Bank Mobile Vibemotel 6

S Jul 19, 2019

My boyfriend and I went here around 5:00 a.m. to get a room after traveling for awhile. The man/clerk at the desk was extremely rude when asking for my boyfriend's ID & needed a debit or credit card saying he just needed to see it for verification purposes. Once he told my boyfriend the charge and that we would have to check out by 1p my boyfriend said hold on let me ask my girlfriend if that's what she wants & the card is hers anyway so she will have to be the one to make the transaction need be. The clerk had laid his ID and my card on the counter. I was right outside looking for a tire pump in our trunk waiting to hear what the cost and stay time would be. I didn't think it was a good deal & waste of money so I proceeded inside to let the clerk know & grab my boyfriend's ID and my debit card. The clerk tries to hand me a key stating a room number. I said no sir we don't want a room here. He tells me that there is no refund. I tell him that we never gave permission for the card to be used. He said we did & I said we certainly did not and if we didn't enter a pin so he must have scanned it as credit. Told him that he better refund my money or I was calling the police. He said fine and then said that it would cost $5.00 to do so. I said how are you charging me anything since I didn't give permission for my card to be used this is bs cut out the crap and refund my money now. He then yelled saying that I would receive it in 7 to 10 business days. I told him not to raise his voice to me & that I wasn't waiting any amount of time because he used my bank card without permission and that it was a crime & I was going to press charges. I then went to walk out he opened the door and then slammed it on me while I was walking out locking the door behind him. Bottom line this man didn't have authorization to use my card and I want my money back as soon as possible.

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