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We’ve been renting a home for the past few months from Bennett Property Management for a few months now. Everything has been just fine until recently when we had some problems with the plumbing in the kitchen and a tree in the backyard fell over from the wind. We called the office to have someone come out and take a look at the problem and we were told our call would be ‘put in’. We asked how long we should expect to wait to have someone come out or give us a call to schedule an appointment. We were surprised to hear the rude response as the receptionist replied in an annoyed tone, “Your call will be put in. I don’t know.” So we said ok and left it at that.

A week later we got a call from a plumber but he was difficult to understand so we called Bennett Property Management to verify the appointment. At the time our only intention was to find out who the plumber was and when he would be out. We also asked how long it would be to fix the tree; we were not upset or calling to complain. We spoke to DJ this time who was very upset that we were bothering her with such questions. We weren’t sure why she was so upset. In an annoyed manner she told us to call Kim Tracy (our property manager). Thinking we might find an answer to our question (at least someone more professional) we decided to call Kim as instructed by DJ. We asked Kim about our situation and immediately Kim became irate telling us, “What do expect me to do? I can’t be on the phone all day calling everyone for you.” Confused by the response we thought maybe we’re not being clear about the situation. We tried to give her a shot to redeem her poor attitude by explaining that we were not upset with her or the situation. We explained that DJ told us to call her about our questions. She simply replied, “Well, did I answer your question.”

We made a big mistake renting a home through Bennett Property Management. We still can’t believe the way our calls have been handled. It’s too bad because we really like the home we’re in. The property management company has to fix their attitude problem; it’s definitely not worth the hassle dealing with these people.


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    Islander65 Jul 26, 2016
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    Verified customer

    My family rented a house from one of the employees of Bennett, who is mentioned in the tree falling complaint. They teach them well there, because he is worse with his own property and renters. Not only was there lie after lie to get money, we did so much renovation on the property that we should of gotten a free year. Instead, no deposit back, forged papers and everything my family owned, stolen. Family heirlooms that can NEVER be replaced, gone, some things over 100 years old. He is a POS, and I am trying to make people aware as that place is vacant again.Dont rent from him, you'll regret it for the rest of your life. We know most of the others that have rented that place, now, and all said the same thing, he's a crook, and lier, watch your back. Guess we didn't watch close enough.

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  • Ob
    obie_wise Jul 26, 2012

    If you read this PLEASE submit a review on BBB's website. Also please submit an ETHICS VIOLATION to the National Association of Rental Property Managers. If you currently rent from BPM please seek legal help. They are often in violation of the ARIZONA RESIDENTIAL LANDLORD AND TENANT ACT Title 33 Chapter 10 and Title 9 Chapter 12. We need to get their licence revoked and put them out of business.

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  • An
    AnonymousinChandler Jun 25, 2012

    Boy I wish had had read all these complaints 3 years ago when I rented a property from Bennett Property Management. It absolutely amazing me that they continue to get properties to lease out. I too am having an issue getting my full security deposit back or even a response from them. They don't ever respond to repair complaints and if they do it is at least a week later. We did a lot of repair work ourselves even had the property manager comment that the property was in better condition when I turned it back over to him then when I took possession but still deducted over $250 from my security deposit for items that were normal wear and tear items. DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT RENT FROM THEM and if you already are takes pictures and document EVERYTHING!!!

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  • Bw
    bwise45 Jun 22, 2012

    I should have turned and run away as fast as I could from the very first meeting. The leasing consultant (Laurie Frame) was obviously very annoyed from the moment she toured the property with me, , , it was obviously not convenient for her as she began to tell me all about her challenges of the day with her personal life and children of which was really none of my business or concern. In fact I was so put off by the attitude from her and Bennett Property I actually moved all of my personal possessions back into my previous residence while attempting to opt out of the lease that had only been signed less than a week prior. Bennett Property Management would have no part of the negotiation with regards to my hesitancy to move into that property. I did eventually take possession of the condo due to the inflexible attitude of Laurie Frame insisting there was nothing she was willing to do. From that moment on my existence in the condo community was a complete hell. Within two months of moving in the air conditioning system completely shut down and it took Bennett Property Management no less than one week to repair the system which happened to be in the month of July in Phoenix Arizona with temperatures above 110. The communication between me and Bennett was constantly strained and argumentative to the point I completely stopped all communication with them and went straight to the actual owner of the property. I lived in that unit for two years and created a lush and beautiful environment that all the community neighbors constantly complemented me on. I was informed one month in advance that the property was under a short sale contract and that I would be required to either purchase the property or move out, I opted to move out. My move out date was May 31, 2012. I actually move out over the Memorial day weekend May 2012 and was completely out May 28 @ 2:30 PM with the unit in better condition than when I moved in, even with the unit being sold on the Short Sale market. My request for information on the process of obtaining my security deposit was answered indicating there should be absolutely no issue what so ever due to the short sale and typically returned within 14 days unless there is substantial damage to the property. The property was left in better condition than when I took possession. I move out May 28 and to date June 22, 2012 I yet have to receive my security deposit. As of today June 22, 2012 I have left Melissa several messages only to eventually find out she is out on vacation so of course I was transferred to Sarah and left 3 messages of which not one was returned. You will never speak to a real person only a voice messaging service. My entire experience of living under the so called management of Bennett Property Management has been one of the worst renting experiences I have ever endured. How can a property be managed from a satellite office without ever stepping foot on the property or meeting the client that lives in the unit.?If you are searching for a place to live and Bennett Property Management is the leasing company, , my advice to you would be to turn and run as fast as you can and look for another unit to rent because you will only suffer for your entire lease period and be left standing in a big pile of crap!
    Extremely unhappy and dissatisfied with Bennett Property Management
    I am a Phoenix Resident-Born and Raised and will make sure every one I know is aware of the bad business BPM conducts!!

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  • Mo
    Monettttt May 23, 2012

    The WORST people I have ever dealt with! Benett Property and the shady property manager Mike Noggle are truly horrible. DO NOT RENT or USE Them for your rentals. They are slow at repairs and most of the time they never bother to even respond. When you ask them for help they act like it's your fault. When we had problems they never fixed them. They say to put things wrong with the house/ property on a checklist which we did and they still say its not enough when they charged us on oursecurity deposit.
    We were charged 200 dollars for damage to a 40 year old screen door that Mike Noggle said, " had been damaged by a dog." We never had dogs!! The previous renter did have dogs and we wrote the damage on the checklist for Mike but he said we should have been more thorough. Ha what a joke. This guy is a liar. Do not do business with these people.

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  • Sc
    SCCB Mar 26, 2012

    This company is by far the biggest rental nightmare I have ever experienced! Actually the Property Management Company I am with now even said the tenants that come to them from Bennett all have nightmare stories. I actually had no complaints until half way through my lease. I called to update my contact information and apparently they never entered it into the system. When October came my rent was $50 higher. I called to inquire about this and they fixed it right away. The same thing happened in November. This time I went round in circles until I finally found out that it was an HOA fine from violations. I paid it and fixed the problem. Only to report in December my rent was up $340!!! OMG!!! This was a nightmare. Not only did my property manager, Melissa, not know what the violations were for, she then told me I would have to pay the fine on top of rent in order to avoid late fees. I called for a week straight until I finally got the receptionist (rude) to keep me on hold until someone answered! I was told phone calls were made. Well, I only have a company phone so I had my HR pull my phone records and i emailed them. From October to December there were no incoming phone calls from Bennett! I wrote emails and told them I would pay the rent but not the HOA fine until I saw papers showing what the violations were for. She said this was fine however, I would still incur late fees for not paying the HOA fine which would add another $400+ dollars! I paid the fine. A week later I got the HOA violation letters. They dated back to September! I ended my lease and handed the keys in January 31st! Last week I received a letter in the mail from Bennett stating that I need to remove the weeds from the Property! The letter was dated March 14th! I also filed a complaint with the BBB!

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  • Ro
    Ron McDonald Feb 28, 2012

    More to come, but these complaints are on the money.

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  • Fa
    Farky needleman Jan 11, 2012

    Bennett Property Management is by far, the worst property Management company I have ever dealt with. Our Property Manager Travis Riech and Rosey Riech are lazy simple minded paople, who can never answer nor respond to a phone call or email, in fact they will turn their phones off if you continue to call about issues. Had an issue with an appliance, and was worried about a possible fire because of the sparks around the burner, posted three repair requests, called the main office, and never once did they respond, needless to say, the connector melted and started a small fire, had to replace the damaged parts myself, again because they would not respond to any requests. We will never rent or lease from this "NON" manament company again, and have filed a compliant with the BBB, but as I see on the BBB Bennett already has a very poor score and standing.

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  • Th
    TheDuchess Jan 05, 2012

    Bennett Property Management are basically slumlords. They are simply in the business of collecting rent checks and nothing else. If you need repairs, don't hold your breath. If they make repairs, well hopefully the problem is actually fixed. They do not clean their properties before renting them out--probably because they are hoping the previous tenant leaves the place spotless. Our apt was dirty inside and out when we moved in and we had to clean prior to moving in. The family across from us rented their unit from Bennett also and moved abruptly recently. I have not seen one person come by to clean, and yet it has been listed again for rent. They tried to lie and say we made late payments for two months in a row and would need to pay late fees and that they would no longer accept our checks. When we challenged the truthfulness and legality of this, they quickly retracted. The final straw was having our unit infested with active termites. We could see the termites and then they started building mud tubes and tunnels down the wall and ceiling! We contacted our property manager at Bennett back in late Sept/early Oct and it took weeks to hear from him. On Oct. 24th, we got a response from him that they would contact us in a couple days as they were waiting on the owner. To this date--January 2012 we STILL have not heard back from Bennett! Since our lease is up at the end of January, we believe that they are waiting our lease out so that they don't have to do anything. Of course, we have moved. I could go on and on--try getting anyone from Bennett by phone. They return calls weeks to months later. Rent from this company at your own risk! They are dishonest crooks and any renters will live to regret it!

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  • Du
    DustyInAz Nov 02, 2011

    We just recently moved out of an apartment that we had rented from Bennett and they are the worst people to rent from! When we moved out the apartment looked better than it did when we moved in, we had done the walk through with the property manager Lance and gave him our new address about two weeks later we got a certified letter from Bennett letting us know they were keeping our deposit but telling us we owed an addeitional 400.00 on top of it!! We disputed this and sent the dispute back to them via certified letter and again a couple weeks later recieved another certified letter from them saying basically sorry you don't believe you owe us but we we feel you do so everything stands! These people are the WORST we have rented from! If you don't want to get jerked around and lied to then DO NOT RENT FROM BENNETT!!

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  • Az
    AZWRITES Oct 11, 2011

    Bennett is literally the worst company we have ever rented from. They show you the house. It looks good and what not. You move in and everything falls apart. They don't clean the house prior to you taking it. But expect you to clean it and professionally clean the carpets when you move out. Once you realize all the things going wrong with the our case has been since day one and many advise them of it and they really don't care. Takes over a month to get things taken care of. They rent you a house that technically should not be rented out. And charge you for way more than the house is worth. Once you bring up anything to them they ignore you, don't want to deal with you or blame you for the problem so they don't have to pay for it. I can't wait to get out of the lease with this company and seriously would never literally never recommend this company to anyone. Everyone there is so rude. They don't care what you need or what you're having problems with. All they want is your money

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  • Ky
    kydflkuytdf Aug 05, 2011

    I also recently had a run in with bennet the agent had a really bad attitude from the minute she repeatedly pounded on the door to going through all the droors and cubards and was way out of line unprofesional

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  • Be
    BennettSucks Jul 12, 2011

    We have definitely had our issues with them. We pay premium rent, higher than many homes and always on time. They have let the yard completely go and told us to turn off the water to the landscaping as "it's not hitting the right spots anyway." Landscaping service is included in our rent but we haven't seen them for months. Now everything is dead. We have had numerous issues with lighting, windows, door locks, cabinets, etc. and have asked for simple repairs which have taken more than 9-months to address. We have issues with the online payment system - each month it indicates the wrong amount or they disable the system so we can't pay online. Then we rush to Mesa (from Central Phx) to make a payment on the fly. They loose our payments if we go to the Peoria office. Recently, our AC unit broke and the after hours guy said that we'd have to talk to our property mngr in the morning. It was 100+ degrees in the house so we had to get a hotel room for the night. We still haven't had a return call. I've rented and owned homes and have NEVER had as many problems as I've had with these guys. It's really crappy that they treat people like this. Imagine how much more successful they'd be if they actually treated people with respect.

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  • Mr
    MrReasonable May 27, 2011

    I was looking to rent a home. I will look elsewhere. I can't get them to return a call. That screams of incompetence right out of the box. I will never understand why people engage in business they do not want to be in.

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  • Ar
    aryosee Feb 01, 2011

    I recently experience the rude nature so many people was saying about Bennett wish I had read this before give them my money for an application Mike Noggle said he would call me back in a few days with a response that was over a week ago i guess they're make such good money they can afford to be rude even when I was present in they're office hearing he rude unprofessional manner they answer the phone should have told be to take my money and leave then I'll make sure I tell everyone at the bank i work for not to use them

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  • No
    Not very happy3 Dec 20, 2010

    I was interest in a rental in Mesa, gave $80 for application fee.
    They told me they will contact within 3 days with a yes or a no answer. It has been 3 weeks now. I wish I would have found this website, It would have save me $80, that I could have used for Christmas gifts.

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  • Te
    teegan Dec 07, 2010

    I agree totally with all the complaints. My lease is almost up and I cannot wait to move. My oven died out on me and I have been waiting over a week to get someone out here to look at it. Finally the repair guy comes out with the part calls Kim for approval and of course she does not answer her phone. So it will probably be another week before it gets fixed. I will never use these people again.

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  • Yo
    Your Every Day Neighbor Aug 02, 2010

    Geez!!! I am glad that I was able to see that this company was very unprofessional from the begining for the fact that I would hate to be in the same possition as some of you. This company does not even return calls to people who are interested in the houses that they advertise. I tried calling on a rental twice and no response. My husband called twice and no response. I tried e-mailing them thinking that maybe I would get a response. Nope!!! I was wrong. This house is still sitting empty. I called 3 weeks ago about this house. I feel sorry for the family that finally gets this rental because it will probably be a nightmare for them.

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  • La
    lawstudent09 Jun 24, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    why arent you all filing complaints with the attorney general????? If they are not taking care of their properties you can sue them. If I were all of you, I would file a complaint with the attorney general, and also sue them for unsafe living conditions. research Tenat/Landlord laws in AZ ...

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  • Na
    Nathalie4 Jun 23, 2010

    Hello All; I hve been contacting this management company for almost a month. I paid my application fee I was told someone would contact me and nodoy has called me! when I call to speak to some one they always put thru voicemails. I am so upset and irrate with this company!!!

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  • Jo
    JoyF1 May 23, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I was a property owner with Bennett, and they were awful. I had to let them go after one month of working with them. I interviewed staff before I hired them, but I was never introduced to the property managers who would be handling my property. When it came time for a repair, I was given a lump sum estimate, and no itemization. It was way over what the market would bear for such small repairs. And, the contractor who I was finally put in touch with said they only talk with Bennett, not with the property owner! Well, it's the property owner paying the bill! They were rude, unavailable, ignored emails. The owner of the company was cc'd on the mails, and did not intervene. Even though there is a female on the ownership team, the company is run like a 1950s old boys club. Signs of collusion abound. I have been with several other management companies and found the same thing. Try Marceau Realty, so far they have been decent. There is little to choose from in the Phoenix area because of the 'ol boy mentality that prevails there - even with female business women. The quality of service, particularly in industries related to real estate is extremely poor. They are light years behind. Too bad, since Phoenix is in need of investors - but I'd stay away from Phoenix until they learn what it means to run a business in a win-win fashion.

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  • Be
    Bennet will RUIN YOU May 12, 2010

    Anyone who is satisfied with this property manage is either lying or just hasn't hit the right set of circumstance for these dirt bags to screw you over. When you move out they will most likely keep your refundable deposits by using some BS excuse. I rented from them for over two years, had about 2000.00 in refundable deposits. they never took care of anything in the house or yard, I did it all myself rather than waiting days for them to even respond. When I did finally move out the did the move-out inspection without me then would not return my calls. Kept my deposits saying that I destroyed the ten year old berber carpet. After renting for two years you are not responsible for the carpet, which wasn't damaged by the way just old. when the A/C went out in the middle of sumer I had to get a hold of the home owner to get it fixed four days later. I replaced sprinkler heads many times and even piping under the ground. Replaced filters in the pool because they refused to do it. Fixed the landscaping out front spending hundreds of dollars on decorative rocks. I left the home in better condition than when I moved in and when I needed a reference for another home these a-holes had the nerve to say that I don't know how to rent and no one should ever rent to me.
    Chris Bennet is the owner of this company.
    Sincerely, Allen Lawhead
    (so if the owner of the company reads this he will know who I am)

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  • Jt
    JTizzle Mar 01, 2010

    interesting group of people. Kind of an old property where we live but not awful. relatively prompt fixing stuff now but it took some cajoling after the plumping broke in the upstairs and i had to wait 4 days for them to fix it before i temp fixed it myself. Dont get a notice of any kind from them though cause it will cause a mad circle of notices costing 18 bucks a pop. other than that they seem pretty standard so far. the proprty manager is actually pretty friendly and helpful.

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  • Id
    id2az Nov 29, 2009

    We rented from Bennet about 3 years ago. Never having rented before we would have liked someone to help us navigate the legalities as well as we were relocating from out of state. They were awful to work with, and Kim, our property manager was rude. We tried to have someone come view the home for us and they wouldn't let her in but wanted us to send them our money!! We got out after just a month but were told we had to maintain the property for the entire 6 month lease.

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  • Un
    unhappy with bennett Nov 16, 2009

    I have had nothing but problems, and now have a severe injury as a rusult of their negligience and too cheap to fix something.
    It was told to me before we moved in, the broken window would be fixed. It never was and has been 6 months. We went 3 months with no deadlock in the front door, only a big gaping hole, and the arcadia door also had no lock or latch whatsoever, the only thing holding it was a stick. the backyard was full of beer bottle broken glass and beer cans.
    We since have planted grass and flowers.
    The front yard has a dead tree. I had asked the owner to trim it as it looked dangerous, he didn't . Finally a large brach fell and nearly hit me, I asked the owner to come over to take a look, he hauled it off promising me yeah he would fix it. I told him to hurry as it was unsafe. About 2 months later still no fixing of the tree, a large branch did hit me resulting in a 2 day stay in the icu where I suffered a head injury and some nerve damage. I called from the hospital to ask the owner to fix the dam tree already. What more has to happen for this guy to fix stuff??!!! It has been 3 days after I am out and still no fixing of the tree. In the meanwhile I have very little movement in my arm and my head and neck hurt.
    Oh yeah, just for good measure, there is mold in the closet. He has not fixed it.I told him about it about 4 months ago, Told me he is aware there was water damage in that room in the bathroom, but painted over it. My breathing, and my husbands breathing has become a constant wheeze. I believe in my heart we are getting sick from living here, not to mention injured.
    Overall, the house is cute and we now love the yard and the neighbors are friendly. We have alot of pets, so limited as to where we can live or afford. If we could move however after all this hastle, we would. The stress of living here dealing with Bennett Property and Ron Lederman has been too much for me to bear. The late fees they charge on the rent make it near impossible to catch up with. The biggest concern I have for ourselves and others are how safe are these properties? Why can't they maintain them a little better to avoid injuries?! I am not well as it is and this last incident being hit by the branch could have killed me. I have been having nightmares about it. Too much stress.
    Maybe eventually with enough people coming forward someone will step in and make sure things are done right to provide a safe living environment for the tenents.

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  • Ny
    nybill Nov 01, 2009

    i'm in a Bennett property as well, and I sent 3 e-mails before a got a response...on the 4th email I said I would contact the owners directly and then I got a response saying "i've been on vacation"

    first of all when you go on vacation you put that message on your "out of office" or at least have messages forwarded to another person...I don't think this person was even on vacation

    I've been repeatedly lied to (I guess they think i'm too stupid to find things out on my own) when I rented the property I was told the owners would only do a 1 year lease because they are "New" at renting...come to find out from the county as well as neighbors the owners have multiple properties they lease. Once my lease is up I will be leaving

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  • Lu
    lucy14u Sep 29, 2009

    I rent a home from Bennett property and I am shocked at reading the reviews on them. I have never had any unpleasant conversations with them. They are very nice and helpful when I call them. The only complaint I had with them is a few weeks ago our AC went out on a Sunday. I called their emergency line and NO ONE called back. We were dying in the house, it was about 112 outside so the house was almost as hot. Finally on Monday morning I called back and they sent someone out in the afternoon, we were dying the whole time. Other then that, they handle our issues really fast and I have been happy with them. Sorry your experience was so bad!

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