Baja Freshsalad and dressing

S Sep 07, 2018

I ordered 50 worth of food and usually we get great service and everything is always right . I got the ensalada salad with extra cheese with cilantro dressing . I got a salad without extra cheese steak and chicken and I only ordered chicken and got cilantro lime dressing instead of cilantro ranch dressing I got all the way home with all the food and found that my salad was wrong and the dressing . I went back about 20 minutes later to have them remake the salad with th right dressing but they claimed that I would have to wait for the chicken to cook . I said forget it I will just get the new dressing and I left. The guy that helped me out was new it took him awhile to take my order . I have enclosed my receipt . If anything I would like my salad replaced with the right dressing . And my Baja steak burrito . We also got the steak Baja burrito and when we tried to eat it it was ice cold so we had to put it in microwave . Certainly not the dinner I was expecting .

salad and dressing

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