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We bought a three-piece living room set which included a sofa, loveseat and individual recliner. We spent over $5000 for brown leather. We were encouraged to buy the extended warranty at an additional cost which we did thru Bears with uniters insurance.
Within the first two years we noticed the loveseat was cracking and peeling even though this was the least used couch in the set. We immediately contacted uniters insurance who has given us the runaround for the last eight months.

Now they are telling us they cannot get the replacement leather and they are offering us $369 as compensation. The loveseat was $1000 and since they don't make it anymore we will now have an unmatched says piece in our living room. Or we can have a completely damaged piece in our living room.

We are requesting a full refund of the purchase price, a full refund of the fake uniters warranty which was a complete rip off and we expect Bears to come and pick up the furniture which is substandard and of poor quality.

All they are doing is giving us the run around during the warranty period hoping that it expires so that they don't have to do anything. The quality is shoddy and we were sold a bill of goods. They should be ashamed of themselves for selling such awful low quality furniture and a fake warranty policy.

We shopped at Baer's because they are Pinecrest parents as we as well and this if this is how they treat Pinecrest people I would run not walk away from Baer's furniture

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

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Jan 07, 2019 2:15 pm
Mr. Hecker is being offered a reselection for 100% value on the loveseat or a cash settlement by the service plan he purchased from Uniters

Thank you

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