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I am contacting you from Turkey and i would like to make an enquiry about my barbour border jacket i have which showed some signs of zip deterioration from its cord and puller mainly. I cannot show this to any barbour retailer in Turkey because i was a gift for me from Dublin and honestly no one knows what to do. I feel very dissapointed with this case because i have many jackets from Barbour from International to quilted etc.. but this Border jacket cannot be used because of this faulty zipper in 2 years. All i want is a customer care from you guysa and asap resolution to be honest because Barbours quality and legacy should not let me down as a customer internationally.
Thanx for the concern,

Barbour / J. Barbour & Sons
Barbour / J. Barbour & Sons
Barbour / J. Barbour & Sons

Feb 20, 2019

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