Bench Craft Companyawful company, masters of scams!

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Bench Craft Company victimizes customers and takes unethical and fraudulent sales practices to a new low. February 2007, a friend of mine was solicited via the telephone for the purchase of advertising space on a course scorecard. My friend opted to participate in the advertising offer, which was to begin May 2007.

In May, the advertising did not appear in the scorecard. The Bench Craft Company sales manager, Mark Hogan, said that the ad would be present in the following month (June).

In June, again the ad was not present. Mr. Hogan again said that the scorecard ad would arrive in July. Again, in July the scorecards arrived, however, the paid ad was not present. Again, Mark Hogan said that by August 2007, the ad would be printed into the scorecards. The advertisement was not printed in August a full 3 months later than promised.

A request for a refund, since the valuable summer golfing opportunity had passed, was refused. In September, my friend's credit card company entered Bench Craft Company in arbitration. Bench Craft Company lost. Instead of either printing the ad or refunding the amount, an additional $400 was billed on top of the $350 for the ad.

Bench Craft Company claims that a refund is against their policy as stated in their contract. My friend responded to Bench Craft Company that a contract was never provided. Bench Craft Company denied this and provided my friend with a contract with someone else's name on it.

This story gets worse. September, October, November, December 2007 passed with no ad. Every month Bench Craft Company refusing to either print the ad or provide a refund.

It is now March 3, 2008, a full year later. Instead refunding a customer, they sent the cost of the ad plus the additional cost of the arbitration they lost to collection with the aim to ruin a customer's credit.

I noticed Bench Craft Company has quite a long list of complaint filed with the Better Business Bureau. I can see why. The company supports questionable sales tactics, does not deliver on their services as promised, is dishonest about the agreement a customer enters into and attempts to cause harm. How do they live with themselves?


  • Sa
    Sandy Grosvenor May 09, 2008

    I too was "slammed" by Benchcraft. I am in my first year with a new business and was approached by Benchcraft via telephone re advertising space in a pamphlet on our lcoal golf course. I told James Childress I was interested but I would call him back after speaking to my father in law who is a local golfter. After speaking with my father, I phoned James Childress (Benchcraft) and he was on the phone. (Surprise...) I never got a call back but assumed it was a no go. A few days later I rec'd a "paid" reciept with art copy on the mail for this same ad. I phoned Benchcraft at which time James Childress said he did not "slam" me. I made no reference to being slammed to beigin with. I'm thinking because I already had paid for another advertising campaign they had my CC nfo on file and that is where they go it from. My "contract" has "ok pe phone". I was PISSED! $399 on my American Express card! I called AE and they researched it and sided with Benchcraft. Whatever! Not even a valid contract. This company needs to be looked into for fraudulant tactics.

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  • We
    Wendy Svoboda Jun 11, 2008

    I have been in a dispute with this company since April 2008 over a verbal communication where a written contract was not available for review before they charged my credit card for a golf scorecard in Reno, Nevada. The written contract price did not match the verbal quote, and I subsequently filed and won a dispute through Chase Card Services. This company has behaved in a very unprofessional, threatening and harrassing manner throughout my dealings with them. I have subsequently filed a complaint with the BBB that handles the Portland, Washington and Alaska regions. Beware this company...I have passed this information on to the other Realtors in town. Contact me for further details BEFORE you give your credit card information to this company...775-771-4171

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  • Ca
    Cameron Novak Jul 01, 2008

    You're just seeing the tip of the iceberg. Check the following blog for additional input from many many others who have been defrauded.

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  • An
    Anthony Melendez Jul 07, 2008

    These guys are total scam artist they charged us without providing any paperwork and when we requested a refund we were told they don't do refunds because we bought advertising. I told him the order was placed one business day ago and asked him if they printed over the 4th of july weekend. They won't even start for months if it ever gets done. As it stands I am speaking with a supervisor and if that fails I will take it up with the credit card companies.

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  • St
    StopTheBuck Nov 04, 2008

    Dear Fellow Americans,

    I've been in business for 20 years + and a vast majority of my work comes of my business comes from word of mouth.

    Since 911 I have been bombarded with advertisers. Tried a few. None of them worked.
    I highly advise to any one "BEFORE" you spend money advertising. Call their current advertisers (whom are in your category or associated categories) and ask if their advertising is generating income. Don't ask if it is paying for itself. You're not in the business to pay them. You're in business to make money. Not make enough to pay advertisers. There is no profit in making just enough to pay for advertising. Ask instead if it is turning a good profit for them.

    As for Bench Craft (or is it Benchcraft?) advertising? Their sales people are very slick. Too polished at selling with high pressured tactics. Philip (800-824-8311 ext 272) called me several times until he made a pest of himself. I won't be advertising with them. It's a waste of my time.

    By the way - Here's the guarantee on my website:
    About Bidding or Quoting
    - It's unfair TO YOU if other DJ's charge the same; YET, offer far less than Jeff !
    ...If they are bidding less they are offering less! Does anybody want to lay cash on it?
    That's why I have a video demo available. “Taste it before you buy it”.
    I'm one of the best Entertainers available in California & I'll prove it if necessary. I will pay any one $100.00(for 2 hours of your time) if you can show me any one whom can match my services, skills, talent & equipment. All they have to do is pass a 75 question quiz. If any other DJ can pass my test I’ll increase your $100 to $1, 000.00 if they pass each question on my comparison test at my office. And, I'll pay the DJ $50 if he can pass my comparison test too. Just think if I’m an idiot? I’ll have to pay you $1, 050 to admit it.
    You’ll find this on my website

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  • Na
    Napier/West furnishings Feb 24, 2009

    these complaints make up for about 2% of total sales and I have spoken with many companys that were very happy with the service they were provided, , , guess thats why they have a 88% renewal rate..!!golf course advertising does work...!!

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  • Po
    PoorService Received Mar 08, 2009

    Warning. Make sure your sales rep writes down on a contract a guaranteed date for delivery and if they do not meet that date, cancel the contract in writing and call your credit company to cancel the charge.

    Bench Craft has an aggressive telemarketing team that will tell you anything to get the sale. I was told the specific holes that were "available now" for bench signs or tee signs. I selected three on two courses with an incentive for two years worth of signs. This was in February 2008. After multiple attempts to get action enough was enough and in November, I called to request a refund and cancel the order. I sent a letter to the president and called my credit card company to reverse the charges. In November through January, they reacted and finally got the signs up (that I had canceled and no longer wanted. Because the contract (remember this was a phone sale) did not have a guaranteed date of delivery, the credit card company could not find in my favor.

    I am very upset and will never do business with them again.

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  • Bu
    Buyer Beware! Mar 12, 2009

    bench crap company should be there name, a 100% rip-off company, i have been promised a bench for one year now, i call just to hear how stupid the next excuse is. Buying stock in todays market is safer than talking to this company, buyer beware!

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  • Mo
    Moore Coinstruction Mgmt Mar 23, 2009

    Bench Craft sold Golf course guide advertising to me 8-08. I checked to see if the work was done, found they did not have an ageement w/ the golf course and had not done the advertising . Bench Craft has refused to refund . I was scammed.

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  • Rd
    RDM Sep 06, 2009

    Then call your visa mc company and get your money back.

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  • Wi
    widepreadpanic74 Jan 08, 2010

    I have a great story about benchcraft coming soon.
    I am finalizing all of the details, conversations and witnesses and boy is this going to be informative.
    stay tuned folks...

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  • Pa
    Paradise Salon & Day Spa Jan 20, 2010

    The Bench Craft Co. is nothing but a scam! BEWARE of these people!! DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR DEBIT OR CC NUMBERS!!!We have acually been stalked by a rep named "Greg" to the point of reporting him to the police.If you talk to them on the phone, they will try to weasel your debit or cc number, THEN they will claim you made a contract with them!

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  • Tk
    T. Karnezis Mar 23, 2010

    I was charged along with many other small businesses in my community for a sign that was supposed to be on a scoreboard in 2009. We never saw the signs. This year they charged my credit card again $399.00. And I am disputing it. Hope I can resolve it quickly.

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  • Bo
    BowlingManager Apr 22, 2010

    I used BenchCraft for a course in NE Ohio and the ad was up in 30 days. My staff has been instructed to ask our customers where they saw us at, and many are replying from the golf course. I have actually placed even more ads with them! They were very professional AND did what they said they were going to do!

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  • Bo
    BowlingManager Apr 22, 2010

    Honestly - I think some of this is highly excaggerated. I did some checking into myself. I called more than one golf course and they ALL had nothing but great things to say about the company. If they were scamming people, the golf courses would NOT be doing business with them!!! Come on people!

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  • Dr
    DrKND Jul 05, 2010

    My story reads like many others here. Caveat emptor I suppose. These guys have figured out a system that protects them from the consequences of their bad behavior. I'm seeking redress through my credit card company, and will work to make sure they never do business in my town again. Now I know what it feels like to be hustled. Ew.


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  • Ea
    easygoinggolfguy503 Aug 03, 2010

    (503) 221-002
    I worked for benchcraft for 9 months (a veteran by Bench Craft standards). This company does provide golf course advertising eventually if at all. All sales people are trained to say 6-8 weeks for your advertisement or sponsorship arrives at the course with most of the time it does. However 6-8 weeks is not realistic, it can take 4 months to 2 years for it to get there. Sometimes the advertisement doesn't even make it to the course do to over booking and shady tactics. Bench Craft sometimes gambles with it and doesn't ever put it on the course till or if the client even notices. Also most of the time the company saws you will have an "exclusive" for your business meaning that ie you will be the only Insurance rep on the scorecard for one year, but really they mean to say you will 1 insurance agent among 30 other insurance agents advertising on the scorecard. My recommendation is to put that $400 or the so called $375 manager special money towards other advertising, or just throw it out the window. The reason why Bench Craft Sales people are so aggresive is the company pays out daily cash (not reported to the IRS) to its sales people for getting deals, some sales people walk out with over $300 cash after a hard day of lying. I sold my sole for to long

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  • Bu Aug 10, 2010

    Same problem here. I signed up/paid for 4 different golf courses here in Phoenix and it was not quite a year before I was able to verify only two of the advertisements out of the 4. For almost a year I had to keep calling back to check on these ads and complain. These people will vehemently lie to you, string you along, and do everything they can to get your money. They are professional con artist under cool and try to present themselves as a reputable company but in reality they are just the opposite.
    And keep in mind that they come on here as stealth customers trying to argue the facts and trying to make this company look good. I assure you, I contacted every person on every scorecard and map and not ONE of them have anything good to say about this company. In fact, just the opposite-they all had problems with their ads being printed up to a year after the time frame they were told.
    Is there anything that all of us, together, can do about this?

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  • Ha
    hadleywoo Sep 18, 2010

    Thank you all. I was called by them today and after reading your comments, I saved my self money and headachache by not working with them. I knew something was up when " Eryn" said we have sold all but two flags on the course and one of them is the 1st course! Ya right. No ligit marketing company would do that. Also, no ligit marketing co would pressure you for an answer the same day. Most would pressnt thre deal and let you decide in due time.

    Thanks all! :)

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  • Mi
    Michelle Hudson Jun 14, 2017

    @hadleywoo I had this very same experience today

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  • Bi
    birddoggs Oct 22, 2010

    bench craft is a great company actually. i got so many referals from my ad. it was amazing... now see how stupid this site is? it posts anything about anyone. DON'T LISTEN TO ANYTHING ON COMPLAINTS BOARD

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  • Ha
    hatescumbags Dec 31, 2010

    This company is a bunch of lowlife [censor]. They repeatedly call and harass you, that ALONE should tell you the type of company they are. No good legit company has to repeatedly cold call for customers. I recommend EVERYONE file complaints against them with the BBB, Their local AG's office and the FTC. It's time to put crap like this out of the public's misery

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  • Le
    leisure Mar 14, 2011

    Wow. This company is not a scam. They do follow through with what is promised. They have Customer Service department that handles any issue fairly. I would re consider believing information posted by disgruntled ex employees.

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  • Cr
    crowncomp Apr 18, 2011

    Benchcraft called us and everything sounded good, we paid $100 down and the balance was to be paid when the golf scorecards went out, We never received a scorecard with our name on it and they have neer been printed. BUT bencraft has sent us to a collection agency and now they want $375 stating that we approved the proof so they want paid, they now say they dont print until they get thir money, benchcraft wont talk to us and wont send us a copy of the contract or proof they printed anything.
    look at hahahahahahaha comment, this is the type of a-hole you will deal with at benchcraft after te sale

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  • Ji
    Jiitana Maria Vistani Jun 21, 2011

    Bench Craft Company has been in business for about 30 years. They service over 2500 courses across the country, as well as courses in Canada and Hawaii. Let's do some math here. The average course is 18 holes. There are an average of 7 products per course. Scorecards, Tee Signs, Benches, Ball Washers, Display Boards, Course Guides, and Folders. They handle almost half a million accounts. Many of whom are faithful repeat customers. When a customer is called, the outlines of the FULL agreement is detailed to them in no uncertain terms. Then an invoice is either faxed or scanned and sent to them so they can read those terms in black and white. There is no way anyone can charge your credit card without you giving them the credit card information. Why would anyone give someone credit card information over the phone without having a contract in front of them in black and white first? And if you read the terms, sign that contract, and give your credit card number, then what's the problem? That's not slamming. If you're not smart enough to do your own homework and research advertising techniques first, then the results or lack thereof are on YOU, not the advertiser.

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  • WasNotBornYesterday Jun 28, 2011

    Take heart! Because of articles and consumer response I found here and online, I ESCAPED and they were NOT successful in scamming me!

    I received a call today from them...same promise, "only one more available and only $300!" What a deal.

    "Can you hold for a moment please?" *hold* Google "Bench Craft Company". Google presents me with page after page of scam warning. Did a quick check at the BBB also - it only takes a few seconds. They have a "C" rating. I go back to the call...

    Me: "Thank you for holding. I see that your company has a 'C' rating with the BBB. We only do business with 'A' rated or higher. Thank you for calling." *click*


    Bench Craft: "Did you just hang up on me?"

    Me: "As I explained, we do not do business with any company rated lower than 'A'."

    Bench Craft: "Well...what is YOUR rating?"

    Me: "A+" (and it truly is)

    Bench Craft: "I don't..." and then the line mysteriously went dead. Well, maybe not so mysterious as I actually hung up on him again.

    He hasn't called back a 2nd time. It might get really interesting if he does. We can record calls, we have been known to prosecute harassers.

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  • So
    someguywhoknowsaboutthis Oct 25, 2011

    I have known a few people who have worked at Bench Craft. Trust me when I say it is a very shady business and even employees that were making 120K+ leave because it is hard to sleep at night. Do not do business with these guys.

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  • Sw
    Swimming Pool Man Sep 12, 2012

    Good Morning,
    On Wed, Sep 12, 2012 at 8:12 AM, Grandt Mansfield <[email protected]> wrote:
    My Name is Grandt Mansfield with Bench Craft Company and I am emailing on behalf of the Normandie Golf Club. I am emailing you because we are in the process of putting together the Inaugural Course Guides that are going to go out to the Golfers and Guests for an entire year.
    In the Guides we will provide all the Crucial Golf information the Golfers need to play as well as a place to track their scores, but we are also going to showcase 1 Business per hole with a Full Color Sponsorship.
    The reason for contacting you specifically is because the Course gets about 32, 000 rounds of golf per year. 90% of the Golfers are Homeowners, 55% are Business owners, 35% are Women, and are middle to high income.
    We are looking to Showcase 1 Pool and or Spa Related Service in all the Guides to refer the Golfers to. If you could please email me back, that would be greatly appreciated. I would love to give you the details.
    Grandt Mansfield
    This was a e-mail I received
    This was my response

    This is a rip off Been there done that and all it did was cost my company money. Please take me off your list.

    This was Grandts response
    Wednesday, September 12, 2012 12:17 PM
    Well first off, it isnt a rip off. No form of Advertising is Guaranteed. As a Business Owner you should know that and you cant blame the printing company for that.
    Secondly, I dont have a list, but I would be more than happy to contact Google to have them pull you off there if that helps
    Now that is the lowest from of ### to threaten someone just because I was honest and told them I thought it was a rip off and to please remove me from their list. They are right there is no list because they just get on goggle and start e-mailing companies.
    This was all copied and pasted from e-mails. NOT MADE UP

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  • St
    steve riznod Sep 26, 2012

    Scammers Losers and they will rip you off

    i know i worked with these sleazeballs

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  • To
    tomiseffinpissed Apr 05, 2013

    If you have had a poor experience with Bench Craft Company, or ever worked for the company, please contact Justin Bowes at [email protected] He has some questions you might be able to answer. Attorney Generals Office Cobbs is getting locked up

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  • Ve
    vectorcutco Apr 25, 2013

    TOTAL SCAM. I bought an ad package from them Jan. 2013 for $375. Then they called me back three months later demanding another $375 which was NEVER IN ANY WAY discussed during the sales call. DO NOT business with this company. PERIOD.

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  • Ut
    Utah real estate agent May 26, 2013

    Run away! Another victim here... Was dumb enough to do business with these people without reading reviews and it cost me over $1, 200.

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  • Mi
    MikeO' Jun 12, 2013

    I am soliciting business' who are interested in filing a class action suit against Benchcraft.

    If so comment at [email protected]


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  • Li
    Liq and More Mar 26, 2014

    I paid for advertising with Bench Craft Co IN 2013 (Now, I am not sure if I ever was advertised, mute point now) What IS for sure is once I paid them for the advertising I was bombarded with phone calls trying to sell me more advertising, I thought wow I am never doing business with this company again! In January of 2014 I received a call from Bench Craft telling that the second round of advertising needed payment to proceed, so they were going to use my card information on file. I said BS you are. I immediately cancelled my card and heard nothing further from them until Today. Jason from Bench Craft called me, I was waiting on a customer as I own a retail location. I answered he told me the purpose of his call I said No, I wouldn't be advertising with them this year. He retorted WHY? I explained (kindly) why, he says again WHY? I said I am not advertising with your company, he responds a third time, WHY? I (not so kindly) said WHY????????? He hung up on me! After my customer left I looked up their phone number 1-800-824-8311. I asked to speak with a manager, proceeded to tell the receptionist what had just happened. She put me on hold as said that Mark the manager would return my call immediately as he was currently busy with 6 different things and could not talk right now. I have yet to hear from Mark!! I am confident I will not either, I began looking on the Internet in frustration and that is when I came across this message board. Now I wonder if I just handed them easy money and ever really received any advertising?! They were suppose send me a sample, I never got one but didn't really care until now.. Good Luck and stay away from these company.

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  • Di
    didntgetmethanx2uall Apr 29, 2014

    I currently HAVE BEEN IN THE PROCESS OF SPEAKING WITH "Misty" @ Bench Craft about advertising in a course guide for a local country club golf course. I learned my lesson 8yrs ago when I was scammed out of 5k ! & Now I do plenty of research before I send $$ or give out my CC info. THANK GOD for the Internet. I would have been another victim on this list!! Obviously I will NOT be sending any money to this company.
    Thanks to all that posted, you have saved me money, time, hassle, grief, frustration, and aggravation!

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  • Mi
    Michelle Hudson Jun 14, 2017

    @didntgetmethanx2uall Misty contacted my housecleaning business today scammers lol 😂 glad I did not fall for that

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  • Bh
    Bhowler Nov 02, 2014

    I'm surprised at the negative feedback on this site. All companies have some unhappy customers but something does not seem right. I'm the head of the San Diego Chamber of Commerce and Benchcraft has dealt with over 100 of our members. All feedback positive. Must be an unhappy employee.

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  • Bh
    Bhowler Nov 02, 2014

    Bench craft with a few problems got my ads out as promised. All in all great job!

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  • Bh
    Bhowler Nov 02, 2014

    The complaints here were done by Llyod Porter a former employee who felt he was let go wrongly . Whether or not he should have been fired or not is not my business. But 99 percent of these complaints are made up.

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  • La
    Ladylibra79 Jan 27, 2015

    I made the mistake of taking a job with them. After years of working in academia, I decided to try sales. I was still young, mid-twenties, and was excited about the opportunity. I can tell you from an insiders perspective, you are all correct. It is a HUGE waste of your money to buy advertising with Bench Craft. It's not so much a scam, per say. They do take your money and EVENTUALLY place your ad on the back of a golf scoring card. The problem is that this can take well over a year, sometimes more, to happen. If you call the customer service line, you will either A) be on hold forever or B) simply get the run around. And of course, they will NEVER refund your money. It was a horrible experience for me to listen to of these furious customers call me, a sales rep, who was on no position to help them. I had to tell them to call the ridiculous customer service line (knowing they wouldn't get any help their either). I left after a month. Please, avoid these people and continue to report them to the BBB. There is a reason they have such a horrible rating.

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  • An
    AngelaHow Jan 27, 2015

    Totally Absolutely agree, they should be put out of business. They are a absolute total disaster!

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  • Bh
    bhale Jan 31, 2015

    I wish I had known about all the complaints previously We paid $750 for ads at 2 different golf courses in August 2013. Tried for 6 months to get somewhere with them AFTER finding out that the gold course didn't get the guides (or they were wrong depending on who you talked to but we never saw one) beginning in April and finally was promised a refund in November by Nick Sanders. When it didn't show on my credit card in 21 days i filed a dispute which they contested and i am still fighting with them to get my money back.. as others have said THEY ARE A SCAM

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