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I bought the Emerge package for $2199 January 30 2022. They were told it was a photo book from the first phone call, as it had already been self published. I thought since it was of a spiritual nature Hayhouse would be a good place for it but they don't accept mail ins they suggest Balboa. I thought they would be a good company since they are affiliated with Hayhouse. I paid my money and then the nightmare started. I got passed to someone else who had no idea it was to be a photo book I submitted an already mistake free ebook. I then had to submit all the images (100) without text on them, which I did. I was told all my images were good and the next step was "professional design team" but first I needed to pay another $240 because I was over 50 images, my response was why wasn't I told this from the start? I was told the other person probably didn't know, They knew yes they knew! I paid the $240 and 3 weeks later I got what a 4th grader could of put together. They put the text in black boxes and then had the black boxes over the subject of the image, and this is their professionals! It was clear to me they knew nothing of photography or photo books. I then found out they couldn't use glossy paper for the images because they don't have any, photos need glossy paper. I was to go through what they called "professional design" and log all the mistakes. They were given a mistake free book and they took it and made spelling and punctuation errors along with "the black boxes" and I was to go through it and log the errors, what are they charging money for? I put the brakes on contacted a supervisor who said she would forward my email to the right person and they would reach out to me. that was a month ago. Everyone at Balboa has gone silent. My suggestion for Balboa is reach out to me admit you don't print photo books and just give me my money back.

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