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misbehavior of conductor

I am a researcher settled in Bangalore. As usual I was traveling back home to Vidyaranapura from Mathikere.the bus I took was 401Q.the bus no. was KA50, F 022. the bus passed Vidyaranapura 1st block at 6.10 pm on Saturday 8th may 2010.
As a researcher I have to carry my laptop and my books everyday and the bag being very heavy. I was struggling with it.I did not want to bother anyone so didn't ask for help. the conductor came and in spite of their being plenty of space of his moving about stopped and started howling at the top of his voice using foul language and made gestures which were too condescending and rash on any human being.
This is not the first time I am facing such a behavior from a conductor in this route.
coming from a separate state, I expect a little more supportive behavior form Bangalore conductors as they always pick on us (quite biasedly) who are not from this city and take advantage of our linguistic barriers.
I would request any concerned person to take the matter into consideration as misbehavior from conductors are on a rise...its high time people take action...

  • He
    heidianne5 May 16, 2010

    this is dreadful behaviour and i so hope this problem hasnt upset you to much.what awful bus companies you have in bangalore.shame on them.xxpecker up and keep smiling.

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Arrogance by conductors and no notices on the buses regarding fare increases

I understand that BMTC has of late increased the rates of the volvo daily pass from Rs 75/- to Rs 80/-.
But the irony is, this is not put up in any form of a notice on the buses. Neither do the conductors inform the commuters about it in advance. Today i.e 3 may, 2010 when i asked for a pass, he charged me 80 but the ticket had only 75 printed on it. When i asked he was not ready to even accept his fault. And when i asked for a refund he was not even ready for that.

This is utter unprofessionalism and arrogance that these conductors in general show up. If bmtc is increasing the price, new tickets should also be printed. The least that is expected is that these buses have a notice being put on the buses or at least the conductors inform the passengers well in advance.

I have had many bad experiences in BMTC where in change is not been provided, ticket not been issued or such kind of arrogance being showed.

Please do the needful.

  • Co
    Commuter May 03, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Yes even todaya I was surprised to see that conductor giving me 75/- printed bus pass and a ticket of 5/- rupees. If price has been increased they should a plan to print the new rates accordingly. Not a systematic way the management has worked on it.

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Negliegence and rash driving of BMTC bus


I travel from Banaswadi to WhiteField everyday on my car.
Today, a BMTC bus (KA-01-FA-611, depot 15) took reverse, where I was satying behind his vechile.
This driver dont have sense to see when he took a blind reverse without even see other vechiles staying
behind the vechile in the heavy traffic near KR Puram Railway Station. In spite of honking this guy has come back, which made me a shock, since behind my vechile also other vechiles staying, I am blocked and not able to move out.
Luckily I also applied the reverse to move little which saved my life otherwise he would have killed me.

Bus number: KA-01-FA-611
Time: ~ 10:20 to 10:40 AM
Place: Near K R Puram Railway station.
Date: 06 April 2010.

R Chandra Sekaran

hitting my car and breaking outside rear view mirror

Today morning around 10: am or so a BMTC bus No 330 with registration no. KA01 F2758 hit the left outside rear view mirror near Kemp Fort while trying to cut right without looking if there was a car. after knocking off the mirror the bus driver (name unknown) argued baselessly with my driver (as they always do when mistake is theirs) and said do what you want to do and complaint if you wish to and then drove away. my car, a white swift was on the right side and the bus on left side of road and then that bus driver decided to cut right for Go-knows-what reason blindly. I have in the past seen them so so near bus stops where they cut off the traffic to get ahead of other buses ahead of them for some freaked out race they have amongst themselves. But today I was at the receiving end and ended up with a damaged outside rear view mirror with only arrogant unruly behaviour from the driver of the abovementioned bus.

Conductor not giving back change!

Dear Sir/Madam,

I was enroute to my work place this morning and had an ugly spat with the conductor of BMTC bus KA-01 3546 for not having given the change back even after promising to do so after issuing the ticket. When I reached my destination, the conductor refused to acknowledge that he owed me change and even after several debates he didnt give me back my money. This is extremely unethical and unacceptable. The name of the conductor is Suresh.
I am not sure how many such cases occur on a daily basis and proper action needs to be taken to stop this menace.

This was one of my first few trips by bus and I am just as disappointed as I have been with the Auto functioning in Bangalore.

Kindly take appropriate action against such unruly and corrupt conductors to help people from getting cheated.

Shweta Harve

  • Da
    Dauish Aug 18, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I work with a leading bank and was en route to my work place saturday morning @ 8:45 and had an ugly spat with the conductor of BMTC bus 355 E (Kadugudi-Majestic) . Initailly he asked me to give me Rs.15 for domlur since i got boarded @ Murugeshpalya . unfortunately i didn't had change i had given him R.s20 but he refuse to take and rudely asked me to get down. I got offended and asked his name but he didn't replied & took Rs.20 and given me ticket. Later while getting @ domlur i demanded to return the change but he misbehaved with me. I got down without taking change since i was getting late to work. This is extremely unethical and unacceptable.
    I am not sure how many such cases occur on a daily basis and proper action needs to be taken to stop this menace. I am just as disappointed as I have been with the Auto functioning in Bangalore.

    Kindly take appropriate action against such unruly and corrupt conductors to help people from getting cheated.

    With regards
    Danish Hasnain

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Rash driving and careless attitude


I travel from Jayanagar to C.V. Raman Nagar everyday on my bike...
Today, a BMTC Vajra Volvo bus (KA-01-FA-1528) overtook me from the left side, tried taking an impossible right turn while still overtaking me from the left and almost had me killed.

My brakes screeched (not that i was fast, i was driving at around 40 kms/hr) to a halt... they skid a bit and i fell down, lost my balance...trying to avoid an imminent death...

I've visited the BMTC website to complain and as expected, the complaints link is broken... Saved by the helmet and jacket, I'm writing this...and for all i know, i'd have never made it to the office today.

Bus number: KA-01-FA-1528
Time: ~ 11:45 a.m-12:15 p.m
Place: Near Bangalore Central, End of Residency road
Date: 25th january, 2010


  • Ci
    CitizenSunil Apr 15, 2011

    KA01F 8734 - 500DA (Driver on duty: Monday, Wednesday and Friday)

    1. Driver has no respect on other drivers.
    2. Driver is more egoistic and behaves arrogantly if someone overtakes.
    3. Speed and overtaking rashly, scratching/hitting other vehicles.
    4. Without knowing next vehicles, driver moves the bus left and right, causing damages to vehicles.
    5. When he drives fast, tension for boarded passengers, whether this driver hits any bike/persons.

    Eg: All mistakes from driver side.
    1. With foot, he hitted one volvo bus conductor, when on quarrel.
    2. Completely scratched left side of a new maruti alto car.
    3. Daily quarrels with other drivers.

    This driver is un-fit as bus driver.
    Please take action on the driver.


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cunductor behavoir

t was outrageous and incredibly inconvenient incidentg happened on 29th DEc 2009 and 4th jan 2010
Hi, today morning at 6.30 am I was travelling in the bus route number 365D Bilawarada halli to KBS.
The conductor who is behaving with the passenger arrogantly and also with me.
The onductor behavior was so strange.Such conductor is nuisance to public, please save the public from the irresponsible staff.
He was behaving very arrogantly with almost all the passengers.
He was scolding most of the passengers for no reasons.
He stared at me very badly and told me rudely to wait for a while.
Just because the conductor did not have his name tag, I could not get his name.
But I am sure the BMTC maintains a register and can very well trace the conductor from the above given details. By looking at that conductor's behaviour.
He is not ready to arrange seat for Senior Citizen
we are paying tax to the GOVT. they are the govt servants they should behave properly and serve the people
On 29-12-2009 also He behaved very arrogantly.Talking singularly with senior people.
Please take action on that idiot cundcotor

  • Lo
    Lokesh.r Oct 12, 2011

    Hi sir, my name is lokesh, on 12th October i travelling in BMTC Bus No.KA 01 FA 1157 AND rout from Nelamangala to Yeashvathapur. the bus going slowlly, there is no any traffic jam, the road is fully free, so i told to conductor please go fast the time is over. so the conductor told to me that i am going like only what will you do and i ask why you telling like thay and he say to me i will use my foot.he talk in singularly. this is the way your conductor treat the passenger so i request you to please inform to your conductor to give respect to others . they act like his own bus.

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  • Lo
    Lokesh.r Oct 12, 2011

    Dear sir, my name is Lokesh. i travelling in BMTC No.KA 01 FA 1157 from Nelamangala to Yeshavanthapur 258c pushpuk the time is morning in that bus behavoir of conductor is so bad, because the bus going slowlly there is no any trafic jam, the road is free. so i request to conductor go fastly. fast means not 100 km just 35 km so the conductor told me no i am going like what will you do. so i told why you are telling like that theen he say you talking like this i use my foot. talking in singularly. this is the way your conductor give respect to passanger. the conductor thinking like his own bus. so i kindly request you to take action .

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BMTC Bus Service Complaint

This is regarding the bus route journey from Kalyan Nagar to Banneraghatta. Route Bus nos MBS8 and 412. There is no proper timing for the bus services in this route. The greater excuse for the BMTC is the Byappanahalli Railway Gate. Having that as the reason, no proper buses available for the commuters and it is daily problem.

Kindly request you to look into the problem and take care of the public specially during peak hours.

If you wait for the bus. always you can find the bus going on the otherside 2 or 3 together. This side people have to wait for either of the 3 whenever it comes. It is very very bad part of BMTC especially in this route.

Please take necessary action to solve this issue atleast during peak hours (School/College/office timings).

Thank you

  • Sw
    sweety May 10, 2010

    I am passenger travel from coles park to ITC I travel in bus daily. On 7th May 2010 evening at around 6:45pm I climbed Pushpak bus (KA-01 FA 1271). Driver cum Conductor was very rude took money from me but was not bothered to give ticket. When i asked ticket he started saying I paid 1 rupee less (5rs instead of 6rs I was not aware that in Pushpak it 1 rupee more) so gave him rupee and again when asked for ticket he blasted me saying what good you are gona make to government, and dint even let me get down in my stop started yelling your fathers bus or what to stop wherever you want. This kind of rude and cunning behaviour is very bad .Kindly take strict action. Even inspection wether ticket and proper change is given to passenger should be done often.

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  • St
    stalin raj Jun 01, 2011

    TO Sir, whom ever it may concern too. in evenings there is no proper bus service from Bamboo bazar to tambuchatti palya (T.C. Palya) and people travilling in this route is finding difiicult to get bus in the afternoon and in evening times. there is bus after every 2 hours only in this time. atleasst every hour let be bus. due to this many people are using there privite vechals to go to work. so kindly do the needful and so that more and more people use bus services. i am kindly requesting you and we would be very gatefull for you for this. THANKING YOU

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  • Sa
    sandhya batan Oct 02, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This is regarding the bus route journey from KBS to 7th camp. Route Bus nos 271. The destination of this bus is supposed to be 7th camp but the driver and conductor don't take the bus till there very often. They simply make everyone to get down at jalahalli east itself saying that the bus wont go to 7th camp. This is very rude of them.I have experiences this 10 to 12 times and it causes inconvenience to many passengers. Please look into the matter and do the needful as early as possible.

    Thank you

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  • Ka
    kavitha narayanan Jun 12, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    why there is no direct buses from hal to banshankari ?all the way daily we need to come till domlur and get another bus walking for a distance this inconvenience has to be resolved.thank u kavitha

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Arrogant driver

Today, 19th Nov 2009 at 0840Am, while I was driving from Sarjapur Road towards Silk board, just past TOTAL, a BMTC Bus route number 25A with Registration Number KA-01-FA-269 came from the left and bruised in the front left side of my Scorpio which had caused scratch which needs some tinkering and painting. It is the mistake of the BMTC driver to come to the right from left which bruised with my vehicle. I was not concerned about the money what I will incur to get the same repaired but the concern is had this happened to any two wheeler or smaller vehicle, I am sure that would have resulted into a mishap or permanent disability.

Since the driver did not stop, I was forced to encounter him in the next bus stop. First he would have been polite to answer or listen, instead he responded with a attitude mentioning that he is not aware and such things happens with big vehicle. Adding if I have any further problem, I may complain to anyone as this (accident0 caused at the rear end of the vehicle and it is not a complain or his mistake.

Even though I had registered a complaint with BMTC, I would like them taking appropriate / necessary action and educate such drivers to be more careful while driving and respect rules. It is all about Attitude and some sense of driving which will save lot of innocent lives and permanent disability than blaming the fate.

  • Sr
    Sriranganatha Dec 31, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Arrogance of Driver and Conductor

    Today I travelled in TATA Marcoplo 96A bus with registration number KA-01 F8545 from Majestic to Basaveshwara Nagar at around 8:15 pm. Even though the bus goes to Basaveshwara Nagar circle, just because me and my friends were having Volvo buses both Driver and Conductor said the bus will not goto Basaveshwara Nagar and shouted on us and asked us to get down from running bus. Behind that one more BMTC was coming which would have killed both me and my friend. We got into the bus in Platform 6 where the bus was stopped.

    Later the same bus driver and conductor moved the bus to platform 5 and were calling the Basaveshwara Nagar bus stop asking people to get in. Me and my friend got into the bus and enquired when they told that bus will not goto Basaveshwara Nagar, they told its there wish and we can complaint to whomever we want.

    This is not the fast time I am facing this problem with the same conductor. He always iltreat the people who are volvo passholders. Also I observed that the conductor is not giving Rs.1 change to any of the passengers. Requesting you to please advise both condutor and driver to behave properly with the passengers.

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  • Pr
    pranav143 Mar 04, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I took ticket up to majestic from daasarali stop in bus route number : 250. I took photo of the bus and bus driver also. And the bus number is KA-01 FA-1830 . tme 1:30 to 2:30 pm

    First i have to tell I am having breathing problem.In that bus no seats are free everything is occupied.
    That Bus driver ( son of a ### ) scolded me and shouting at me to go to last of the bus to stand even no seats are there.
    I said i am having breathing problem as i am having language trouble with these ###s low class bus drivers.
    I said "i cant go to the back now brother.If any seats are there i will go brother". Is there any abusing words in my reply? Then what the ### that bus driver scolded me and comes to beats me in front of all passengers.if he is in my home town i would have beats him heavily and take him to hospital.But this is not my place so other passesgers consoled me and ask me politely to go back.That bus driver telling me to give the ticket and get my money back.Who the hell is this ### to ask me to go down??? son of a ###.He allows other guys who speak kanada to stand in front.I like him to eat his kanada guys ### in public bus and smell their ###.. f*** this bangalore goverment.If they dont take action why the hell they are here? These bus drivers acting like bus owners.

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Cancellation of Bus route No.192 from Vivekanandanagar to KHB Colony

I am a regular passenger on Route No. 192( Depot no. 16) for the past several years which only plies as a single route without any buses in the opposite direction at the same time. In spite of this it was still very convenient for several passengers like me to travel to Vijaynagar and adjacent areas. Last week this route bus was withdrawn apparently for no reason and this act by the BMTC has put me and several passengers into hardship. As such there are no buses from Vivekanandanagar to Bangalore north and west like Rajajinagar, Vijaya nagar and Basaaveshwaranagar. I therefore request BMTC to immediately restore services of Route no. 192 and introduce more buses to Vijayanagar and Rajajinagar. Thanks in advance.

  • Vi
    Vivek0000700007 Nov 29, 2009

    Just to inform BMTC that i am boarding the bus at bommasandara bus stand. The Volvo bus (356N) starting from narayana hrudalaya is not stopping at bommasandra bus stand bcs the buses are going on top of the flyover and bus stand is at down. Can some one look in to this since we are regular passagngare of this bus and this thing started from past one month only when fly over started.

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BMTC bus conductor cheats

It was outrageous and incredibly inconvenient incident this morning happened. Morning I took ticket at...

Driver cum Conductor of BMTC bus misbehaves and is a fraudster

Respected Sir/Madam,

I boarded a BMTC bus from Kempe Gowda Bus stand at 5.15 am on September 7, 2009. Even before I got into the bus, I asked the conductor cum driver(Single person doing both, do not know his name) if the bus would travel to Cosmos Mall. He asked me to get into the bus(Not saying YES or NO). I gave him a FIFTY rupee note for the ticket. He gave me Rs.30 back without ticket. I asked him for the ticket. He said he will come back and give it. Five minutes later, the bus started. I went to him again to issue the ticket. He said the same thing again.

When the bus reached the Command Hospital(Maybe he misheard Cosmos Mall to be Command Hospital), he called me and asked me to get down. I told him that I was not getting down here. I was not interested in getting down. The bus reached Marathahalli Bridge, which was its last stop. I went to the conductor to ask him to give me the change and the ticket. He not only told me that there is no change, but also abused me when I asked him the ticket. He later returned 5 more rupees to me. I told him that I want a ticket for the fare that he collected. He not only refused to issue the ticket, but also asked me to 'get lost'. I told him that I would complain to the authorities. He replied to me saying 'Do whatever you want (In Kannada)'.

Earlier this conductor/driver had to return Rs.2/- to another man who was getting down at Murugeshpalya bus stop. But he said he did not have change. This man saw the change right in the box on the radiator. The conductor said that he requires the change and refused to give the man that change. The man got into a fight with this conductor. Both of them abused each other.

Also, this driver was involved in a race with another BMTC bus for almost 5 kms. He was driving crazily. This race started off at the Corporation Circle and ended near the Commnd hospital. They would have nearly killed a few people.

The number of the bus is 333. The registration number of the bus is KA 01 FA 38.

Please take the very strict action possible against this driver who drove between Majestic/Marathahalli bridge on this registration number on 7th September 09 between 5.15 and 6 am.

  • An
    Anoops Sep 06, 2009

    BMTC doesn't seem to take action on any of the complaints. What a shame!

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  • An
    Anoops Sep 07, 2009

    BMTC conductors have become a greater nuisance than rowdies, these days.

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  • Ge
    Geervan Nov 03, 2009

    Respected sir
    in our route in morning(8.45 to 9.0) there are lak of buses at that time there is a bus but he will not give stop in vasanthpura the bus will be empty it is not rush also vehicle number KA 01 F 3608 (Route is from banaskari to chansandhra)

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  • Ba
    Bava Dec 18, 2009

    I agree that these kind of incedents are common if you are a travelling in BMTC. You can complain about this incident to the Chief traffic Manager or to the Saradhi sqads by emailing to [email protected] or calling the folloing numbers.

    BMTC, Central Offices, KH Road, Bangalore-27 Ph: 22952534, 33, 36
    BMTC Call Center Ph.No.12667, Or E-Mail ID: [email protected]
    Sarathi Squads
    Control Room

    You can also send a written complaint in the format avaialable on the annex-I (Page-35) from the link ""

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  • Am
    Amaravathi Aug 27, 2010

    Dear Respected officer,

    I Have a complain about bmtc bus driver, in VIJAYNAGAR bmtc bus stop a bus was standing more than an half an hour with engine on only, he was reading news paper sitting in bus only.Diesel was simply waste. In the evening at 7PM Bus number is KA-02 F9995.

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I am a resident of Doddakammanahalli Road near Bannergatta Road. The bus route no. 369E was commuting from Kammanahalli Bus Terminus to Majestic/Market and vice versa on a regular basis from morning till night. For the past two weeks, the service of this bus route no. around 9 a.m. is discontinued without any notice. All the office goers and garment workers are facing lot of difficulties in the morning to commute from our area. A prime time bus service is stopped for no valid reason causing a lot of inconvenience to the residents of our locality. Please consider this and try to restore the service at 9 a.m. as earlier. If it happens, our residents will be highly thankful to you.

  • Sh
    shivukuderu Sep 14, 2009

    I am n finding BMTC busses from Sarjapura to attibele during 12:30 PM to 2:30 PM.

    try solve this roblem as early as you seen this complaint.

    try o mainain a single emmirgency BMTC contact availability for all passengers complaint.


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Misbehaviour by conductor

I am Sourav . i stay in Kodihalli, on sunday while i was returning from college i was in a hurry to get back to home i got up in a bus but i was confused with the bus no so i asked the conductor to kindly tell me the bus no so that if i have got up in a wrong bus i can still change it in the next stop, the conductor asked my pass i showed him my daily pass, i asked him again the bus no to this he started replying rudely in kannada, but i could understand he was speaking foul words about my family, i again asked the reason for behaving in such way to this he replied tat he is the boss here and if i shut up i ll b thrown out of the bus he also pushed me i fell down near the door, and was slightly injured.i still dont understand the reason as to why he behaved in this manner.i was born here in bangalore and am here from past 18 years and this is what i get being a bangalorean!!! i lost the bus no but i can still remember the conductor, it was the new puspak bus the red one with fans in it and it goes to jeevanbeemanagar deppo!!! can some one pls help me in this matter its not because i suffered its because most of the comman people travel in these BMTC busses and because of a few rude and misbehaving conductors the whole BMTC corp gets a bad name !!! my contact no is [protected] if any one can help me pls contact me...thank you!!

  • Li
    lidwin dsouza Aug 28, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I do agree that most of the conductors are behaving well with the passengers but there are a few conductors who are very rude especially to women and children. I boarded the bus no. KA 01 F 1348, route no. 369C at 6pm on 26.08.2009 at corporation bus stop. I saw the conductor harassing a 17 yr old boy by confiscating his pass and not issuing a ticket. I learnt from other commuters that this is going on from the time the bus started from KBS. When I asked what is the problem he replied rudely and sarcastically. The boy was pleading him to return the pass and give a ticket. But all was in vain. We as regular commuters in BTS busses would like to reach home peacefully after a days work. harassing women and children is a crime. I hope that the management BMTC will warn such conductors to mend their ways and behave well with the public. Hope that the things change for the good of all.

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Negligence driving and misbehavior of bus driver

1) The Driver of BMTC Bus No. KA-01-F-3672 was driving bus in rash manner which dangerous to human life. 2...

Misbehavior of conductor

My daughter aged 13 years has a concessional bus pass from jayanagar 5th blk to makkala koota, changeover at jayanagar 4th block. She takes the 60 series bus up to basavanagudi police station and then takes buses plying on KR Road to makkala koota. On 14th aug 2008 she boarded 60A at police stn and the conductor was misbehaving right through. At Shanthi theater he asked for her bus pass and on seeing that he literally pushed her out of the bus saying it's not a valid pass as 60A does not go to makkala koota. She was embarrassed and was crying and next she boarded 60B and the conductor asked for her pass and said it's fine and 60A conductor was senior and cranky. I req2uest the authorities to instruct the conductor to behave themselves and it's public transport and not the property of driver or the conductor. Where can i give a written complaint?

  • Sa
    Sanjana Aug 26, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I boarded bus no KA 01 F 2135, from vijayanagar which is 60 series bus.I wanted to go to jayanagar.Bus actually goes from vijayanagar to till jayanagar 9th block.It was very rush in the bus and till 5 stops over from vijaynagar, the conductor dint come to give the ticket.I saw her sitting at the last seet of the bus and chatting with one of the passenger.It was very rush and I could not go to her and collect the ticket.After 6 stops she came to the front door.And started scolding in slang language for not taking ticket till 6 stops.I request you to either increase the bus frequency so that we can go and collect the ticket or through out the conductors who does not do their duty properly.Jai karnataka.Jai bharat.

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  • Go
    Gopinath Reddy Dec 28, 2008

    Dear Sir/Madam

    Today i.e 29/12/2008 i reached bangalore at early morning 4:30, and very much glad to see that bus service was still available at that time.
    I took bus to sreenivas nagar Bus No 45, KA-01-F-1451, The bus was almost full and i was in the last seat. By the time when the bus reached Chamrahpet circle conductore came to me for ticket, till than no passengers had get down from the bus.
    I gave him 20/- for two tickets which costs me 10/- per ticket, but the conductore returned the change of 5/- and i was surprised, for a while i thought is it a new year offer, but it was not so, he told 15/- he charged for without ticket that means that amount is for his pocket, he has did the same for all, he gave the ticket only on demand other wise no ticket.
    On an estimation approximately 40 were travelling in that bus
    If minimum charge on 40 is 10/- ( With ticket) and he has charged 7/-(with out ticket)it means 7X40 i.e 280/- per trip is for his account. which is non account to BMTC.
    This is not the first time it had happend to me but this for the first time i am writing tio you.
    Who will take care of this
    Please save innocent peoples,
    Please reduce corruption.
    Please be a part of Development,
    Please be a part of construction, not destruction.

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  • Su
    sunit56 Feb 10, 2009

    ROUTE NO 95 KAMALA NAGAR TO SHIVAJINAGAR 8:15 am bus is not coming properly depo no 31

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  • Ma
    Manoj Balakrishnan Mar 31, 2009

    I completely agree with this. Some of the conductors will sit next to ladies only even if other seats are empty. If anybody has any contact for complaining about this (phone/email id) please share it here. It would be a great help.
    Manoj Balakrishnan

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  • Aj
    Ajith Kumar Jun 09, 2009

    Drunken BMTC drivers
    Last week I saw BMTC driver drving bus fully drunk.When I complained to conductor he scolded and said its none of my business.
    Bus was coming from Hebbal to Banashankari-at late night.
    Ajith Kumar

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Misbehavior of conductor

This happened to me just 20 min before.i caught a BMTC bus at koramangala 4th block busstop, 201G bus number...

Lack of buses at rush hour

I am working in a IT company in Electronic City in Bangalore. I travel from Attibele daily. It is about 15kms away from my office. I have to reach office around 9am. I noticed that there are hardly any buses in the bus stand around 7:30am, which is the peak time for school children, college students, office goers. I have tried all possible combinations to reach bus stop between 7:15am to 8:30am, but in vain, there is always a HUGE crowd waiting for bus and hardly any bus at sight.

The buses are also not scheduled. If I see 2 buses at 8am today and try to reach the same tomorrow I don't find any bus till 8:15am. Everyday we have to wait for a long time and then come standing or literally hanging from a bus. I request BMTC to add more buses during peak hours from Attibele to Bangalore.

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    Sahana Shetty Apr 21, 2009

    Lifes Hell, at hebbal bus stop on ringroad.After 6 pm there are no buses till 7.30 p.m.for people who want to travel till kottigepalya.This is because the drivers all scoot before 6 p.m, to avoid the office goers rush and jam.At.7.30 p.m you have 4-5 buses reaching hebbal all together..On Friday 17th april 2009 An uneasy/furious mob stoned other buses.Authorities please do something.

    Sahana Shetty

    No 1400/2 A block

    Railway Parallel Road


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  • Bh
    Bhavana May 28, 2009

    There are no buses from trinity circle to marathallai from 6pm which is the peak hours for office goers. There is not even one at that period of time. The buses coming from shivajinagar to marathahalli divert their route towards bangalore central instead of coming on MG road to trinity circle. This is causing serious difficulty for people travelling from trinity circle towards marathalli. Authorities kindly take aaction on this issue or please provide some alternate routes for buses to reach trinity circle stop.

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  • Sh
    Shilpa s.k Nov 16, 2009

    This is my kind request, please add the buses from Basaveshwar nagar (Havnur circle) to Malleshwarm 18th cross. in 18th cross Malleshwram so many offices are there and there are many office goers use to go from basaveshwar nagar circle.
    My office timing is 10 a.m, and i daily catch the two buses to reach the office. Still there is no bus from basaveshwar nagar circle to 18th cross Malleshwarm. So please at teast two buses provide from basaveshwar nagar circle to 18th cross malleshwarm arround 9.30 a.m. I hope you take earlier action.

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Volvo 335E Reckless driving by Morning driver

I was riding in Volvo Bus 335E (KA-01 f3959) morning route ( boarded on 6 May 2008 7.35 am @ Manipal Hospital. I got off at Marathahalli Crossing . I want to lodge a complaint against the driver on 2 counts :

1.)Reckless driving - harsh braking, trying to overtake everyone
2.)Rude behaviour with passengers - He used abusive language when passengers asked him to go easy on brakes, probably drunk

I hope the relevant authorities see this in time and pull up the driver to prevent a major mishap waiting-to-happen

  • Ga
    ganesh May 17, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My Request to BMTC that the buses stop always in the middle of teh road which blocks all other vehicles. They are not giving any signal.
    I travel in Silk board junction right after the flyover in front of the Audugodi police station we have a proper place for Bus stop. These buses stop in the middle of teh road which blocks cross road and direct road.
    This is just common sense and dangerous spot for others. As many as 6 buses will block the road no way we can pass peacefully.

    Can you instruct the drivers to stop in the designated plces rather than middle of the road.
    As you know police in Blr are the spectators.

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  • Sh
    Shrini Jun 22, 2011

    Am volvo pass holder and regularly travel from Whitefield to KBS and from KBS to Malleshwaram. All volvo bus drivers are rash and rude. When complained at control room, it is totally different story. No ettiquetts and do not permit us to give complaint, instead call police in arresting. The incident happened on June 21. tried to stop volvo at malleshwarm 11 th cross but the bus zoomed off rashly without stopping. I had to catch an ordinary bus and reach KBS. Went to control room and wanted to complain, to my utter surprise the officer incharge asssulated me and addressed as if am his slave. In spite of carrying a volvo pass i was given harsh treatment. Public gathered and were about to attack the officer but kept in distance. he was drunk on was on duty. He was shouting he will call police and arrest me. The senior officer at the control room was helpless and requeted me to avoid this and advised me to leave. The bus no is KA 01 FA 2272 - route no 276. Also the driver joined to attack me. was saved because of the public. Am 50 yrs of age and hail from army background. The reason as stated by the officer was that the said bus was to report to KBS at 8.40 but got delayed and reached by 9.30 hence, have not stopped at the stop. so what is big deal. This is purely unjustifiable. We do understand the pressure and tension but respect to senior citizen and valid pass holder, the attack in front of the public to be avoided. You may reach me on my ID [email protected]
    Thanks & Regards

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Misbehavior by conductors

Respected Sir,

I am staying in Bangalore for the past 4 months and regularly commute by BMTC buses however the experience has been horrible so far.

Today, i boarded Volvo-356(Volvo2, ticket number00088726), near viswaraya college the conductor came to take fair and i asked him to give me ticket till 10th cross wilson garden. He said the bus wont stop there, i was surprised as for the past 4 months everyday, volvo stops there, this is the first time somebody said this. The conductor started abusing me in Kannada and asked me to get down at middle of the road. The bus driver also joined him and when i requested the conductor to speak in English or Hindi as i was unable to understand him. They started abusing me that they wont speak in Hindi or English as this is Karnataka, I quote " NO HINDI/ENGLISH, THIS IS KARNATAKA< ONLY KANNADA, GET DOWN".

My point is if the bus really doesnt stops there the he could have said politely but he abused me, he had no manners that he was talking to a lady.

On 2/5/2008, i boarded Volvo, 365 in the morning and near Visveraya college, the bus suddenly stpped and the driver got down. When we asked why the bus has stopped they said 5 minutes and it we waited for 20 minutes and when i asked the lady conductir to refund my money so that i may take another bus, she simply refused and didnot even explain why the bus has stopped for over 20 minutes.

The issue doesnt stops here as on 3/5/2008, i boarded a bus 365 from 10th cross till Majestic, Bus number FA-409 and the there were men seating at ladies section and when i requested them to get up as so many ladies were standing, none of them were getting up and when i requested the conductor, he started abusing me in kannada rather than telling the men to get up. Isnt it his duty to make sure that the men dont come at ladies section?

Also, most of the conductors dont give change and they keep it with them and if you protest they abuse in kannada if they come to know that you are from outside.

I have been reading a lot of complaints but i think no action is taken againt them and thats why the conductors misbehave on a regular basis.. Kindly take some action atleast as BMTC keeps telling people to commute by bus.

I have even gone to Complaints section near platform 1 but they didnt help me.
I am requesting to take some serious action...

Thanks & Regards
Arpita Pal

  • Su
    sudhakar Jun 20, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear arpita,

    i can help u in this way. u just complaint here in the following link.

    i dont know whether they will take action or not, but we will do our responsibility.even i faced this kind of incidents. dont argue with conductors, kannadigas will group together against you, it happened in my case. so careful, we in their place. so let us do our duty and fight against corruption as much as possible.
    tel to ur friends also


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  • Ma
    Mani Kandan.v Jan 15, 2009

    Respected Sir/Madam
    I am staying near jaydeva hospital,
    on wednesday evining at 6:30 pm on 14.01.2008 i got into bus,
    Bus Number is KA 01 F - 2176
    Route number is 369D from Arekere to Majestic
    i was traveling in that bus at that time on north indian guy was standing in the foot quote by holding his suitcase, conductor told to go inside but that guy told that he can't take suitcase inside because bus was fully rused so he was standing next to his suitcase, he did not go up so conductor bet him so that guy asked why you are beating me so conductor told i will beat like that ilself what will you do and also conductor used vulgur words to him, but surely i would like inform you that what word he used in the bus in public, so that you can know what words many conductors are using in the bus with passengers, he told to guy that " neeny ondhu appanige hutidre nanna mutto nodana " he stoped bus for 3 minutes in front of Spar it next ot Accture, so i request u to take seviour action on him so he must never use that word in puplic places or in the buses

    thank you
    Mani Kandan.V

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