Banner Desert Medical Center Complaints & Reviews

Banner Desert Medical Center / emergency department

Sep 16, 2019

I was instructed to go to the hospital by my provider for a procedure to be performed emergently. Upon arriving at the hospital, I was instructed to go to the Emergency Room and register. After waiting in the ED lobby for over an hour, I was taken back in to the emergency department by a...

Banner Desert Medical Center / medical staff not taking all medical information because of mother omitting facts

Jul 09, 2019

My fiance carrie was taken to community bridges for meth addiction when she was picked up she remembered me fine she self checked out in morning and she disappeared for a few hours and was found on side of road and could not remember her name or any info other then my name so they...

Banner Desert Medical Center / wasn't given proper treatment or medication. was ignored for 4 hours.

Oct 26, 2018

Dr. James Mead ignored me for 4 hours and refused to give me anything for pain after requesting something for 3 hours. I was involved in a car accident 5 days prior and was returning to the E.R. for complications due to the accident. The accident itself caused a skull fracture, a nasal...

Banner Desert Medical Center / children's er doctor

Dec 21, 2015

Banner Desert Medical CenterWe took my daughter into the ER saturday december 19th 2015. The doctors who treated my daughter need to be looked at. We were told her ears were clear at the time we were there. We took her to her normal doctor this am and she has a very severe ear infection. Our PED was dumbfounded on...

Banner Desert Hospital / absolute negligence

Apr 14, 2014

In March 2014 I awoke with severe abdominal pain, so bad I was unabe to stand up straight, lie flat, move my legs, or take a full breath. I dont typically have health problems, it was so sudden & severe, so my husband called an ambulance because I was unable to get to the car. Right off...