Bad Boy Furniturecouch and loveseat - warranty sucks

M Nov 27, 2017

We purchased a reclining couch and loveseat from bad boy, mid 2014.. with their 'solid gold 5 year protection. It was only a year before we had issues with the couch (springs coming up through the eat, broken frame, so I called and they DID take it back, but it was months before we got it back almost did not.. I think they were getting ready to resell it when I followed up, forcefully. Then a year after that we had issues with the love seat (with the frame/ material) .. they came and looked at it and said it was not repairable because they had no parts, and no replacement loveseats, so they gave us just store credit on the base cost (nothing for the tax/delivery/warranty). We did buy another almost identical couch and had to buy another warranty, but it had problems too (frame on both seats broke/ stitching coming out) Thet DID fix those problems, but then the couch had similar problems to the first time (not great repairs) so they came - cant fix it / no parts/replacement. They initially said they would give store credit, bit then, a couple of moths later (after I had to send them another set of pictures) that the couch was abused and dirty (it was not and is not), and said they will give me nothing ! I'm still, probably in vain, trying to escalate, however ever if, by som miracle they give us some credit, I feel it would be a mistake to purchase another couch.. Mark

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