Baja Freshservice

I ordered chicken nachos on their online website, I payed for that. I never got a confirmation number on my email, therefore I called the restaurant to make sure they received my order. The guy that answered the phone said no, that the website was down, and that I wasn't going to get charged for the food. So I decided to go to the restaurant and just order instead, but ofcourse when I was about to pay again the lady said they weren't taking credit cards at the moment so it was cash only, so I never got anything and left. Later that day i saw on my statement from my bank that i got charged for the item. I called the restaurant again the day after which was Saturday and a lady answered the phone and I explained the whole situation and she rudely talking to me made it seem I was lying and she would have to talk to the boss. On monday I called and finally got a hold of a supervisor and he was nice, he said he would call me back for a refund, but first he would find out what happened first. I still haven't gotten a call back and I really don't like to pay for something I didn't get, so I still want my refund.!

May 07, 2019

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