald's of PC repair. Don't go to them if you have any sense.

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  • Oa
    oakcreek2001 Jun 22, 2010

    Took my laptop into Best Buys, Geek Squad facility to find out why I could not connect to the wireless internet at my home. They kept the laptop 2 days and told me it was fixed. I had prepaid 199.00 for their service. Internet connection worked IN THE STORE with Best Buys wireless. Got the laptop home and was unable to connect to the internet. Frustrated, I called to let them know that the laptop was not fixed. I spoke with Erin. She said bring it back. I went back to the store the next day, Erin would not talk to me she talked to the sales clerk only. The clerk gave me the "party line"...'it works in the store, so it is fixed'... I said I cannot work at Best Buy, I need to work at home. Long story short, I asked repeatedly for my money back or at least the $130.00 for the non-service, they refused. Michelle, another manager, finally came over and offered me a booster for the laptop. I took and left the store unhappy. I am totally dissatisfied with Geek Squad and will not use their service ever again. I am still unable to access the wireless internet inside my home.

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  • Gn
    gnarkill5821 Oct 05, 2009


    It's always first come first serve.

    If you were a "more important" customer who's actually dropping some real money for a service they would have no problems pushing your PC and equipment to the front of the queue or opening up new equipment on the floor to accomplish the task more quickly.

    ^That shouldn't happen. For an optimization on a netbook (USE A FLASH DRIVE)... we all know cd's/dvd's are a thing of the past. That just seems silly that an agent gave you an excuse about the 1 drive.

    Every computer manufacturer does have different A/C adapters. And on top of that they all have a million different series' which all have a million models. Netbooks have a lower voltage A/C adaptor than most standard laptops. So precincts don't carry those adapters or universal adaptors for them.

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  • Dr
    Drahkar Aug 13, 2009

    You are being given a best case scenario as far as time goes for an optimization. You have to understand that you aren't the only person being serviced and there is a limited amount of space for computers to be worked on. It's not uncommon for 50+ computers to need servicing at once even at the smaller locations. As far as power cords go - It's fairly common sense to bring your own, do you really think they'd just have 20 or more cords hanging around just so you can be lazy? You have a cord, bring it. It's *your* responsibility to bring all appropriate equipment for the servicing.

    The external drive problem is kind of silly since they sell those in store, if they really need one they can just open one up, but also understand that you're only paying $40. If you were a "more important" customer who's actually dropping some real money for a service they would have no problems pushing your PC and equipment to the front of the queue or opening up new equipment on the floor to accomplish the task more quickly.

    Also optimizations include windows updates which if you haven't been keeping up on can take an hour or more by themselves.

    A little common sense and patience could have easily made your experience better. If you have an appointment somewhere else - leave the computer there and pick it up later. If you don't want to bring your power cord - make sure your battery is charged. If you wanted to make sure it gets done - bring *all* the equipment that may be needed. They'll send you back home with whatever they don't need, it's not that inconvenient, and could very well speed up the process.

    Both sides are at fault here. They shouldn't give a time quote unless they can get it out in that amount of time and you should have been more prepared.

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  • Da
    daoshao Jul 06, 2009

    -Try a different best buy store.

    -Almost every laptop manufacturer has a different style power cord.

    -Ask next time what you'll need to bring in with the laptop.

    -Why didn't you just leave it overnight?

    -Most geek squad places are overwhelmed with pc repairs. You just have to be patient.

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  • Ho
    HOPE101 Apr 02, 2009

    Right now there is a huge issue in the Geek Squad. I was actually warned to stay away from Best Buy because of their lack of concern in doing the job right. I should have listened.
    What happened to me personally is beyond anything I could have believed unless I went through it. Here it is, ...
    I took my computer to best buy to get a wireless pic lan card installed. The geek squad guy said it would be 50.00 and then when I got there he said it was $80.00. So when I told him the difference he changed the price to $50.00. The next day I picked up the computer and the wireless card did not work nor did the router they told me to purchase, $39.00. I then tried everything to get this to work and nothing. So I had to call best buy and they refused to tell me anything and told me that the reason it would not function is because the wireless pic lan card had to be configured to operate correctly they told me that this was only possible if they came out and charged me an in home service fee.
    I was angry about this because it was never mentioned to me that this was a requirement of having a pic wireless lan card installed. So I ended up having to bring my computer back into the best buy geek squad which was not a good thing but I did not know what else to do. So I had talked to the manager of the Geek squad and he said to bring it in to test it. I was told it would take about an hour. The manager told me he would place the info in my file and other techs world see it and know what to do.
    So I drop off my computer and 3 days later no one has called me back.
    I contact the Geek squad and asked them why no one has called me and they told be they were running a diagnostic, which shows nothing in error that they did, of course. So I told them what the manager said to me and none of that info was in the notes of my file and the manager had went on vacation a day after he told me to bring in my computer.
    So now I am so upset I take my computer home and call the company that made the pic wireless lan card to ask them what to do. One of their tech support walks me through the process of testing their card and it is found that the drivers were not installed with the pic wireless lan card. It was not recieving a signal because the Geek squad put the hardware in and nothing else. The computer did not recognise the added hardware. I contact the corporate portion of the Geek squad which had "agents" speak to me about this issue. All they did was work to cover themselves while leaving me looking like the one who was at fault. I was on the phone with best buy and the Geek squad for several days, ... more than 4 hours total.
    The Store Best Buy and their Geek Squad are only looking to cover their people in wrong doing at the full cost of the customer. I actually had to take the computer to another best buy in order to get information that proved that the first Geek squad was in error. They told me that there was no way that the Geek squad in the other location did the right thing and in saying that I thought I could trust them.
    I left my computer there and then when I picked cit up they said that there was a hard drive problem and that was why their pic wireless lan card did not work. So I contacted the corporate office again (4th time) and they refused to give me a refund for the lan card or the router because it was a problem with my computer, not their service or their agents. I forgot to mention that when I talked to their Geek squad agent in their corporate office they spoke extra loud and tried to drown out my statements when they did not agree with what I said about something being very wrong in their Geek squad. Every word out of the mouth of this agent was in a means to say that I as a customer was wrong and their Geek squad was right. I believe the reason they did this was to make sure in the midst of failing companies they would cover their company at the expense of the customer, and to cover their jobs.
    I have since cancelled my credit card and account with Best Buy. I will never purchase from this company again because they were willing to steal from me to cover themselves while knowing that their employees are doing wrong.

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