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On Nov 4 2020 I purchased a 9' Sugar frosted light up Christmas tree from Balsam Hill for $822.83, I set up the tree the day of delivery and section#3 did not light up. It was down hill with customer service from there!
I immediately called BH the day of delivery and reported the damaged tree and asked if I could exchange for a fuller tree with more lights that cost more.
I was told I needed to wait to be contacted by customer service in the next 48 hours.
I was not contacted and did not receive any emails. So I called back and was told I would be contacted in 24 hrs. After 24 hrs with no contact I called back and asked for a return label so I could return the damaged tree for a full refund. I was told a replacement tree had already been shipped out. I asked if they could make an exchange for a fuller tree that would work better in my setting. I was told to try out the replacement tree and see if it looked fuller in my house and if not I could exchange for another tree since one was already on the way and would be delivered on 11/14.
On 11/14 I stayed home to receive the tree and not have it stolen by a porch pirate. The tree was not delivered on 11/14.
On 11/15 the next day I called BH to report that I did not receive the replacement tree they promised to deliver the day before. I asked for a replacement tree for my damaged tree to be sent to me and if they would credit me the $200 price difference that I paid and the cost of the tree now on sale, they said no. I asked if they would credit my 40% off coupon I used on my defective tree. To my replacement tree that cost $500 more. They said NO that the 40% off coupon could not be used since the price of the tree was now on sale. I asked if they could accommodate me for my trouble. 5 phone called on a defective tree, setting up/ taking down, repacking and sending back a defective tree, no phone call or email communication for 4 days after I called in a defective tree. They offered me $30 off the replacement and didn't mind if they lost my business on the $1100 tree I wanted to make an exchange for. They sent me a label to return both trees and would not go any further to accommodate my request to replace the tree. I asked BH for the $25 return fee to be removed. The online Balsam Hill return policy both will give you a refund credit with in so many days if your tree goes on sale and will allow for a tree to be replaced with another tree of choice. I was not given the option of the printed online return/exchange policy from Balsam Hill. Chris was the second manager I have talked to at Balsam Hill that could not make a new customer happy! I will send back both trees on Monday and feel my purchase and experiencing with Balsam Hill was a huge hassle!

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Wish I had read all these negative reviews about the product and customer service. Bought two balsam hill trees. The lights of the first one stopped working about an after I decorated the tree. Had to take all the ornaments down and pack up the defective tree and was left scrambling to find a new tree because they didn’t have the same one in stock. Wouldn’t replace with a similar product or better for my trouble, they just said sorry. This year, I only received half the tree I ordered. The second box was never shipped out. Customer service said I would have to pack up the tree in the box and return. They would not replace the tree because the one I ordered was sold out. The supervisor was so awful to me on the phone.

Nov 21, 2020 12:10 am EST

Thank you for writing your comments. I was about to pull the trigger for one of their Fir Trees on line for almost $800. Glad I read your post not going to do it now. Thanks for saving me the time and money.




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