Avery Johnson's North Texas Nissancrooks


These people are the biggest crooks in Texas. They try to rape you on your car deal and make the most money they can to pad their greedy pockets. Then, they don't follow through with their end of the deal. We have purchased 2 vehicles from them and got screwed both times! They are rude and arrogant and I will never buy from them again! I hope their dealership closes! We have been trying for 2 months to get the tag on our last vehicle we purchased and we still don't have it. They are CROOKS!!! Just go online and watch Avery Johnson's advertising videos - it will make you sick! It is a pack of lies!


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    Len Sep 30, 2008

    I had the BEST experience EVER - bought the new Nissan GTR and the team at Avery Johnson North Texas Nissan was stellar! How does not getting a tag make them crooks!? Nothing worse than "anonymous" internet complaints with no substance behind them. North TX Nissan couldn't be nicer!

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    real answers Nov 21, 2008

    In the state of Texas a dealer has 21 days to register the vehicle you purchased from them, if they still haven't got you your plates you can call the Texas Department of Transportation and file a complaint or you can get the title bonded (which hurt the dealer allot). The only reason they would be able to extend the amount of days they have is if they have paid the vehicle off for someone that traded it in and that bank they paid has not sent the title to them yet. In this case they would give you a supplementary (blue) tag. They will tell you that that is the case most of the time however it usually is not. They are doing what we call in the business "floating a title" which means they have put your $ in their account, but not paid for the title yet, so they still own the car and they have your $. You can also report this to the Texas Department of Transportation. There are certain penalties that a dealer can get hit with from doing business like this, but only if you report it. Please file a complaint. This particular company has hurt allot of consumers out their buy putting anyone they could in vehicles they couldn't afford by using shady financing techniques. Please, if you have bad/no credit DO NOT fall for the "shadow program" because it doesn't exist!!! DO NOT sign paperwork twice and if you do, compare the contracts side by side for anything they will slip in on you (because they will). If you refuse to resign, they will most likely forge your signature on a contract showing #'s you did not agree to and send that one in to the bank that approved you. Call whatever bank they sent you up with and make sure that the # they have match yours. If they don't you have a case on your hands. To anyone out there reading this: If you ever buy a car from any dealership that does financing please take my advice. The other response to your message by "Len" is most likely from an employee. If not than that person has not read or understood their contract thoroughly and doesn't know how much they just got screwed. Len DID get screwed because they he/she bought a car that is newly released and that is when a dealer can make the most $ off of you. Len( if you are not an employee) please read your contract. They are nice to you because you fell for whatever gimmick they were trying to push at the time. Sorry for all you innocent people out there, but you have to be smarter than them. Research everyone before you buy anywhere. YOU"RE WELCOME!

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