BeautifulHalotwo lights which were never delivered

A Aug 17, 2018 Review updated:

The most terrible experience

I have honestly never experienced anything like this, I ordered two large ceiling lights and the package was shipped to the uk. However, even though there were builders at my house everyday, they couldn't deliver and it was in a warehouse 10 miles away from my home and I was told to go and collect it. Impossible considering I don't have a car and wasn't forking out for a taxi. I asked for it to be redelivered numerous times over the course of a month - a seemingly simple task, however this proved impossible.

The items have now gone back to the company and I have asked for a full refund, I never received the items and have had to wait four months for this to be refunded.

I have now been told that their warehouse has destroyed one of the items I ordered so they're unable to refund me!?!?!!?

I'm appalled. Never ever again.


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    Heather6 Nov 25, 2018

    This company is a scam! Beware!!! I purchased what I thought was a cute light fixture for my sons room. When I had it installed the light just flickered constantly. I contacted Beautiful Halo and they told me to take a video of the problem and it to them. I did. They responded by saying that they made a mistake with the wiring. They said I should send it back to them and pay for the shipping and they will send me another one. Since the original fixture took weeks to get to me, I wasn’t going to wait another several weeks to get a replacement. My son was already living in the dark for so long. I suggested they send me a pre paid label and I would send them back the defected fixture but I wanted a refund. They said they could only give me 5% back. Are you kidding? Any reputable company would refund the entire amount especially when they wired it wrong. I threatened to post complaints online about them and report them to consumer affairs. They then said I could keep the broken fixture and refund me 10%. Whoohoo. This place is a SCAM!!!
    There is no way to call them only email.

    I don’t know if Consumer Affairs will do anything with a company located in Hong Kong. This place needs to be put out of business fast!

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