BBC Broadcasting Housemostly a right many of the channels

K Nov 29, 2017

Ok I think it is very unfair folks on here are allowed to attack say nasty vulgar things to people they don't know on here I feel you all should not allow that comments option and remove all chats on here also there is quite a bit of vulgar language on all that ghetto rap artist Cardi b and remy ma all negative rachet hoodrat rappers I think you all should remove all nasty videos of cardib and like I said remove the comments option and chat and that page Jessica kohinoor the transgender female very nasty that is the nastiest site I have ever heard like you all need a moderator for all these nasty channels and remy ma has her own channel and makes all kinds of threats curses people out it's just outrageous the things you all allow on YouTube very unfair like my activity page is filled with ugly comments from folks that don't know me and calling me all kinds of names which is wrong I want something done about this matter

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