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I have emailed BP twice about this. I paid 25$ in total to buy 18 credits so that I could post a few ads. I cannot find them and I know they're not showing up because I've even google searched them and have had nothing come up for replies. I would either like all of the credits refunded or for them to fix the ads so that they show up and aren't marked as spam, and the dates reset since it says they've been LIVE for 2 days when they're not even showing up. Please fix this now.


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      Oct 26, 2017

    Where you able to fix the issue? .my ads are being ghosted when I post them they stay up for 5-10mins and then they are gone when you contact back page theirs no answer and now they have a thing when u post the ad it says there’s too many words in the ad and to remove some but it doesn’t allow you to post it just says the ad will go live in 30min and if it doesn’t then email them but they don’t respond.

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