Bergdorf Goodmanbergdorf goodman are frauds!


I have bought exclusive and limited goods (200 items in the world). The problem is the #BergdorfGoodman is the one store where this item was for short time. #BergdorfGoodman canceled my order in some minutes after payment and confirmation like the most people had with no logical reason. #BergdorfGoodman answered me with standard cliche that they couldn't verify my shipping address. It's a scrap. I didn't have the same problem with another online stores. I'm sure the staff of #BergdorfGoodman canceled the orders of one buyers in favor of others such as their friends or themselves. These goods' on eBay appeared in accounts of profiteers with triple price before official start of sales. I think they know for sure they will get the order. I thought then that sales could be a fraud. I have read that some orders was canceled in 8 hours. It looks like someone asked the friend from #BergdorfGoodman staff to cancel some orders in his favor. Before this time I didn't have experience with #BergdorfGoodman service. It's terrible store! Didn't recommend to anyone.

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