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There is a company located in Portland that is a total scam, ruining the lives and dreams of people everywhere. Bench Craft's owner, Charlie Cobb, makes a very nice living off hurting others. He steals thousands of dollars off people's credit cards offering advertisement that doesn't exist on golf courses that do exist. He offers seemingly inexpensive advertisement space. He puts families out of business on a regular basis. Here is someone who will do anything for a buck, and doesn't care who he hurts while doing so. Also, if you don't want to work for a tyrant, this is not the place to go. Bench Craft is known for their cruelty towards employees, foul insults and violence take place in the office on a regular basis. This is ### central. This company should be shut down, but unfortunately they have a good attorney. The best way to protect business owners is by spreading the word. So please inform your friends and family, especially if they own a small business.

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