Bershkacustomer service in store and payment issues

Good morning
My daughter and I were shopping in Bershka, La Canada, Marbella on Monday October 7th.
My daughter tried to pay for her one item and her card was declined... there was no issue with the card and the money was taken from her bank account... we showed this to the girl on the till and she called the manager. The manager was so unhelpful and incredible rude. She said if our machine shows declined then it hasn't gone through... even though she could clearly see from our banking app the money had been taken. My daughter tried to pay again with another card and it was declined again... again no issue with her card or bank but still declined. I then paid with my card.. and surprise surprise it was declined!! Clearly an issue with the machine at that time... they then tried another machine with the same initial card and the payment was finally accepted... The manager was incredibly unprofessional... it was clearly an issue with their system and not our cards... she kept saying (in a very loud voice so the whole queue could hear)... it's not our fault your bank is declining your payment!!! And we quietly tried to say to her... there is no issue with our cards!! And she did not accept it when we showed her that the money had left our bank even though the machine showed our payment as declined!! The whole incident was very embarrassing. I told her we needed proof for our bank that the money taken from our account needing refunding and she said she could do nothing and told us she needed to serve the other customers!!! Luckily for us the bank refunded the money but that's not down to any assistance from Bershka!!! We spend a lot of money in this store and the way we were treated was not acceptable. They should have given us a declined receipt but they refused.
Then... the same evening my two daughters went shopping... again my daughter (my other child!) paid for one item and it was declined... and guess what?! The money was taken from her account!! She then tried again and the payment went through... but this morning both payments have gone out of the bank! This time the lady was more helpful and was apologetic for the trouble. She gave my daughter her phone number in case of an issue... the number is 952 829 282.
This money needs to be refunded and the staff need training in what to do when these situations arise!
There was no issue with our banks or cards... they worked in every other shop and there was plenty of money available to spend!! Clearly the issue was with the machines in your store. But more importantly than that... the customer service skills of your staff were totally inadequate. They tried to humiliate us and belittle us and were totally unprepared to offer any assistance.
My daughter now has 22.99 taken from her bank and they say they will investigate and it will take 30 days to refund if they decide to do so. At the age of 14 this is a lot of money to her and it's very unfair that she should lose money due to the incompetence of your staff or your technology failing!!!
The receipt number for the item last night paid for by my daughter is ...
361515 transaction 667483 (7th October at 19.32)
This has totally put us off shopping in this store again!!!
Katrina collins-Cole


Oct 09, 2019

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