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Order number WB1630373506

The item in this order doesn't be shipped out on time. Really bad!
After I placed the order, people can still ordered it online for about one week.
If you can't guarantee me to receive it, how can keep people to order it for at least one week!?
I feel really bad for it!!!
It is definitely a cheat!!!
I waited for it. I lost my time and chance to buy in other place!

Service and return issue

On 1/16/17 I went in for a return. I waited for an associate to finish with the return that was ahead of me. She said there were other registers I could go to. Clearly she didn't want me to wait but I still did. Another associate appeared so I asked if she could help. She initially mumbled that the register wasn't working. I continued to wait. Finally, the exceptionally rude and nasty associate grabs my items to be returned. NO words spoken to me besides the word "receipt". I handed it over. I had two items to be returned and there were 3 items on the receipt. I paid via debit card and expected the return to be made using the same payment method. I was told that the returns are not done using a PIN. I was confused and second guessed but accepted what she told me and attempted to ask another question but her silence and gestures threw me off so I took my return receipt and left the store.

A few days later I checked my account and the item she returned was incorrect. I had originally purchased 3 items (alexander wang bodysuit, a dress (unknown designer), and alice and olivia black pants. 2 of which i returned. I returned the pants and the dress yet the associate returned the bodysuit and the pants.

I am furious!! I attempted to call the store and there was no manager on duty so i left my number. I was not happy about that so i asked for a different manager and was given a name and number of Fallon. She was nice and assured me that the manager would call me the following morning. No such thing happened. I then waited until the next evening and again no manager. I left a voicemail and then i called Fallon again who once again said the 5f manager was going to 'call me now". Again, that never happened. I called two more times to be transferred and once again no answer from the operator either. It was about 6:35pm on the 20th.

So here I am again -no response-no one to assist me. I want a refund for my item that i returned. The item I had returned but not reimbursed for was in the amount of $177.75. I don't know who else to contact as it seems no manager works for Bergdorf Goodman.

This is really frustrating and I feel lied to and stolen from. I am wondering if I should contact my bank and/or file a police report.

I hope someone gets back to me regarding this issue. My contact information is as follows:
[protected] (work)

Original purchase
[protected] 1/15/17
Return info
[protected] 1/16/17

Don't buy from Bergdorf Goodman!

I can't find words to describe what I feel after my experience with Bergdorf Goodman!! I am so angry and disappointed and would not recommend them to anyone. I bought and item from them and when I made my order I followed their size chart!! When I received my order and tried it on I realized it was too small so I went to Bergdorf Goodman and contacted their support service. I was hoping to get an exchange for a bigger size but they refused! They said that they will not help me because I ordered incorrect size and that was my fault. They have the worst service ever, these people are rude and nasty!! Don't buy from Bergdorf Goodman!

Customer service - refund

I returned an item using a prepaid label that was included in the package and confirmed it was delivered 9/6. I haven't heard back from the site so I reached out to check the refund status. One agent confirmed that the item was received on 9/6 and I should wait for 2-3 weeks.

I did wait for 3 weeks and I still heard nothing back from them so I reached out again. Then other agents replied saying they did not receive the package. One of them told me that she can apply credit that day if I have the tracking number. I didn't have the number with me so I reached out again later that day and provided the tracking number and the agent did not answer any of questions and just said that I have to wait.

I honestly don't understand why it has to be such a hassle. I tried calling them and no one answered either. Where am I supposed to reach out?

Bad service

I placed an order with Bergdorf Goodman and had to cancel it.
It was two weeks after I placed my order when I decided to do that. My order was still in process and wasn't even shipped.
I contacted their customer service representative and he said he'll check on my order. Later he said that one item was out of stock so they were not able to ship my order. The fact I did not like the most from this whole story is that no one even bothered to contact me and tell about that!
I cancelled my order and got the money back, but I will never order anything from them again. In my opinion they are highly unprofessional and I would not want to deal with them in the future.

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Customer service, online order, cosmetic product rule

I saw a promotion last week, spend over $1000 to get $200 off. Then I place a order on 9/14/2016 at cosmetic product ( such as cleanser, face cream, eye cream etc). And I wait for a week ( around the approximate delivered time ), there is nothing arriving. I call the customer service today (9/22/2016) to see my status of my order ( here is my order # WB [protected]). They gave a reason that I order too much ????????? what d freaking reason is that? that is first time I heard that. I only order one of each for my daily hygiene routine use. They explained I order cosmetic product on June this year... come on, it is been 3 months now, I need to replenish my creams and cleanser. Also, they told me if I buy shoes or clothes that I can buy whatever I want. I don't need people to tell me what I can buy, I buy what I need. I felt been insult. whoever make this rule/cancels my order must never need cleanser to wash their face...

really can't understand, and bad customer services, gave attitudes.

Customer service, online order, cosmetic product rule

Misleading information

I wanted to buy a pair of shoes from Bergdorf Goodman website, so I placed my order and paid for it. Two days later I received a message stating that my order was cancelled and a refund will be provided. I contacted Bergdorf Goodman customer service and asked why did they cancel my order and was told that my shoes were no longer in stock. Then I ordered another pair and the same thing happened. Three days later I went online and it was said on their website that shoes were in stock. Called customer support again and was told that shoes were not available. Very misleading site.

Fake and Fraud online discount merchandising

Ordered a pair of discounted shoes online three time, paid with credit card 3 times, got 3 times confirmation, but also got 3 time cancellation. But during 10 days while struggling with the order, the pair of shoes shows available online. Called customer service, was told it's out of stock. Asked why it's still showing available online, was told the website has not been updated.

The reason doesn't make sense at all. Who will believe the world famous department store's website has not been updated for 10 days?
It's entirely a customer cheating case that use fake discount merchandises online to lure customer.

Will never trust the Bergdorf Goodman again, and it has the worst customer service ever had.

  • Ei
    eileen1986 Sep 22, 2016

    totally understand your case, I think they are doing fake online promotion too, I see the promotion and place order, then they cancel my order for saying I order too much

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They took payment and I never heard from them again

I ordered Prada clutch from the company It was only waste of my money. I placed the...

Tried to charge me 3 times

I purchased a gorgeous designer tote bag on Bergdorf–a bag arrived, but it was NOT the bag I ordered, but a dowdy, outdated satchel. I returned the bag and was refunded. Listen to this! Several weeks later, re-charged the item on my credit card, an UNAUTHORIZED CHARGE. I called and emailed them, but they gave me the runaround, not returning my calls. My credit card company reversed the charge. You won't believe this! attempts to charge me a third time.I immediately notified my credit card company. Beware!

Terrible company

I recently shopped Berdorf Goodman (5th floor and was interested in purchasing a pair of shoes - not on sale - full price and was told by the salesperson the shoe was not for my foot - I was shopping with a friend and she happens to be the same shoe size (7) - this shoe is running approximately 2 - 3 full sizes to large - salesperson was beyond rude - he kept saying the shoe isn't for your foot - When asked Why - he walked away - I complained to Berdorf's Customer Service Supervisor, Robert and he didn't seem to interested in the feedback - I will be closing out my Berdorf Account immediately.

Scam alert

Ordered a purse online...paid with a credit a confirmation email...thank you for you order #-------...waiting for it to arrive...after 2 weeks of waiting I finally called the customer service with my order #...and ohhh...the order have been's out of stock...i told the customer service the I have not gotten any notice of cancellation...the only email I've received was the thank you for your order...oh, well...sorry but it's no longer available...I asked her if the store at least notify the customer if they cancel the order and she said am I suppose to know that the item i ordered is no longer available...I guess because it never came ...ah, customer service from a high end store...I'll be sure not to go to this store next time I want a Valentino...or a Prada...or a Nancy Gonzales.

  • Wh
    WHeather Feb 06, 2019

    My husband bought me a Saint Laurent bag for Christmas. He ordered it online. After receiving the Christmas gift I decided I wanted another type of Saint Laurent bag instead. We called the customer service line and they said to send back the bag via their return instructions and then purchase another one online. We put the bag in the box and shipped back to them (exactly as they instructed). Two weeks later we received another box back from them and inside it had a cheap plastic purse that was probably worth less than $10. The box included an standard form letter saying that what we sent back did not match the order that we were asking for a refund. They are accusing us of sending a cheap plastic purse back in exchange for a bag that is valued at over $1000. We have tried calling so many times to get our refund. They told us to send the cheap plastic purse back so they could investigate. Yesterday we received the same plastic purse back with the same form letter saying they can not refund us because the purse we sent back does not match the order. The people that are running this are either incredibly confused and incompetent or they are actively running a scam. I have never experienced such a terrible level of customer service with online ordering. You get better service from Walmart!

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  • Ma
    marc kortlander Feb 28, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    bergdorf sold my wife a fake fendi bag

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I purchased a gorgeous designer tote bag on Bergdorf–a bag arrived, but it was NOT the bag I ordered, but a dowdy, outdated satchel. I returned the bag and was refunded. Listen to this! Several weeks later, re-charged the item on my credit card, an UNAUTHORIZED CHARGE. I called and emailed them, but they gave me the runaround, not returning my calls. My credit card company reversed the charge. You won't believe this! attempts to charge me a third time.I immediately notified my credit card company. Beware!

Inability to process online order

On March 31 2009 I ordered 2 x $100 gift vouchers from the Bergdorf Goodman website to be emailed to a friend...

2 comments Sydney Other

Shipping delivery is a disaster!

I shop Bergdorf Goodman because it is a great retailer with first rate merchandise. However, BE WARNED, they NEVER ship when they say they will. This Christmas, I followed the instructions for Christmas delivery. They supplied fake tracking numbers......essentially NOTHING is ARRIVING until the 27 or the 28. Three of my packages has not even been received by Fedex or United States Postal service.
This is such a scam, Bergdorf Goodman should be ashamed. Dont promise what you can't deliver. So now I have to go buy replacement gifts, or explain to my entire family that they will get their gifts late....maybe.....whenever they arrive. Be warned: Bergdorf Goodman does NOT event ell you the truth, so you don't even know. If something is backordered they do NOT even email. This is a disaster.

  • Yi
    Yijia Li Sep 16, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    100 % agree. I ordered Giogrio Armini extra crema on March 28, I have waited for six months now. They always said that they will ship, but never delivered.

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Take a look of this and reconsider your decision!

Okay.. Bergdorf Goodman has the worst customer service that I have ever had. Why? I am going to tell you all these ridiculous things that happened to me about this unhappy experience:

10/11- I was buying this gift for my friend's BD so I made an order and paid for 2nd-day shipping!

10/16- I e-mailed them because I didn't receive the item on 10/13 or 10/14. And someone wrote me back to tell me that it was shipped on 10/16 and I would get it on 10/19. I was already not happy because it was already late anyway since I paid for 2nd-day shipping. Then e-mailed them again and
someone wrote me back to tell me that $17.00 would credit back to my account due to their late delivery.

10/20- Unfortunately, I still HAVE NOT received any package. I e-mailed Bergdorf Goodman again to ask them why. This time, they told me that for some reason, the recipt was printed but the process was not fulfilled. Therefore, I felt that the person I e-mailed to on 10/16 was lying to me!

10/20- I was very unhappy so I used online chat to talk to an agent from Bergdorf Goodman. The agent told me they would ship the item to me now and waive the shipping and processing fee. However, I demanded for a good reason to explain why it took forever to process the order. But they would just
keeping asking me "May I cancel the order and replace it for you?" As an angry customer, I told her to cancel the order for me which she said she would.

10/22- I talked to another agent from online chat to complaine all of these troubles and was hoping to get some solution. Unfortunately, he couldn't do anything except kept sending all that apology messages. In the end, he also said he would cancel the order for me.

10/24- Surprisingly, I got the item when I thought it was already cancelled since I asked 2 agents to cancel the order. Then I went to online banking to see my account.... THEY CHARGED ME FOR SHIPPING when they promised me that IF I decided to replace the order, they would waive the shipping fee!!!!!!

10/24- I talked to an agent from online chat again to ask her why I still got the package when it should've been cancelled. The only thing she said to me was there was a miscommunication and she told me to send the package back to them.. DUH??!! I seriously have had enough with all these ridiculous buying experiences so I asked to talk to the manager. Again, the manager apologized like other people did and told me they will have someone to pick up my package, or she will give 20% disccount on my merchandise if I want to keep it. But I refused it because after all these troubles I have, I don't think that item was worth as that much now (still $476 after disccount)!!

I was very pissed because that was the best they could do to solve the problem.... to just pick up the package or give a little disccount, and pretend nothing has happened... What about all these troubles that made these two weeks very unhappy and tiresome ones to me? "I apologize for any delay and inconvenience. There must be a miscomunnication!"-> That's all they can say!!

In total, I have e-mailed them 5 times and chat onlined with 5 different agents including their manager! I have saved all the e-mails history and chat transcripts. Please let me know if you want to see it! Overall, this is the worst shopping experience I have ever had!!


  • No
    nowh Jul 19, 2019

    Shut up and stop whining. You sound ignorant and spoiled.

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