Bell aliant Halifax nstv and bundle billing

A Jun 23, 2018

Bell aliant is billing me for a non existing service.
I put my account on vacation on january 7/2018 while I was out of the country. I returned home to halifax in february and put it back in service.
I phoned bell aliant on february 27 one put it back on vacation. I then left the country and returned on april 14/2018. I went into bellaliant sales
Office on or about may 3 and paid the bill in full. I was then told that my bill was going to be $154 per month plus tax.
I told bell aliant that I was going to another provider.
Also at that time when my tv was on let was stated on the screen that that. Account is unavailable client has been deleted.
I took a picture of the tv screen as proof.
I then went to another supplier and signed up with them.
Yesterday I got a bill from bell aliant for $ 231.22. This for a service that has been that is unavaible and a account that has been deleted.
In addition, included in the billing was a late payment charge of $ 6.67.
This is a outrageous interest charge that needs to be reported as well.
I want bell aliant to delete those charges and intend to see that it is done. Their equipment was returned to them on may 15.
Thank you, anthony power. My bell aliant account was 3982611 0 and the phone number connected to that account is [protected]

tv and bundle billing

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