BefrugalDo not trust Befrugal.


I requested a payment from BeFrugal on January 5. Few minutes later I received a message stating I need to verify the form of payment. I did as they said, but nothing happened. Several days later I still had not received the payment. I contacted Befrugal support and asked about the status of my payment. They said that everything will be fine and it usually takes 10 business days. 10 more days passed and I still had not received it. Then I contacted them again and was told that I never verified my form of payment. If things he said were true he would have told me about it earlier. So this was just a lie. It is now January 27 and I received nothing yet. I'm so disappointed and have no idea what to do now. Do not trust Befrugal.


  • Ng
    NGA12 Jan 29, 2016

    I had exactly the same experience. I requested payment from BeFrugal in the form of an Amazon gift card on January 2nd. As soon as I made the request, I received and email and a text asking me to verify the form of payment by clicking on a particular link. I immediately did so. Eight business days later I still had not received payment, so I emailed customer service about the status of my payment. I was told by "Todd" that payment would be made by the 10th business day after my request for payment, so I waited. Fifteen business days later, I still had not received payment, so I emailed "Todd" again. This time, "Todd" said that I had "ignored" their initial request to verify my form of payment and that I would have to wait another 10 business days to receive my Amazon gift card. Clearly, this was a LIE. If it were true, why didn't "Todd" ask me to verify my form of payment the first time I made an inquiry?? I requested payment (and verified my form of payment) on January 2nd. Today is January 26th and I still have not received my funds. It's obvious that BeFrugal is manufacturing obstacles in order to avoid making disbursements. DO NOT TRUST THEM WITH YOUR BUSINESS. There are plenty of other cash back portals out there that will not hold your cash back hostage.

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  • Fr
    Fred Fletcher Aug 27, 2016

    they are a fraud you earn cashback then cashout after waiting long time to get cashback into balance then they put payment on hold they should be investigated they are collecting alot of money and keeping it and tons of complaints on better bussiness bureau and many other places i see. i wish i could make merchants reverse their payments to them now.

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  • Va
    Vanoren Jan 08, 2017

    They pass blame to the company issuing the credits. I had a credit from a qualified purchase (website referral) and waited for the time window to lapse, but received no credit. I contact them through a trouble ticket, they referred the inquiry to the business and then ...nothing. I requested an update status twice over four months time and was told the request is "pending investigation." This is not a federal case it is a credit for a website purchase. Befrugal will not honor their end of the bargain, they will kick the can down the road to delay time so people get tired and go away, they will pass blame onto the merchant which in the end will impact the merchant's bottom line as well. I would suggest both consumers and merchants stay away from this company. There are similar services with long-standing establishment that provide much more reliable and trustworthy service.

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