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Barnes & Noble Complaints & Reviews

Barnes & Noble / return of merchandise

uconncustomer on Oct 15, 2017
Returned clothing in the Barnes and Nobles UConn bookstore located in 18 Front St, Hartford, Connecticut. Cashier was giving me a hard time for no apparent reason. I was returning two items out of the three on the receipt, which I had use a $10 gift card on and the remaining balance with my...

Barnes & Noble / funko. pop black chrome batman

Heather D Landrum on Oct 11, 2017
I showed the customer service peopf i purchased 2 of these. They twll me i didny and refuse to give me qhat i paid for and what i stayed up all night for. They refuse to give me cooperates number. They keep givint me the run around. I wan what i paid for. If there website cqnt handle large...

Barnes & Noble / an associate (theresa)

Essie Broussard on Oct 10, 2017
On yesterday I went into the Barnes n Noble on Veterans Blvd in New Orleans, La. I sat at the table near the escalator. I noticed a few spots on it and wiped it with a Clorox wipe that was in my bag. Upon sitting down, my feet began to stick to the floor. I noticed (Theresa) passing by. I...

Barnes & Noble / product quality

Sara Swiergosz on Oct 10, 2017
I am currently at your store in Maumee OH which is near my home and needed to buy a parenting book today. The store has one copy on hand which is 178 pages long. 118 pages are damaged from what appears to be a coffee spill per one of your employees. I was advised a book could be ordered...

Barnes & Noble / "turtles all the way down" by john green

Jada Grisson on Oct 10, 2017
As a long-time Barnes and Noble shopper and my member, I generally know what to expect in terms of service. The overwhelming majority of my experiences with the company have been, undoubtedly positive and when problems have previously arose they have been resolved. However, I placed my...

Barnes & Noble / today’s star wars event at rancho cucamonga ca

Mahbooba on Oct 8, 2017
With Respects: Today I took my 6 year old daughter to the Star Wars event at Barnes and Noble on Foothill at Rancho Cucamonga CA. Store opened at 9am and I was there before that waiting outside for store to open until 1pm, finishing time. My daughter entered the costume contest and participated in 6...

Barnes & Noble / mispricing of books

Chip12345 on Oct 6, 2017
I went into the local Barnes and Nobel and I was surprised to see how much this business has gone down in the past 10 years. There is hardly any people in there and there are even fewer employees. After looking for someone to help me for more than 5 minutes I finally got some millenial to...

Barnes & Noble / bathrooms

CherylBenn on Oct 2, 2017
We are in the Barnes and noble in Menlo Park mall in edison nj. We spoke to a manager named anthony to let him know about the cleanliness in the male bathroom. No toliet paper, no soap, toilets dirty. Toliet paper is laying out to use to dry your hands. Fiancé tells me this and I check girl...

Barnes & Noble / in store sales vs online sales

Juju0720 on Oct 1, 2017
I needed to purchase a book for my high schoolers English class. The price was $15.99 in the store and on sale for only $10.02. I am a B&N member which gave me 10% at the store, HOWEVER the store was unable to match the online price. We needed the book for the following day, so online...

Barnes & Noble / visit to the store

Recilia on Sep 30, 2017
All I wanted was to buy this book for my son for school and get totally humiliated by @barnesandnoble on Voss and Westheimer Rd. I go in the store the alarm doesn't go off, now the only thing I have is a lil shoulder purse and the lady behind the counter already looking at me side ways so...

Barnes & Noble / service and being misled

robert comp on Sep 26, 2017
Barnes & Noble let me down big time, they did not deliver, their representative provided erroneous information... after numerous attempts to learn status of my order, I finally had to cancel my order...this had a big impact on my son not having books for school. Their system did not tell me...

Barnes and Noble / customer service

JBLuk on Sep 17, 2017
On Saturday, September 16, my family visited a Barnes and Noble store located at the The Streets of Southpoint in Durham, North Carolina. Throughout our visit to the store we were followed by several employees that showed up in every aisle and repeatedly asked if we needed assistance after...

Barnes & Noble / unethical business practices - membership

C Stevens on Sep 14, 2017
DON'T BUY B&N MEMBERSHIP!!! So I bought a B&N membership about 6 weeks ago. Within 24-hours of the purchase, I received my first email "congratulating" me on joining their "Kid's Club". I NEVER JOINED THE KID'S CLUB! After multiple attempts to rectify the problem by going into different stores, I...

Barnes & Noble / book rental

Megan Rock on Sep 14, 2017
Hello, My name is Megan Rock and I am reaching out to inform you that over the past several weeks, I have had possibly the worst consumer interactions with both Barnes and Noble and UPS that I have ever had. I attempted to return a book to Barnes and Noble through UPS on May 18. 2017. UPS...

Barnes & Noble / both store manager and service manager

Nicholas Simmermon on Sep 11, 2017
I was confronted with complete and utter disrespect and lies. I tried to sell a book back because they wouldn't take it as a return because I lost my receipt, which I 100% understand but that wasn't the problem. Everyone was making me wait because supposedly the system "logged out" so I...

Barnes & Noble / customer service via phone

Allison Sinnott on Sep 6, 2017
Called three times for all of them to give me same information and directions. My nook he doesn't stay on with or without sd card unless it's plugged in. Wanted this fixed only to be told to plug it in and out. I was also told to put as card when once it was turned off then the picture...

Barnes & Noble / visit to store

On August 27, 2017, my husband and I visited the Victorville, CA location. We arrived between 6:00p.m. and 6:30p.m. we both were there to purchase books and other items, but prior to this we took a restroom break. Once I entered the woman's restroom, the smaller stalls were too small and...

Barnes & Noble / discounts for educators

Eugenia Paulus on Aug 26, 2017
I was in Barnes and Noble store at County 10 in Blaine, Minnesota. This complaint is not against this particular store, its against Barnes and Noble. I am a Community college teacher who gets paid less than a high school teacher. Yet, Barnes and Noble, in its ignorance, chooses to call...

Barnes & Noble / book and customer service

dlc2499 on Aug 26, 2017
Wife wife wanted to go to our local B&N and I reluctantly went with her on August 26, 2017. We went to the Greece Ridge Mall store in Rochester, NY. In the store, I had to ignore countless Items of very objectionable content which were prominently on display. As she shopped, I browsed...

Barnes & Noble / no response from nook press to 5 emails to clear up vendor account info mismatch

Symmetry Press on Aug 17, 2017
re: vendor# PUB0000311 Symmetry Press LLC Problem: "We're having trouble verifying some of the vendor account information that you entered. Please email nookpress@nook.com to discuss the necessary steps to approve your account.” Since Nook Press first reported this issue to me on July...

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